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Final Report


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Final Report

  1. 1. Report on Market Analysis, Business Model & Financial Statement Analysis of a 24*7 Real Estate TV Channel PINAKI RANJAN BHAKAT Roll No – 14202238, Reg. No - 14380836104 MBA Batch (2014 - 16) Corporate Guide Faculty Guide Ms. Shristi Patel Prof. Biranchi Narayan Panigrahi Sweat Equity Partners School Of Management Mumbai KIIT UNIVERSITY AT SWEAT EQUITY PARTNERS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, KIIT UNIVERSITY BHUBANESWAR - 751024
  2. 2. Page | 2 CERTIFICATE OF CORPORATE GUIDE This is to certify that Mr. Pinaki Ranjan Bhakat, Roll No-14202238 of KIIT School of Management, Bhubaneswar has successfully completed the project on “Market Analysis, Business Model & Financial Statement Analysis of a 24*7 Real Estate TV channel." from 5th May 2015 to 3rd July 2015 towards the Partial fulfilment of the two year MBA Program of the school. ______________________ (Signature) Ms. Shristi Patel Sweat Equity Partners Mumbai
  3. 3. Page | 3 CERTIFICATE OF FACULTY GUIDE The Project titled "Market Analysis, Business Model & Financial Statement analysis of a 24*7 Real Estate TV channel" is submitted by PINAKI RANJAN BHAKAT, Roll No 14202238 towards the partial fulfilment of the two year MBA program under the guidance of Prof. Biranchi Narayan Panigrahi, Associate Professor, Finance Area, KIIT School of Management, Bhubaneswar. ____________________ (Signature) Prof. Biranchi Narayan Panigrahi Associate Professor Finance Area KIIT School of Management Bhubaneswar
  4. 4. Page | 4 DECLARATION I, Pinaki Ranjan Bhakat, hereby declare that this project report entitled “Market Analysis, Business Model & Financial Statement Analysis of a 24*7 Real Estate TV Channel” is an original piece of work and is the result of my work on behalf of Sweat Equity Partners. This summer internship report has the requisite standard for the partial fulfilment of the MBA program at School of Management, KIIT University. To best of my knowledge and belief no part of this report has been reproduced from any other report and the contents are based on original research. This project has not been submitted to any other university/institute for the award of any degree/diploma. Place: ___________________ Date: (Signature) Pinaki Ranjan Bhakat Roll No: 14202238
  5. 5. Page | 5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to my corporate guide Ms. Shristi Patel for her help in making the project titled “Market Analysis, Business Model & Financial Statement Analysis of a 24*7 Real Estate TV Channel”. It would have never been possible for me to take my research project to completion without her innovative ideas and support. It has been a great experience working under her guidance. I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Manish Chhajed, Founder & Managing Director of Sweat Equity Partners for his valuable guidance, support, suggestions and inspiration which helped me to do the project. I would also like to express my profound sense of gratitude to, Prof. Biranchi Narayan Panigrahi, my faculty guide and my mentor Prof. Surya Mishra of KIIT School of Management for guiding me throughout the project. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to, Prof. Jogendra Behera, of KIIT School of Management for guiding me throughout the project. I express my deep sense of reverence and gratitude to my parents for their love, concern and blessings which are always with me. PINAKI RANJAN BHAKAT
  6. 6. Page | 6 TABLE OF CONTENTS SL No. Particulars Page No. 1. Executive Summary 8 2. Introduction 9 2.1 Background of the Company 9 2.2 Background of the Project 9 3. Objective, Scope & Methodology 10 4. The concept of the Real Estate TV channel 10-11 4.1 The core value proposition of the Real Estate TV channel 10 4.2 The beneficiaries of launching the Real Estate TV channel and how they are going to be benefitted 10-11 5. The target market and key customers of the Real Estate TV channel 11 5.1 Developing the current target market 11 6. Programs of the Real Estate TV channel 11-12 6.1 The programs that the TV channel needs to be satisfy its audiences and the current program portfolio of the TV channel 11-12 7. Competitors of the Real Estate TV channel 12-17 7.1 Direct Competitors 12-17 7.2 Indirect Competitors 17 8. Strategy & Implementation 18-20 8.1 Marketing Strategy 18-19 8.1.1 Marketing strategies that can be used by the Real Estate TV channel in