Final speaking exam 1- 6 - 12-12


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Teachers little helper helps you to roll out speaking opportunities while working on reading, listening, and then resharing what was read and learned from this unit. Vocabulary with pictures are here.

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Final speaking exam 1- 6 - 12-12

  1. 1. FINAL EXAM UNIT 1 -- 6Belinda Baardsen, American Ex Pat, TEFL Certified ESL Instructor, Saudi Arabia, December 2012
  2. 2. VOCABULARY 1. Dyslexic 1. Luxury 2. Baking 2. New 3. Hobby 3. Different 4. Hobbies 4. Expensive 5. Chocolate 5. Big help 6. Young 6. Factory 7. Youngest 7. Accounts 8. Product 8. Motto 9. Supermarket 9. Mistakes 10. learn
  3. 3. UNIT 6 ~ CAN YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? The Chocolate Maker Page 48 New Headway Plus Louis Barnett is 18 years old. He was born in Staffordshire, England. He lives there with his parents. School was difficult because he has DYSLEXIA.
  4. 4. T H E C H O C O L AT E M A K E R Louis is Dyslexic. Dyslexia – means that you cannot spell words.
  5. 5. DYSLEXICLouis is Dyslexic. He cannot spell words. So, his parents were his teachers.
  6. 6. LOUIS LOVED BAKING Louis could make fantastic chocolate cakes when he was 12 years old.
  7. 7. HOBBYBaking chocolate cakes was his hobby, but then it became his business.
  8. 8. WHAT IS A HOBBY? A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during ones leisure time.
  9. 9. HOBBY? HOBBIES? What’s your favorite hobby? Do you have more than one? If you have more than one hobby, it’s called hobbies. I have a lot of hobbies.
  10. 10. I HAVE ALOT OF HOBBIES. I love photography. Hobby - I love horseback singular riding. Hobbies - plural I love reading.
  11. 11. LOUIS’S HOBBY BECAME A BUSINESS Louis named his business Chokolit because he could not spell Chocolate when he was young.
  13. 13. SUCCESSFUL AT 14 YEARS OLD He was 14 years old when he became successful selling cakes to big stores like: ~ Harrods ~ Fortnum & Mason
  15. 15. W H AT ’ S D I F F E R E N T A B O U T H I S B OX E S ? The boxes are made of chocolate!
  16. 16. W H Y D O E S H E M A K E C H O C O L AT E B OX E S ? He says the boxes are more expensive than the chocolates, so he decided to make the boxes out of chocolate too!
  17. 17. HIS PARENTS HELP! His parents help him with his business. His father does the accounts, and his mother works in the chocolate factory.
  18. 18. LOUIS’S MOTTO “Nobody makes mistakes, we only learn lessons.”
  19. 19. Speaking Activity WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LOUIS?1. Where does Louis come from?2. Who does he live with?3. Was school easy for Louis?4. What does dyslexic mean?5. Who were his teachers?6. What was Louis hobby?7. What did he name his business?8. How old was Louis when he first made chocolate?9. How old was Louis when he sold chocolate to a supermarket?10. What is a supermarket?11. Do his parents still help him?12. How do his parents help him?13. What is Louis’s motto?
  20. 20. VOCABULARY - CEO 1. Company 1. Born 2. Winner 2. United Arab 3. Competition Emirates 4. Organizer 3. Lives 5. Investments 4. Last year 6. Start 5. Final-year 7. Businesses 6. University 8. Fashion 7. Student 9. Big store 8. Marketing 10. Public 9. CEO 11. Special 10. design 12. new
  21. 21. THE STUDENT CEO 1. Yahya Stapic is 21 years old. 2. He was born in the United Arab Emirates, in Sharjah. 3. He lives there now with his father, and seven brothers and sisters. 4. Last year, he was a final-year university student in Marketing in the UAE, but now he is a CEO of a new design company.
  22. 22. “THE BIG START”1. Yahya was the winner of a new competition called “The Big Start.”2. It was for University students.3. The competition organizer, Al Tamimi Investments helps students like Yahya to start their own businesses.4. It gives them money, and everything necessary to make their ideas into a real business.5. Yahya’s business is called “United Designers” because it brings together Fashion Design students and puts their work in a big store in a shopping mall.
  23. 23. UNITED DESIGNERS United Designers – are fashion students who get to put all of their designs in one big store, and public can buy some very special designs.
  24. 24. BIG STORE
  25. 25. MOTTO Yahya’s motto: “Be who you were born to be.”
  26. 26. THE STUDENT CEO 1. How old is Yahya? 2. Where does he live? 3. How many brothers and sisters does he have? 4. What did he win? 5. What was the name of the prize? 6. Who organized it? 7. What is Yahya’s business called? 8. What was ahya’s idea?
  27. 27. THE STUDENT CEO 1. Who organized the competition? 2. What do the winners get? 3. Where did they put their products? 4. What was Yahye’s motto?