The post presentation trauma


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Post presentation questions are often a traumatic experience.This presentation is an attempt to make things simpler by identifying the potential inquisitors.

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The post presentation trauma

  1. 1. Power Point Presentations: How to react to post presentation questions? PINAKI ROY
  2. 2. That awful feeling….. You’ve just finished your presentation & are brimming with satisfaction when a hand in the audience suddenly goes up. You really can’t see the face ‘cos it’s a bit dark but a piercing voice dripping in sarcasm drawls “ Maan, you really went overboard. You spoke on everything but the main topic”? Some sniggers follow. You wish you were never born.
  3. 3. The way ahead…. • I’m sure most of us have faced such situations (maybe in milder forms) but the inner feeling is just the same. • This presentation is an effort on how to cope through such miseries & react accordingly. • This may not be the panacea for all presentation ills, but may help dampen that nasty feeling. Lets first try to identify these potential ‘question mongers’ before learning how to size up such irritants.
  4. 4. Faces of the Inquisitors • They come in all shapes and sizes but their expressions are the give away. Waiting for your turn to speak is the right time to assess the potential inquisitors. • The serious type on the first row seen taking occasional notes, the guy with a flashy tie and pompous looks, the shy & timid one clutching onto some papers, the loud & raucous sitting with outstretched arms – are the types to keep your eyes on.
  5. 5. The Prof…. • These are the serious, nononsense first row types, who really listen. Keep an eye on them (especially if they are taking notes), as a question or two is likely. • Their questions are always relevant seeking further clarification on your topic. • Only if you know the correct answer respond or else politely say that you are unsure and shall get back (by taking his/her mail i.d during the break). Once you get the i.d make it a point to seek the answer & mail it across, because in case the person attends another presentation of yours, then God forbid. Another point: never fib for you’ll be mauled.
  6. 6. The over smart alecs.. • These are the pompous types, walk with a swagger and love their own voice. They’ll ask any odd question & look around to see whether others have noticed. • The best way to deal with them is to pose a question in return. • Maybe this example shall make it clear. A noted psychiatrist was speaking at an academic function. 'Would you mind telling me, Doc,‘ our Smart Alec asked, 'how do you detect Mental Deficiency in somebody who appears completely normal?‘ Smiling all over he sits down. Doc replies… ‘I ask a simple question which anyone should answer with no trouble. If the person hesitates, that is the signal.’ 'What sort of question?‘ posed our man. Well, you might ask, 'Captain Cook made three trips around the world and died during one of them. Which trip was it?'‘ Totally stumped our man stutters ‘I must confess doc, I don't know much about history. Do you happen to have another example?’
  7. 7. The Know Alls…. • These are the self conceited types, who feel that they have done everyone a favor by attending the talk as they actually know everything. • They’ll generally pick upon a slide and make a statement ( asking questions is below their dignity) with the intention to humiliate the speaker and make others realize their intelligence. • No worry, their own questions are often their undoing. • Maybe this shall explain. ‘Geez ,’ says our guy, ‘that slide of yours showing a woman with a nose ring attached to an earring by a chain, was awful. The ear would rip out every time she turns her head!’ When explained that a person's nose and ear remain the same distance apart no matter which way the head is turned He turned purple…
  8. 8. The Perennial Pest…. This guy is a different kettle of fish. Over pampered in childhood he grew up as an obstinate brat & remained the same since. His employers send them to all seminars so that calm prevails in office during his absence. Unruly & often foul mouthed he schemes to floor all speakers with irrelevant questions. He’ll even interrupt while you try to answer his question. The secret of dealing with such pests is not to panic. Look them in the eye and answer their questions. In case they interrupt, just smile & say ‘ Look friend, I've just got one nerve left, and you're getting on it’. If he continues interrupting tell him ‘Keep asking, I’ll wait till you say something bright!’
  9. 9. Mamma’s Boy… Timid & shy he grew up under an overprotective mother followed by a dominating wife & an abrasive boss. Directed to ask questions at all seminars he squirms when asked to attend one. His questions are almost apologetic, emanating out of a feeble stutter . Have a heart for these poor devils, hear them patiently & answer their queries. Word of caution: Never ask them to repeat their question because they just might faint.
  10. 10. As we wrap up just remember… • Post Presentation answering is like getting into a bath tub. After you get used to it, it ain't so hot. If you’re still at the receiving end don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent.