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Facebook's amazing growth potential


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With Facebook going public today, we thought we’d take a quick look at where the social network has the greatest potential for growth. <a>Pingdom</a>

So we posed this question: what if Facebook had the same penetration in Africa and Asia as it does in Europe and North America? How many users would the social network have then?

The numbers are pretty staggering.

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Facebook's amazing growth potential

  1. 1. Facebooks amazing growth potential
  2. 2. A little thought experiment
  3. 3. What if Facebook had the same penetration in Africa and Asia as it does in Europe and North America?
  4. 4. The result is astonishing
  5. 5. Facebook would have over 2.3 billion users
  6. 6. Heres how we get there
  7. 7. As of end of March 2012, Facebook had 901 million monthly active users
  8. 8. 28.6% of Europeans and 42.1% of North Americans already have Facebook accounts
  9. 9. Lets split the difference (between Europe and North America). We then get a Facebook penetration of 35.35%
  10. 10. That means, somewhere around 400 million people are using Facebook out of a possible 1.16 billion in Europe and North America
  11. 11. In Africa and Asia, Facebook adoption is lagging behind quite dramatically
  12. 12. Only 4.28% of people in Africa are on Facebook and 5.6% of Asia is using the social network Remember 35.35%?
  13. 13. But, what if the almost 5 billion people in Africa and Asia went on Facebook to the same extent as people in Europe and North America?
  14. 14. In one fell swoop, Facebook would have 1.7 billion users in Africa and Asia alone Remember the 901 million monthly active users?
  15. 15. Add the already existing Facebook users in other parts of the world, and Facebook would have a total of 2.3 billion users
  16. 16. And thats only if Facebook would see the same level of adoption in Africa and Asia as it already does in Europe and North America! And no new users would sign up in the rest of the world!
  17. 17. If 35.35% of all the people across the world were on Facebook, 2.44 billion people would be using the site
  18. 18. Imagine that!
  19. 19. However, that is about 200 million more people than are currently on the Internet worldwide Multiple accounts, anyone?
  20. 20. Still, imagine that!
  21. 21. Sources And a few of our own calculations :)