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MF overview

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEWmodeFinance is specialized in the financial consultingand companies’ creditworthiness evaluation.Thanks to its own methodology for credit risk analysis, modeFinance provides different products and services to satisfy everybusiness need belonging to a modern credit and risk management.
  2. 2. OVERVIEWEveryday millions of people around the world are wondering what is the creditworthiness of the companies with which they are inbusiness. Everyday, these questions remain unanswered.modeFinance everyday aims to answer these questions in a simple, complete and immediate way.modeFinance is one company specialized in the analysis and evaluation of credit risk for companies.modeFinance supplies different products for helping the professionals in the financial monitoring of the companies which theyare interested in:• suppliers;• dealers;• vendors;• partners;• competitors;• clients;• customers.
  3. 3. THE MORE PHILOSOPHYMOREMulti Objective Rating Evaluation, the methodology of modeFinance for Company Financial Risk Assessment. ! Private & No Public Info MORE permits the coherent and accurate integration of all infor-mation about a company for evaluating the accurate Financial Risk_Assessment. Enterprise Financial Risk Assessment All modeFinance products and services are characterized by a world wide recognized transparency, accuracy and objectivity thanks to the use of self-owned methodology for the risk analysis Financial MORE. InfoObjectivity Transparency Comparability• A clear source of the information used. • A clear analysis of economicand • Completeness and comparability of finan- cialquality of the companies. the information used.• A strong and direct interactionbetwe- en financial data and final • A modern, efficient indicator of the • Innovative and efficient methodologies.analysis of financial risk. quantification of financial risk.
  4. 4. PRODUCTS AND SERVICESCREDIT REPORT• The companies who would like to monitor their customers, suppliers and competitors;• Banks, financial consulting companies;• Insurance companies.STATISTICAL ANALYSIS• Public institutions;• Research organizations;• Associations.MARKET SEARCH• The companies who seek the best suppliers, customers and partnerships.• Banks.INTERNAL CREDIT RISK PLATFORM• The companies and the banks who would like to use internal data for the credit risk assessment.
  5. 5. PRODUCTS AND SERVICESEnterprise Integrated Financial Risk Analysis Risk & BusinessAssessment InformationRisk analysis of Sector & Supply Chain Dealers & Internal a single Market Risk Analysis Vendors & Privatecompany Sector Risk Analysis Risk Analysis information Risk Analysis
  6. 6. ASK MOREASKMORE Credit Reportis a tool that allows you to have a thorough and transparentassessment of financial & economical state of the companiesexamined.ASKMORE Real Timemore than 70 million companies in more than 200 countries inrealtime.ASKMORE Fullno coverage limit; fresh investigation, financial analyst comments.
  7. 7. ASK MORE• MORE Rating of the company. • Financial info and ratings of • modeFinance comments on: - Main customers.• MORE Credit Limit. shareholders. - General comment. - Products, business line.• Company Information. • Subsidiaries. - Solvency. - Reputation on the market.• Three year financial statements. • Financial info and ratings of - Profitability. - Payment reputation.• Worldwide peer group comparison. subsidiaries. - Comparison with the sector. - Adverse records checking• Auditors/Banks. • Board. - Other. (litigations etc.)• Shareholders. • General qualitative information Freshly investigated information on - The market. (when available). the company including: - Employees and others.
  8. 8. SECTOR MORESECTOR-ANALYSISUsing the comparative statistical analysis it is easy to study andunderstand, in detail, the dynamic interactions between any kind ofterritorial and sectorial entrepreneurial system in comparison withthe competitors all around the world.
  10. 10. SEARCH MOREMARKET-RESEARCHUsing the integration between an extensive database of economic &financial information and the rating evaluation for each company,it-is-easy-to-do-market-research.Market research is an excellent tool for the ones who want toidentify the partners, new customers, distributors, suppliers andpotential competitors from among overseas companies.
  11. 11. PLUS MOREINTERNAL-CREDIT-RISK-PLATFORMmodeFinance studies the specific needs and the internalinformation owned by the companies themselves in order to build acredit risk platform e.g. for monitoring their suppliers,dealers,intermediaries and customers.
  12. 12. PLUS MORE Internal Financial database The need is to check the ENTIRE vendors-dealers portfolio. Integrated-Business-Information: mF Rating Integrate QUANTITATIVE and QUALITATIVE Check (by MORE based on rating) for an accurate portfolio analysis in order to MINIMIZE internal Multinatioal mFQUANTITATI Company Report the loss in case of bankruptcy of vendors-dealers. VE information mF Rating based on internal QUALITATIVE information
  13. 13. Worldwide partnership with Bureau van Dijk PARTNERSHIPAMADEUS ORIANA ORBIS ORBISContains information on more More than 6 million A unique database that allows The ideal tool for effectivethen 11 million public and companies in 30 countries instant access to more than 70 measures to develop tradeprivate companies in over 41 in Asia including Middle East million companies, banks and business intelligence.European Countries. and Asia Pacific regions. and insurance companies in the world.Thanks to the partnership with the information provider leader Bureau van Dijk, all modeFinance evaluations for every companies in the world are available incoherent,complete and easy-to-use financial databases in which the users can access to abroad rangeof information.
  14. 14. Your company NEEDSneeds... To evaluate the financial risk of a company? Enterprise Financial Risk integrate To your own (no public) information in the evaluation? Assessment To understand your market and sector and compare them with others? And finally find the best companies for your future business deals?
  15. 15. CUSTOMERS
  16. 16. WHERE WE ARETrieste, ItalyAREA Science and Technology ParkThe leading Science and Technology Park in Italy.Established in 1978.Key point: only companies with high innovative technologies.modeFinance Headquarter Building AAREA Science Park, Padriciano 9934012 Trieste ITALYPh. +39 040 3755337 - Fax +39 040 -
  17. 17. COMPANY OVERVIEWmodeFinance is specialized in the financial consulting andcompanies’ creditworthiness evaluation.Thanks to its own methodology for credit risk analysis, modeFinance provides different products and services to satisfy everybusiness need belonging to a modern credit and risk management.Thank you.