coming days 18-19 8.2 Strategic Alliance 19-20 8.2.1 Potential strategic alliances of the Real Estate TV channel 19-20 9. The Industry segment of the Real Estate TV channel 20-22 9.1 The Media & Entertainment industry in India 20 9.1.1 The technological advancement in the industry and how the Real Estate TV channel should use them 20 9.1.2 Govt. initiatives for the media & entertainment industry 21 9.2 The Real Estate Industry in India 21 9.2.1 Real Estate Segments 21-22 9.2.2 Govt. initiatives for the Real Estate industries 22 10. Investments in the industry 23 10.1 The recent investments in the industry 23 10.2 Investors in the Real Estate industry 23 10.3 Investors in the Media & Entertainment industry 23 11. The Expansion plan of the Real Estate TV channel 24 12. Challenges & Opportunities of the Real Estate TV channel 24 12.1 Challenges 24 12.2 Opportunities 24 13. Possible Sources of revenue generation for the Real Estate TV channel 25 14. Possible Sources of expenses for the Real Estate TV channel 26 15. Business Projections 27-28 15.1 Assumptions 27 15.2 Calculations & Analysis 27-28 16. Recommendations & Suggestions 28 17. Limitations 28
  7. 7. Page | 7 18. Conclusions 29 19. Bibliography 30 20 Annexures 31-49 LIST OF TABLE SL No. Table Name & No. Page No. 1. Table 1: Contribution by the Real Estate Segment 22 2. Table 2: Event Sales Revenue 37 3. Table 3: Revenue from websites 37 4. Table 4: Ads. Revenue in Year 1 37 5. Table 5: Ads. Revenue in Year 2 38 6. Table 6: Ads. Revenue in Year 3 38-39 7. Table 7: Ads. Revenue in Year 4 39 8. Table 8: Ads. Revenue in Year 5 40 9. Table 9: Production Expenses 40 10. Table 10: Operational & Admin. Expenses 41 11. Table 11: Carriage fees assumptions 41 12. Table 12: Expenses for Promotional Ads. 42 13. Table 13: Assets & Depreciation assumptions 42-43 14. Table 14: No. of Employee 43-44 15. Table 15: Salary Structure 44 16. Table 16: Payroll Expenses 44-45 17. Table 17: Investment Assumptions 45 18. Table 18: Bank Loan 45 19. Table 19: Loan Amortization schedule 45-46 20 Table 20: Income Statement 46-47 21. Table 21: Cash Flow Statement 47-48 22. Table 22: Balance Sheet 48-49 LIST OF FIGURES SL No. Figure Name & No. Page No. 1. Figure 1: Different Real Estate Segments 22
  8. 8. Page | 8 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The present report attempts to give an overview of the business model, market analysis of the Real Estate TV channel including competitors’ matrix, their unique selling proposition, revenue model and other uniqueness etc. The report also include the financial statement analysis of the current year and based on this five year projections has also been done. From the analysis of the business model of the TV channel I came to know that the TV channel is targeting the age group of 25-50 years and follow the trends of investors as well as developers to satisfy their need towards the real estate market. The TV channel also helpful for the common people who are willing to buy and sell or rent a property for their own purpose. It also help them through providing the legal help, money borrowing and lending other middle line activities that are very cumbersome for the common people. The TV channel primarily focusing on the western part of the country and they also expand their channel through all over the country and in future they are focusing on the gulf and other country outside India as well. The study also help me to gain knowledge about its competitors and their structure and revenue model. Studying this I came to know about the competitors of the TV channel have also focused on the same niche way of real estate market. As the TV channel are also launching the web portal so the existing portals such as,,, are also its competitors as well. The real estate TV channel and the real estate market also linked with each other, so the Govt. rules and regulations are also very much effective for the TV channel to telecast the programs. After completing the study, it help me to prepare the financial statement analysis based on the assumption as a start-up company. Carrying the assumption for next five years I prepare the projection that how the company will perform five year down the line. As the survey shows that the media and entertainment sector is highly growing sector, the sector is the key part of the Mr. Modi’s Make in India campaign which will help the industry to grow in future. So the future of the TV channel is quite bright as the industry segment is a growing part of the economy.
