Webinar v day promotions 1-28-13


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Webinar v day promotions 1-28-13

  1. 1. - Webinar -Valentines Day Pinterest Promotions
  2. 2. Welcome“It’s my top priority to ensure you drive real business results from your Pinterest Marketing initiatives.” Alex Littlewood Head of Customer Success #Pinfluencer
  3. 3. Todays Webinar•  Why Pinterest?•  3 Keys to Successful Promotions•  Launching a Promotion this V-day – 3 days•  Pinfluencer: The Pinterest Marketing Suite•  Questions from Registration•  Live Q&A
  4. 4. Why Pinterest?
  5. 5. Pinterest’s Role in a Social StrategyPeople  use   Connect  with  the   Engage  immediately   Discover  products  and  it  to:   people  and  brands   with  the  people  and   be  inspired.  To  curate   they  care  about.     brands  they  need  to.     their  aspira;ons.  Brands  use   -­‐  Engagement   -­‐  News   -­‐  Uncover  purchase  it  for:   -­‐  Brand  Building   -­‐  Support   intent   -­‐  Feedback   -­‐  Drive  web  traffic   -­‐  Social  ROI   92% trust recommendations from friends & family above all else when making purchase decisions. Source: Nielsen April 2012
  6. 6. Big, and Getting Bigger 3rd  most  popular  Social   Network  in  the  US     Fastest  Growing     in  History     4th  largest  Website   traffic  driver  in  the   world,  more  than:   ü  Yahoo   ü  Bing   ü  TwiMer   ü  Google  ads  
  7. 7. Pinterest Drives E-commerce User Base 1,000M By Network % of 11%   550M   Valen;ne’s     Socially Driven Shopping   Sessions Day   86%   25MValen;ne’s  Day  drove  an  es;mated   $17.6  Billion  in  2012.     2.5X Spending  holiday  in  the  U.S.   #3   AOV (Average Order Value) $180 $80 $69 Source:  Na;onal  Retail  Federa;on   Source:  Comscore,  Rich  Relevance    
  8. 8. Pinterest Promotions for Valentines Day
  9. 9. 3 Keys to Successful Promotions1.  Define Your Objectives2.  Create a Great User Experience3.  Promote, Promote, Promote!
  10. 10. 1 - Define Objectives
  11. 11. ID Biz Objectives & Define Success Retailers Publishers & Brands Media•  Website Traffic •  Website Traffic •  Awareness•  Conversion •  Pin/Re-pin rates •  Engagement•  + Transaction Value •  Viral Reach •  Viral Reach•  Store Traffic •  Trial Grow  Followers     •  Retail sales &  Engagement  
  12. 12. Objectives and Success MetricsObjec:ve   Measurement(s)   Recommended  Promo  Type(s)  Grow  Followers   Follower  count/growth   Follow-­‐only  Viral  Reach  /  Reco’s   Pin  &  Repin  volume   Repin  from  Board   Reach  &  Impressions  Awareness   Reach   RePin  a  Pin   Impressions    Drive  Site  Traffic   Visits   RePin  from  Board   Page  Views  Drive  Sales   Sales  Conversion   RePin  from  Board     RePin  a  Pin  Engagement   Pin/Repins  per  Par;cipant   Create  a  Board  
  13. 13. 2 - Create a Great User Experience
  14. 14. Create a Great User ExperienceAc:on   Descrip:on   Recommended   Best  Prac:ces  Follow   Follows  on  Pinterest   Yes   •  Ask  for  this  as  first  ac;on  Re-­‐Pin  from   User  directed  to     Yes   •  Leverage  Top  Pins  Board   re-­‐Pin  from     •  40-­‐60  pins  in  board   •  Clearly  name  board  for  promo   pre-­‐curated  board  Pin  from   User  directed  to  website   Not  usually   •  Narrow  category  Website   to  Pin   •  Op;mize  descrip;ons  for  Pinning,  including   $’s  &  #’s  Re-­‐Pin  this  Pin   User  directed  to     Yes   •  Op;mize  for  maximum  visibilty/readability  in   re-­‐Pin  a  specific  Pin   feed    Create  a  board   User  creates  board  for   Depends  upon  theme.   •  Only  use  if  it  makes  sense  (i.e.  Cura;on  of   the  promo;on   Not  usually   things  that  wouldn’t  fit  in  a  pinners  pre-­‐ exis;ng  boards)  Hashtags  #   User  adds  a  hashtag  to   No   •  Align  #’s  with  common  search  terms,  like     Pins   #Wedding,  #Kitchen,  or  #Recipe  
  15. 15. Follow the Brand•  Pro’s •  Grow follower base for future reach •  Low barrier to entry •  Good for showing the bosses Tip: If asking for multiple actions, ask for the follow, but don’t “require” it for•  Con’s eligibility. •  Users may get confused between follow brand and follow board •  Users seem to be a bit more selective about who/how many they follow.
