Unit 3 – all about you 2-2013


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Teachers little helper for ESL students.

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Unit 3 – all about you 2-2013

  1. 1. Belinda Baardsen, American Ex Pat, ESL Instructor, Saudi Arabia
  2. 2. Vocabulary Dictation Practice – Listen & spell  Hear School Castle About Her These Awful His Too Beautiful Hospital Weather Building How old? Where? Centre Look at World Cities Map ``` Countries Married Australia Doctor On Brazil Fantastic holiday Canada Find People China from Really Egypt good Check – Meaning & spelling Practice - pronunciation
  3. 3. Vocabulary  Eleven Twelve Twenty three England Thirteen Twenty four France Fourteen Twenty five Hungary Fifteen Twenty six Italy Seventeen Twenty seven Japan Eighteen Twenty eight Russia Nineteen Twenty nine Spain Twenty Thirty Saudi Arabia Twenty one Twenty twoSchool Verify spelling
  4. 4. Vocabulary  Address Good luck All Great! Live America Happy Magazine Another Here Now Boy Hi Nurse Brother I don’t Other Builder undertand Over there Businessman I’m sorry Personal Charity Interesting information Excited Interview Phone number Excuse Ireland Police officer forty jobBus Driver Information & Adjectives
  5. 5. Grammar Spot  3.1 – Am/Are/Is Page 124 Headway Plus A teacher. Am Am not I From Syria. ‘m ‘m not Married. Is A teacher. He Is not From Syria. She Isn’t Married.
  6. 6. Unit 3Grammar Spot Page 124 Headway  Yes/No Questions and short answers Yes, I am. Are you married? No, I am not. Yes, she/he is. Is she/he a teacher? No, she/he isn’t. Yes, it is. Is her name Alice? No, it is not.
  7. 7. VerbGrammar Spot ~ to be ~  Positive I ‘m (am) He She ‘s (is) From the It You We They ‘re (are) US .
  8. 8. Grammar Spot Negative  I ‘m not He She Isn’t English. It You We Aren’t They
  9. 9. Grammar Spot  Is your name? What Is her address? Is his phone number? Are you from? Where? Is he from? Are they from? Are you? How old Are they? Questions with question words
  10. 10. Grammar Spot  Yes/No Questions He Is She it Indian? You Are We they Married?
  11. 11. Match jobs with Pictures  Activities Page 18 Doctor Teacher Pilot
  12. 12. Negatives – he isn’t  King? Prince? He isn’t a Prince. He’s a King.
  13. 13. Princess? Queen?  She isn’t a Princess. She’s a Queen.
  14. 14. Passenger? Pilot?  Page 19 Activities He isn’t a passenger. He’s a pilot!
  15. 15. Job Application  I want to be ________?_________.
  16. 16. Job application What’s his surname? His surname Turn to Page 19 is: Kovach Read & complete: 1 and 2
  17. 17. Doing good things for others.  Zakat Charity =The 12 Ben’s Charity Walk Page 20
  18. 18. Where are they? Is he abusiness man?  No, he isn’t. Is he a businessman? Yes, he is. Mr. Yung is from South Page 21 Derek Jeeter is Korea Practice from New Activities York, USA
  19. 19. Where are they?  Page 22 Activities Why are they walking across the mountain? They are walking They are walkingacross the mountain. for charity.
  20. 20. Page 23 Activities Social Expressions  Little boy Little boy is sad. spilled the Spilled milk milk. I’m sorry.What should he do? He has an idea!