  9. 9. Page | 9 2. INTRODUCTION 2.1 Background of the Company “If you want to go FAST, walk alone If you want to go FAR, walk together.” The above two lines describe what the company Sweat Equity Partners is. It is basically a mentor capital firm focussed on growth and value enhancement of new and existing businesses. It’s a type of financial advisory firm help other companies to take right decision in terms of financially expanding their businesses. It basically Mumbai based start-up firm founded by Mr. Manish Chhajed who is the managing director of the company itself, was a scientist turned into venture capitalist. He has spent almost 8 years of his career solving entrepreneurs’ woes. The term “Sweat Equity” means the time and effort that people contribute to a project. Sweat equity is used to describe the non-financial investment that people contribute to the development of a project such as a start-up business. The company Sweat Equity Partners also do the same function. The client of the company are mainly start-ups and it help by preparing business model, financial projection to their client by researching economy, competitors and by analysing markets. It walk like hand in hand with entrepreneurs and start-ups and work towards by adding value to their business. Founders of a start-up company don’t find enough time to check all the areas in the business as there is a world to create but only 24 hours to execute it. The company Sweat Equity completely focus on the business of the start-up as the team have investors by mind but entrepreneurs at heart. It balance out the leadership team by providing a healthy mix of business strategy skills backed by experience, an analytical approach and execution capabilities. Further, their experience as an investor helps bring a new perspective to the table and what works with the investor lessons through this rich industry experience. 2.2 Background of the Project This project is based on a 24*7 round the neck TV channel which was launched in 2013 by Optimmus Media Network India Limited (OMNIL) and started telecasting from May 2014. The main focus of the TV channel is on the real estate sector and it claims itself as India’s first 24/7 real estate channel. The CEO of OMNIL is Mr. Manish Rachh. The real estate TV is launched as a free to air (FTA) TV channel. My project is to know the business model of the TV channel, to find out the competitors and their business and revenue model, the program portfolio and what are the programs that the competitors are telecasting and how the TV channel take the concept from them, what are the government rules and regulations of the media and entertainment industry and how those are affecting to expand the business of the channel, what are the areas that the TV channel can expand their business, what are the opportunities and threats of the TV channel, what are the possible source of revenue and expenses of the channel and finally to prepare the financial statement and projections of the TV channel for five years down the line.
  10. 10. Page | 10 3. OBJECTIVE, SCOPE & METHODOLOGY Objective: The main objective of market analysis is i. To know how the real estate market are performing and what are the relationship between a TV channel and real estate market. ii. To understand who are the competitors and how they are performing in this market. iii. To understand the government rules and regulations. iv. To understand possible revenue and expense source of TV channel. v. To understand possible area where the real estate TV channel may expand the business in future. Scope: Scope of the research is based on the data collection from various internet websites. Based on the information available I try to make it simple so that it will help the investors and the other people also. Methodology: i. Understanding of the topic by thorough reading various articles available in internet. ii. Secondary data collection plan has been adopted here. iii. Analysis of the data and information has done as per my understanding. iv. Exploratory type research design has followed. 4. THE CONCEPT OF THE REAL ESTATE TV 4.1 The core value proposition of the real estate TV channel The main value propositions of the real estate TV are i. To provide a platform for gaining knowledge and other obligations before investing in real estate. ii. To provide platforms for the developers to sell their real estate by promoting relevant real estate information, market analysis, housing policies and advertisements of the developers. iii. To provide important services like raising issues relevant to developers in government and non-government forums, suggesting policy changes making representations via panel discussion and giving developers a unified front. iv. To act as a single point of information for the developer community for latest developments in the industry. v. To help the members to contact with experts to seek specific advice regarding the issues they are facing. 4.2 The beneficiaries of launching the Real Estate TV and how they are going to be benefitted The Real Estate TV is focusing on mainly two segments of the real estate sector. They are trying to help the developers with various facilities and they are also providing information to the consumers who are looking for investment in the real estate industry, be it monetary investment or investment by buying property. So the direct beneficiaries of launching the TV channel are-  The developers and
  11. 11. Page | 11  The investors (both common people who looks to buy properties and people who are looking to invest in the real estate industry) The developers who are going to be benefitted most are the small developers who has limited resources and opportunities. The large developers are also going to be benefitted by the launching of the TV channel as it will provide them a platform to showcase their products. In general the TV channel is going to help the developers in the following aspects  By providing the developers a platform to advertise their products.  By analysing the market and providing detail information about housing policies and other government policies to the developers.  By providing services like raising issues relevant to the developers in government and non-governmental forums, suggesting policy changes and making representations via panel discussion etc. 5. THE TARGET MARKET AND KEY CUSTOMERS OF THE REAL ESTATE TV CHANNEL The target market of the TV channel is developed centring the above two segments. The TV channel is targeting the people in the age group of 25 to 50 years and the main focus is the educated middle class. The main offering of the TV channel is providing information to viewers about the various aspects of the real estate sector and to provide a platform to the real estate developers to advertise their properties. 5.1 Developing the current Target Market Few key characteristics of the target market of the TV channel and the viability or adequacy of the choice of the target market are- i. The target market represents the youth and middle youth category of the Indian population mainly and also tries to cover the population that have been in the workforce for more than two decades in average. ii. The youth population of India is increasing and the disposable income of them are also increasing which proves that the market has a huge potential market among them. iii. Due to urbanization a large number of people is migrating to various cities and metros all over India. The migration can be due higher education or due to work engagements. These people will be in a need of shelters for staying and they will be in need of adequate and reliable information about various properties. 6. PROGRAMS OF THE REAL ESTATE TV CHANNEL 6.1 The Programs that the TV channel needs to satisfy its audiences and the current program portfolio of the TV channel The programs of the TV channel should try to cater the needs of the developer and the viewer segment. The type of programs that the TV channel should have in the portfolio are- i. Programs showcasing the upcoming projects in an area and what are the features of it, these program will help the developers to advertise their properties and also the buyers for selecting their properties. ii. Programs informing the legal aspects of developing a project. What are the regulations to be followed and what policies are in force for the projects etc. to be informed in the program.
