Technology as 3.1 & 3.4


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Technology as 3.1 & 3.4

  1. 1. What are the steps upfor Level 3 Technology?
  2. 2. AS 3.1 Brief [4 - Internal]Develop brief to address issue within a contextAchieved:• develop a brief that allows judgement of an outcome’s fitness forpurpose in the broadest sense.Merit:• demonstrate how the specifications allow a judgement of an outcome’sfitness for purpose in the broadest sense.Excellence:• justify why the specifications allow a judgement of an outcome’s fitnessfor purpose in the broadest for purpose in the broadest sense
  3. 3. Develop a prototype considering fitness for purpose inthe broadest senseAchieved:• …. to gain specific evidence of fitness for purposeMerit:• evaluate …...Excellence:• ….. justify prototype’s fitness for purpose against the brief.AS 3.4 Prototype [6 - Internal] for purpose in the broadest sense
  4. 4. Technology ScholarshipWrite a critical reflection of your project.…. undertake tech. practice to develop a technological outcomethat is justified as fit for purpose in the broadest for purpose in the broadest sense
  5. 5. What is ‘fitness forpurpose in the broadestsense’?
  6. 6. Fitness for purpose in broadest sense“Fitness for purpose in the broadest sense relates not just tothe outcome itself, but also to practices used to develop theoutcome, including such things as:o Consideration of outcome’s technical l acceptability,o Consideration of outcome’s social acceptability,o Sustainability of resources used,o Treatment of people involved in the manufacture,o Ethical nature of testing practices,o Cultural appropriateness of trialling procedures,o Determination of life cycle, maintenance & disposal,o Health & safety.
  7. 7. e.g.Considerations of an outcome’s technical acceptabilityNew Samsung Chrome Book• Mobile ARM processor – conventional processors are designed to run offa power supply, these designed to run off a battery as in smart phones.• 6 ½ hours battery life – no hard drive so doesn’t use much power.• A solid state hard drive, therefore no moving parts, generates lessheat, lighter, less noise.• Fast to launch because OS is light weight, no Windows, just a launcher.• Processing is done on the web, so settings are saved on the Cloud, & areset up by entering the data into the fields online.• Fast to launch because local machine doesn’t have to download yourprofile to customise the device for you.• When you log into a chrome book your profile is the same as the Gmailyou used on the web, because it is all in the Cloud