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Fashion guide to instagram webinar

Featuring Nick Mueller of Piqora and Ritika Puri of Storyhackers.

With more than 200M members and an engagement rate that’s 25% higher than any other social platform, the Instagram community brings a wealth of opportunity to fashion marketers and community managers.

We're hosting this webinar to empower fashion marketers with a blueprint for navigating these challenges — to help fashion-forward brands become influencers among communities of trendsetters, shoppers, and influential fashion bloggers.With more than 200M members and an engagement rate that’s 25% higher than any other social platform, the Instagram community brings a wealth of opportunity to fashion marketers and community managers.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

• Create a vibrant Instagram community
• Establish and measure Instagram-specific goals
• Implement a successful hashtag strategy
• Launch a high-impact promotion
• Identify and replicate qualities of the most successful fashion brands

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Fashion guide to instagram webinar

  1. 1. (Webinar)
  2. 2. Hi! Here’s Us! Ritika Puri Ritika is the CEO and co-founder of Storyhackers, a San Francisco based content marketing consultancy. She did extensive research and interviews for the Fashion Marketer’s Guide To Instagram. She's inspired by the intersection between technology, entrepreneurship, and sociology. Connect with Ritika on Twitter at @ritika_puri Nick Mueller Nick is Head of Content Marketing at Piqora. Before joining Piqora he led content teams at Gawker Media & DARPA. Nick has also been an apparel marketer, leading marketing & ecommerce at Oaklandish, a B Corp. that invests proceeds from apparel sales into non-profits in the East Bay. Connect with Nick on Twitter at @nickmueller
  3. 3. Webinar Housekeeping Please ask questions in the question box or tweet @Piqora on Twitter A survey will be sent following the webinar, please let us know how we did!
  4. 4. Here’s Why Instagram Marketing Is Important Instagram has transformed the way that fashion brands inspire their audiences. It’s the one social network that connects aesthetics with creativity and social engagement — the heart and soul of the fashion community Brands Winning Instagram: • Vogue (1.7M followers) • Victoria’s Secret (4.4M followers) • Michael Kors (2.1M followers) • Billabong (305K followers) • Aeropostale (1M followers)
  5. 5. 1. Creating a vibrant Instagram community What’s Being Covered Today: 2. Establishing and measuring Instagram-specific goals 3. Implementing a successful hashtag strategy 4. Launching a high-impact promotion 5. Identifying and replicate qualities of the most successful fashion brands
  6. 6. Building a Community: What Drives Success On Instagram? • Instagram is a platform for building emotional bonds — an opportunity for brands to show their personalities, values, passions, and ethos. • The first step to success on Instagram is visual storytelling. • For inspiration, take a look a RipCurl, they get tens of thousands of likes per photo. • Each post is designed with a story in mind.
  7. 7. Establishing Goals: New Follower Growth Look for systematic growth over time, in addition to daily spikes — the result of specific campaigns or highly engaging posts.
  8. 8. Establishing Goals: Likes Likes provide insight into your brand’s engagement level. Are people responding to your Instagram posts positively?
  9. 9. Establishing Goals: Hashtags & Brand Mentions? Monitor how Instagram users are tagging your brand in ongoing, natural conversations. Analyze conversations within #hashtags related to your brand. These may be official hashtags or conversation hubs that are tangentially related.
  10. 10. Establishing Goals: Comments & Conversations Comment counts reflect your brand’s ability to inspire your audience. Unlike Twitter, Instagram comments are overwhelmingly positive.
  11. 11. Ideas To Test: Frequency
  12. 12. Ideas To Test: Media Types Experiment with different forms of multimedia (video and images) to see what your audiences love. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success.
  13. 13. Ideas To Test: Different Filters Lauren Conrad has developed her own custom Instagram filter.
  14. 14. Ideas To Test: Tag A Location Inspire your audience’s imaginations by tagging your images and products all over the world. If a beautiful image was taken somewhere, let your audience’s know. #travellingtoms #greece #travellingtoms, #southkorea, #travel2014
  15. 15. Optimizing Hashtags Hashtags are a critical part of a brand’s Instagram strategy, but here’s the problem — brands are struggling to use them in a high- impact way (73%, according to a recent Piqora study). The Instagram Hashtag Report (
  16. 16. Choosing Hashtags On Instagram
  17. 17. Encouraging Hashtag AdoptionEncouraging Hashtag Adoption Promote hashtags across multiple marketing channels — in a way that is connected with your core brand.
  18. 18. Instagram Photo Contests Promotions are powerful for inspiring brand awareness and engagement. A structured, user optimized workflow can help generate a boost in fans and likes — whatever outcome is most important for your brand to achieve.
  19. 19. Clear Goals & Objectives How To Choose The Right Contest: 1. Sweepstakes are great for generating a lot of photos, likes, and followers 2. Judged contests yield fewer but higher quality UGC content, which could be integrated into your social or online outlets 3. Judged contests have a higher barrier to entry, but attract more brand advocates who you may want to build relationships with.
  20. 20. Simple Rules (And Creative That Explains Them) MyHabit did a great job coming up with a creative theme for their contest, making it fun, on- brand, and reasonably easy to enter. They selected an appropriate hashtag, gave away a valuable and desirable prize, and added inspiring photos to the contest creative.
  21. 21. Contest Landing Pages That Maximize Participation Host your contest on a central hub that you can work with bloggers and influencers to promote — and drive paid media to.
  22. 22. Making Instagram Contests Easier (For You) Look for an Instagram Contest Platform That Can: 1. Automatically filter eligible participants 2. Sort by most followed (most influential) participants 3. Export to .CSV or .XLS
  23. 23. Takeaways! 1. If your audience is millennials, they’re on Instagram. 2. Instagram is a visual moment sharing network, so brands have to really act like humans when it comes to posting. 3. Be always experimenting with your content Strategy, track likes to see what resonates. 4. Hastags are the key to discovery & being found! 5. Photo contests accelerate community growth
  24. 24. Please reach out! Time for questions!