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  1. 1. + Monte Vista Tech Lab Mission Statement: Our Mission is to learn 21st Century technology skills to the best of our ability. We will help each other do this by following the tech lab rules, respecting each other and working hard. We are caring, respectful and responsible tech users. We will be proactive, synergize and think win-win so that we will be tomorrow’s leaders.
  2. 2. + 1. Enter the classroom quietly. 2. Login and Open Firefox and go to your classroom webpage. 3. Close lid of laptop and wait quietly for directions.
  3. 3. + Through our Invention Convention we will:  Content Objectives:  NETS  Use Technology Operations: Browser, Google Search,  Research and gather information  Be creative and innovative  ScienceStandard #3: Science and Society. Understand how scientific discoveries, inventions, practices, and knowledge influence, and are influenced by individuals and societies.  Benchmark #1: Explain how scientific discoveries and inventions have changed individuals and societies.  Performance Objective 2: Describe how various technologies have affected the lives of individuals.
  4. 4. + Today you will:  You will be introduced to the Invention Convention  You will design and create your own invention using simple machines  Your machine will have practical applications: there will be a good use for your machine  You will read about simple machines with the class  You will research the internet to learn about simple machines  You will take notes about simple machines
  5. 5. + We will learn this vocabulary:  Six simple machines  Wheel, fulcrum, lever, pulley, inclined plane, screw  Inventors  Inventions  Famous inventors: Ford, Edison, Bell  Invention Convention
  6. 6. + Investigate and Create…. 1. You will learn about the six simple machines: fulcrum, wheel, pulley, lever, inclined plane, screw 2. You will read about one great inventor and invention 3. You will brainstorm how you can make your life a little easier by inventing something useful 4. You will use at least two simple machines for your invention 5. You will present your invention at the Invention Convention on December 17, 2010.
  7. 7. + Learning Sequence  Students will be introduced to the Invention Convention  Students will watch the Invent Now Video Examples:  Bandaid Puller  Cat Magnet  Students will brainstorm ideas that will make their lives easier  Students will be given the steps to inventing and student ideas  Students will be given parent letter  Students will go to the Edhead’s site to do a simulation on Simple Machines  Students will go to library and check out library books on inventors and inventions
  8. 8. + Resources you may use:  Websites to help you invent:  Invent Now- Creative Examples of Student Inventors  Modern Marvels: Inventors and their Inventions  Inventor's Toolbox  Leonardo's Mysterious Machinery  Websites on Leonardo Da Vinci  A Guide to Inventions  Build it Yourself Inventor’s Toolbox2  Famous Inventors Inventing a New Pencil  Edhead's Tool Shed Activity  Inventors and Inventions  Inventors Hall of Fame  More Inventions and Inventors  Invention at Play  Marvelous Machines: Simple Machine Experiments  Kids' Web Classroom Websites of Simple Machines  Brain Pop: Simple Machines
  9. 9. + Start the Timer