E cins conference presentation


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E cins conference presentation

  1. 1. Present National Conference‘Turning Local Good Practice into National Best practice’ Hosted By #ecinsconf
  2. 2. ACC Julian Blazeby
  3. 3. Gary Pettengell
  4. 4. #ecinsconf
  5. 5. E-CINS creates an environment where everyone knows what everyone else is doing!Vulnerable Troubled MASH DV Hate Crime Persons Families Truancy Acquisitive Crime Gangs Street DrinkersYouth Letter IOM Schemes HMOs RJ FIPs ASB Licensed Victims Premises Offenders
  6. 6. Days
  7. 7. Minutes of downtime
  8. 8. Hours
  9. 9. Hours of development
  10. 10. £2,000,000 Development cost so far....
  11. 11. Teams/Organisations
  12. 12. Users
  13. 13. Reports
  14. 14. Profiles
  15. 15. Tasks
  16. 16. Fundin g
  17. 17. C/Insp Simon Tweats
  18. 18. Sgt Melanie Locke
  19. 19. Rachel Tucker
  20. 20. Troubled Families„Suffolk Family Focus‟ (SFF) Rachel Tucker Anti Social Behaviour Officer (Waveney District Council)
  21. 21. Suffolk Review (ASB) Systems Thinking – Lean Process 2010„Suffolk Constabulary dedicated to working with our partners to tackle Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) and we will achieve this through delivering on four key promises to the public‟ (Minimum standards)
  22. 22. „Highlighted Blockers‟• Sharing Information with partners• Engagement of partners• Finance• Amount of meetings attended
  23. 23. What were the drivers for change?• Links between ASB and the police confidence target• Three high profile cases nationally (Garry Newlove, Fiona Pilkington & Francesca Hardwick and David Askew) highlighted the tragic consequences of anti-social behaviour in extreme cases.• The need to development a more efficient model for tackling ASB
  24. 24. IPCC findings - David Askew (21st March 2011)On an organisational level the investigation found there had been; 1. A lack of consistent identification of, and response to, the vulnerability factors affecting the Askew family; 1. A total failure to recognise and respond to the incidents as „hate crime; 1. An apparent lack of coordination and cohesive action between partner agencies; 1. A lack of robust offender management
  25. 25. Minimum standards• Listen – Listen to victims and take them seriously• Action – Take positive action to address the problem• Prevent – Take action to prevent it happening again• Inform – Tell the victim what we have done
  26. 26. Emphasis on the victimRepeat Victimisation (the most persistently targeted)„Investing in the right tools and resources to allow staff to tackle ASB(e.g. ECINS partnership case management software and ourcommitment to partnership ASB Teams‟ Suffolk Constabulary ASB strategy Sept 2012
  27. 27. Waveney anti social behaviour unit (ASBU)Launch of ECINS Empowering Communities – Inclusion & Neighbourhood Management System June 2011
  28. 28. Troubled Families Agenda - Suffolk Family Focus (SFF) Pilot - Lowestoft 13th July 2012 Improvements to date User friendly – Viewed numerous case management systems Up to date „live‟ information for all professionals involved Time saving (agenda, minutes, less phone calls) Less face to face meetings Tasking facility – external agencies Internet based software (update reports, risk assessments in the family home)
  29. 29. C/Insp Ian Coxhead
  30. 30. Tamworth CommunitySafety Partnership Hub
  31. 31. Not protectively marked Co-locationWhat does it deliver? Improved co-ordination and delivery of partnership activities at a tactical / operational level Improved information sharing and access to information (within the framework of information sharing protocols – This ones for you Jan!) Improved community safety across the Borough of Tamworth by identifying and responding to real time crime and disorder issues. Enables more effective and efficient daily briefing and tasking meeting
  32. 32. Not protectively marked Co-locationWho‟s Who Hub - NHW / Street Wardens / ASB Officers / Housing Manager / ADS Worker / ASB Victims Champion / Townsafe Coordinator / DV Coordinator Regular attendees - RSL‟s / Mental Health / CCTV / IDVA‟s / Floating Support / FARS/ Adult & Social Care
  33. 33. Not protectively marked Co-locationOne BigHappy Family
  34. 34. Not protectively marked Hub MeetingsWhy have them? Sharing “real time” information to Identify issues of vulnerability across Tamworth in respect of Victims, Offenders and Locations Apply and implement appropriate problem solving response through joined up working Early identification and intervention through appropriate referrals
  35. 35. Not protectively marked Case ManagementHow does E-CINS work for us? Allows clear processes for a multi agency approach to case managing victims and offenders Provides a risk assessment framework which gives the ability to identify persons and cases of greatest risk and vulnerability Has enabled time and efficiency savings realised through reduction of meetings
  36. 36. Presenters Q&A SessionVulnerable Troubled MASH DV Hate Crime Persons Families Truancy Acquisitive Crime Gangs Street DrinkersYouth Letter IOM Schemes HMOs RJ FIPs ASB Licensed Victims Premises Offenders