  16. 16. Repin from Boards•  Pro’s •  You can pre-curate good content that you know drive virality, clicks, and conversions •  Low barrier to entry •  Keeps pinners in Pinterest •  Pinners will Pin to their own boards, which is more meaningful in context•  Con’s •  Possibly less creativity from pinner •  Less variety/options for Pinner
  17. 17. Create a Board•  Pro’s •  User will curate it with 5+ images •  Pinner might build on it •  Easy for brand to observe•  Con’s •  It’s a barrier to entry •  Likely to be deleted after promotion•  Is a Board Necessary? •  If you’re asking for a range of complimentary pins that need to be “curated together” •  If your theme is so unique it’s unlikely the pinner already has a board to pin to.
  18. 18. Pin From Website•  Pro’s •  Website Traffic •  Pinners will browse extensively •  Pinners might buy•  Con’s •  People might get lost, distracted, and forget •  Getting people in and out of social channels can cause drop-off•  When to do this •  Don’t have a Profile •  Need to learn more about the content that inspires people •  Asking for highly curated boards •  For “scavenger hunt” themes
  19. 19. Hashtags•  Pro’s •  Might grab some peoples attention and raise awareness of promo •  If Pinterest search improves, it may help with search•  Con’s •  People always typo or simply forget •  Barrier to entry •  Cannot follow, and search is weak, so Don’t   Do   it doesn’t help with discovery #MacysVday   #Vday   •  Legacy practice with little purpose #KayValen;nes   #V-­‐day     #Valen;ne   #Valen;nes  •  Recommendation #Valen;nesDay   •  If you’re set on it, Pre-populate #Jewelery   hashtags in product descriptions
  20. 20. User Generated Content•  Pro’s •  Very high engagement value •  Insightful •  Crowdsourcing•  Con’s •  It’s a very high barrier to entry •  Quality will be questionable •  Significantly reduces entry rate•  How? •  Leverage Pinfluencer Promotions platform, and ask user to pin their image with a #Hashtag so we can track it.
  21. 21. 3 - Promote!
  22. 22. Promote Social   Email   Other Digital   Ads Offline   Website Press Print Broadcast In-Store
  23. 23. Promote – Consistency
  24. 24. Launching a Promotion in 3-days
  25. 25. How We Help•  Strategy Consultation•  Design/Advise on User Experience•  Configure and DeployOur Platform•  T&C’s Opt-in for risk mitigation•  Email collection & Optin•  Host via: •  FB Tab •  Landing Page •  Your Website
  26. 26. What We Need1.  Landing Page Image 475px x 600px2.  Official RulesLive in <72 Hours
  27. 27. Painless Tracking & Management•  Automatically Calculate Eligibility•  Deep Content Insights Work Smarter, Not Harder.
  28. 28. e Marketing And Analytics Suite - for -
  29. 29. Pinfluencere Marketing and Analytics Suite for Pinterest Promotions Content Management Contests, Sweepstakes, Schedule Pins, manage Pins Coupons, Giveaways, Instant across multiple Pinterest Win, and more. accounts. Analytics Audience Data Pins, Repins, site traffic, sales ID Pinners that are Advocates, conversion, competitors and Engaged, and/or Influential more.
  30. 30. Promotions Sweeps   Giveaways   Contests  
  31. 31. Promotions Eligibility  Tracker   Content  Analysis  
  32. 32. Analytics Site  and  Profile  Ac;vity  Downstream  Conversion  •  Google  Analy;cs  •  Coremetrics  •  Adobe  Site  Catalyst   (Omniture)  
  33. 33. Analytics •  Engaged  Pinners   •  Influen;al   Pinners   •  Advocates  
  34. 34. Analytics Popular  and  Influen;al  Pins  Engaging,  Viral,  and  Influen;al  Boards  
  35. 35. Content Management Pin  Scheduler    
  36. 36. Run a V-Day Promotion!Visit Pinfluencer.comChat with usOr ContactSales@Pinfluencer.comTo learn more and get started running promotions
  37. 37. Questions from Webinar SignupsPromotion related:1.  How to do Product Deals and Sales?2.  Which Promotions get the most engagement?3.  Which promotions drive the most web traffic?4.  Are there any rules for promotions in Pinterest?5.  When running a Promotion, what info should we gather?6.  Should we create promotion specific boards?General Pinterest:1.  What’s the best way to be proactive on Pinterest: liking, following, repinning, etc?2.  How can we get around our strict legal team, which only lets us pin our images?3.  What’s the best way to get people interested in my Pinterest profile?4.  Do I need to start a Pinterest account?5.  How can non-profits leverage Pinterest?6.  How do we drive Pinterest traffic to FB?
  38. 38. Questions? Q&A