Crunch time unit 1 - 3-16-13


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Crunch time unit 1 - 3-16-13

  2. 2. Vocabulary andbag bookCoffee car
  3. 3. Vocabulary TV Tea CupHouse
  4. 4. Vocabulary Phone SleepLovely
  5. 5. Vocabulary EnglishCamera Two
  6. 6. Vocabulary ThreeBus Burgher One
  7. 7. VocabularyComputer Four Five Six
  8. 8. VocabularySandwich Day
  9. 9. Vocabulary Ten NineSeven Eight
  10. 10. Vocabulary Everyday Ok! Bye! Please Fine See you later! First name Sleep well! Good afternoon! Surname Good morning! Thank you Good night! Thanks Good bye! Have a nice day! This Hello! Today How are you? Very well My What? Name With Nice to meet you! Your
  11. 11. Hello! What’s your name? What is your name?Hello, I am Hind.Hello, I’m Lama. Hello. I’m Afnan.
  12. 12. Am/Are/IsI am a little girl, and my This is my friend. He name is Jane. helps me to walk.
  13. 13. Am/Are/IsMy name is Amal, and I cannot walk.
  14. 14. Am/Is/AreHello, I am your father and you are my daughter.
  15. 15. Am/Is/AreI am a little girl, and this is my rabbit.
  16. 16. Am/Is/AreWhat are you having for dinner?
  17. 17. Am/Is/Are Hello, world. I am a mother, and this is my baby. Please say hello to the most lovely girl in the world.
  18. 18. Am/Is/Are This is my grandmother. She is very old, but I love her very much .
  19. 19. Am/are/is You are my father, and I love you .
  20. 20. Am/are/Is I am American. My name is Belinda. I am wearing glasses.
  21. 21. Am/are/is I am Belinda I’m You are My students. You’re My name is Belinda. This is my class.
  22. 22. Activity: Let’s practice! Who are you? What’s your name? How are you? What’s your name? Write sentences by answering these questions.
  23. 23. Questions with question wordsWhat’s your name? How are What is your name? you?
  24. 24. Let’s practice! What’s your name? Where do you come from? How old are you? What is your job? Where do you live? What time is it? How much is that coffee?
  25. 25. Possessive adjectives My cat is beautiful. My horse is big. My dog is lazy.
  26. 26. Possessive Adjectives Your bag is red. Your shoes are black.
  27. 27. Possessive Adjectives Our family has alot of pets. Our house is near a river.
  28. 28. Possessive Adjectives My daughter loves to read.