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Why pinterest matters?

Why Pinterest Matters -- presentation from Pinfluencer at the Social Curation Summit, LA, Dec 2012

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Why pinterest matters?

  1. 1. Why Pinterest Matters?
  2. 2. Links are the fundamental building blocks of Internet Pinterest is a network of visual and sharable hyperlinks
  3. 3. Pinterest makes links human
  4. 4. Image links are products and objectsthat people want to collect and share knee-length-with-rose-flower-decoration- dress.html
  5. 5. Collecting and Sharing creates a Happy Viral loop PVs More PVs
  6. 6. Happy Viral loops drive recurring Traffic and Sales ($$)And that’s why you should care about Pinterest
  7. 7. Key Metrics on PinterestPins/Day How pin worthy your site is?Repins/Pin How viral is your content?Clicks/Pin What is the click appeal of your pins?Revenue/Pin What is the shopping intent of your traffic?Followers/Day How fast is your audience growing?
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