Unit 10 – we had a great time


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Unit 10 – we had a great time

  1. 1. UNIT 10 – WE HAD AGREAT TIME!Belinda Baardsen, American Ex Pat, ESLInstructor
  2. 2. Vocabulary Refresher cycling, tennis, swimming, rugby, fishing,horse riding,ice skating, skiing,wind surfing, golf, football, chess, walking, jogging
  3. 3. Vocabulary Refresher cycling, tennis, swimming, rugby, fishing,horse riding,ice skating, skiing,wind surfing, golf, football, chess, walking, jogging
  4. 4. When is this? Past Simple When is this? Past (ed) Present Now Today
  5. 5. Past Simple What time is it? 7:55 amPast Present What time is it now?
  6. 6. What is a Verb? What is a Regular Verb? Verbs are Walkwords of action!
  7. 7. Verb ~ Past Simple (ed) Walked – I walked across the mountains on holiday in 2012.Walk – I like to walk every day.
  8. 8. Regular Verbs – remain the same. but with add ons Walk ED WALKED
  9. 9. IRREGULAR VERBS RunPresent Change Turn to Page 142 Ran Past
  10. 10. Irregular Verbs Run Present Look at them run! They ran at 7:30Ran am! Past
  11. 11. Activity – Page 61 Workbook Page 61 ICQs : Which book are you using? What page is it? What are you writing?
  12. 12. So, let’s review what we know so far. Oral review and understanding of Past Simple. Draw a time line to represent the tense. Irregular Verbs Past Present Flew Fly
  13. 13. What about regular verbs? Past Regular Verb PresentPour ed Pour
  14. 14. Activity Activity past tense of regular and irregular verbs (Interactive). Practice writing in past simple. (Workbook page 63). Peer checking.
  15. 15. My last holiday. Elicit what people do on holiday and questions that could be asked about a persons holiday. Write the questions on the board.
  16. 16. Speaking Activity Speaking: Using the questions given by the students working in pairs ask each other the same questions about their last holiday. Give examples.I went horseback riding.
  17. 17. Speaking – share what you know Get a few of the pairs to tell the class what they found out about their classmates holiday.
  18. 18. My last Holiday: Writing Ask the students to write about their last holiday and to put as much information in. Show an example.
  19. 19. Example: Teacher Belinda’s last holiday I went to American when I went on my last holiday last summer. I went to Colorado, and Florida, where I live in both states. I went to see my family, and friends. I also went to see my horse, Butter. My horse lives in the Colorado Rocky mountains. I can ride him outside, but I like to ride him inside an enclosed arena. I had a great time riding my horse, seeing my family, and friends. I went to restaurants with family and friends and I had great food! I also went to a place called “South Park.” It’s in Colorado. It’s an authentic town rebuilt from the 1800’s. It is very famous. Then, I went hiking in the mountains with my friends. I took pictures of eagles, and other wildlife. The weather was very nice, and I had a great time. I miss my friends, family and my horse and cannot wait to see them again this summer.
  20. 20. Feedback from the writing activity Ask a couple of students to talk about their holiday.
  21. 21. Topic: Going sightseeing Vocabulary drill: Say these words after me: sightseeing, tourist, tell, map, somewhere, holiday, vacation, travel, cosmopolitan, international, ticket, bus, car, drive, travel, do, does, have, has, she, he, her, mine, I, yours, ours, it, University