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07252011 minutes draft


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07252011 minutes draft

  1. 1. DRAFT MINUTES – PINE TREE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION – BOARD OF DIRECTORS Monday, July 25, 2011 6:30 P.M. 4500 Building, lst FloorPRESENT: Laquita Woodell, Gunars Hvastkovs, Rolland Martinez, Marlyn BlackABSENT/EXCUSED: Gary Maass, Bruce Gurtler, Steve ChassonSTAFF: Denise WendingerOWNERS: Bettie Greer-Smith, Irene Mauler, Nayna Hilton, Bob Hilton, Herty Warnholtz Larsen,Charlotte Dye, and Elaine RichertThe meeting was called to order by Laquita Woodell at 6:30 p.m.HOMEOWNERS FORUM: - while it appears that individuals may be using the parking area behind the 4400 building for storage of their vehicles, the only restriction is that an owner must have a vehicle licensed to park there. No trailers or RVs are allowed. - A licensed jet ski trailer parked in front of 4500 is not breaking rules if it is licensed and is not encroaching on the space of others. - Denise is working with the owner of a large truck/vehicle to solve problems caused by parking that vehicle in front of 4500 in such a way that it hinders access to other owner’s parking space - Staff was praised for posting a report after doing a walk through of a building; a report that identifies work that needs to be done in the building, the staff person responsible for doing the work and then reporting when it was done. This answers questions before they go to board members of the staff - 4400 building still has a problem with washers being “out of order”.MINUTES: It was moved by Marlyn and seconded by Gunars that the minutes of the June meeting beapproved as presented. Motion carried.FINANCIALS: It was moved by Marlyn and seconded by Gunars that the bills be approved and that thefinancial report be acknowledged and placed on file for review with the request that the summary ofwasher dryer funds be reviewed and corrected. Motion carried.It was noted that there are so many payments to PacifiCorp (Rocky Mountain Power) because eachbuilding, each garage and two outdoor safety lights have their own meters and the bills must be paidseparately.MANAGER’S REPORT: It was moved by Marlyn and second by Gunars that the owner of Unit #205in the 4460 building be allowed to install a roll up bamboo patio blind. Motion carried.A tree was removed from the common space adjacent to the Peden owned condominium. A complaintfrom the family was received by the board. It was not that the tree was taken out as it was inappropriatelyplanted but allowed to grow over the years, but rather the timing of removing it as Marilyn Peden did justpass away. The tree had a special meaning for the family. A letter of apology and condolences for thefamily will be prepared by Denise.Homeowners dues are current with the exception of two owners who owe a portion of a current payment. 1
  2. 2. The full Manager’s report is available within the HOA office.OLD BUSINESS: Denise reported she had sought and received another proposal for some concrete andrail work. It was quoted at $95.00 pr linear foot and labor at $17.30 per hour. It was very close to the bidwe had from Silva who has done much of our concrete work. Denise was advised to have Mr. Silva comeout and give us a quote for the work on 4400 building. Funds for the project could come from theBuilding Repairs account.Denise had met with numerous contractors who were otherwise involved with work and uninterested inproviding proposals.NEW BUSINESS: Bob Hilton presented suggestions for pursuing information and eventually re-construction and paving of the drive and parking areas. The suggestions were reviewed by Richard Dyeand Walter Hoshaw.They suggested in this order: 1) interview candidates/companies to be a project Civil Engineer (CE) forthe project; 2) after selection the CE would develop a bid package, drawings and list of recommendedcontractors; 3) meet with interested contractors if required; 4) bid packages mailed out; 5) sealed bidsreturned to board of directors by a required date; 6) the board opens and reviews the bids; 7) board andCE meet with contractor(s) to discuss any points in question; 8) Board to decide on successful bidder andmake contact to confirm; 9) the board works with the treasurer to arrange for project financing plus a 10%contingency; 10) Arrange date for first payment to the contract with an anticipated start work date of July2012; 11) any change orders will require a negotiated fair settlement; 12) the CE will advise the board ofsatisfactory completion of the project.The point was that the project was such that no staff member or board member had the expertise todevelop the specifications and direct the project to a satisfactory completion.Gunars moved and it was seconded by Rolland that the board provide up to $1000.00 for Bob Hilton topursue discussion with CEPI seeking a preliminary report and to establish an estimate of costs for boththe work of a Civil Engineer and the pavement work. Motion carried.Acting chairman, Laquita commended Bob for his work.The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 P.M.MARLYN BLACKSecretary 2