  12. 12. Page | 12 iii. An interactive program between the developers and the buyers where the developers get to know the desire of the buyers and also answers questions of the buyers about the structure and other aspects of the property. This will help both the developers and the buyers as they can communicate easily and will help the developers to attract buyers from different geographical areas. iv. Program showcasing the architectural and structural wonders of country and the world. This show will be an informative show which will help the developers to pick up various technicalities of the sector and also the buyers to understand what are the factors that are checked while creating such great structures. v. Programs informing the viewers about various unknown facts about real estate and architecture. This will help the viewers to improved knowledge about the architectures and real estate. vi. Programs on solution to common problems that people faces in their houses or in the properties they have bought. The problems can be regarding structure or location of rooms or furniture or some common problems. This will help the viewers to develop skills to solve common problems on their own. vii. Programs showcasing the emerging developers and the developers who has scaled great heights in the industry. viii. Programs showcasing the role of the intermediaries between the buyers and the developers and the importance of them. ix. A program showcasing the possible hotspot for weekend or short outing and the information about the places which can be accessed by the visitors during the outings. The programs that are currently telecasted in the TV channel are- The descriptions are in the Annexure 1.1. 7. COMPETITORS OF THE REAL ESTATE TV CHANNEL There are some direct and indirect competitors of the TV channel. We know the real estate TV channel is going to be a 24*7 television channel dedicated to the real estate sector. There are some other TV channel already in the market which telecasts news related to the real estate through television or through internet. 7.1 Direct Competitors  Alliance Group Real Estate TV:  Business Model: The main value proposition is to provide the all real aspect of the real estate industry such as news on the different companies in this industry, manage residential, commercial properties and teach the investors about the rights and precautions to be taken before investment and many more. This was the first step to develop this kind of dedicated round the clock TV channel in the country. This channel not only focuses on the real estate information also focused on the infrastructure related news. Total investment of this project was about 100 crore focused on the whole India and also south and south-east Asian region and Gulf countries too. The Alliance group also tied up with many foreign companies for news related to outside India. As the group is also into the business of real estate it would help them to convey the information of real estate of their industries too. As we know there are about 260-270 industries directly connected to the real estate market, that’s why the Alliance group innovate the idea of launching this channel to gain a huge profit from it. Moreover the
  13. 13. Page | 13 programs of the channel are very innovative to meet the taste of the investors as well as the household.  Partners: The strategic partners of Alliance Group Real estate TV are Hathway, Amogh, SCV, InCable, Seven Star.  Propex TV: Propex TV is launched by J.C Group Inc in the year 2012. It’s a Kerala based real estate company.  Business Model: In the year 2012 when the real estate market was booming J.C group decided to launch a dedicated 24*7 TV channel for the real estate industry. The channel primarily focuses on the Malayalee property buyer and seller all over the world and provide them a platform for showcasing their properties. When the buyer and seller were dependent on the newspaper and brokers for selling their properties JC group came up with the revolutionary idea of posting advertisement on the TV channel. They also developed the concept of Web TV which can be downloaded in IPhone, Blackberry and tablets. To reach to all young mass this group also expanded the model by developing the app based buying selling system which is available on Windows phone and Android. J.C Group firstly started this concept of showing real estate based news in 2004. That time they launched a property show in Jeevan channel and the name of the program was Business Revolution. This program also received the Film city Award in 2005-06 for the best business program. Carrying this concept of property show further this step is also become successful in real estate market.  Programs: Propex TV telecasts its programs in six different channels. It has 9 shows in a week. The programmes are – i. ACV (Asianet cable vision): In this channel a Property Show has been telecasted. Timing of the show is 6.00 PM on Sundays. It has also an old programme which has crossed more than 210 episodes. Show concept is on the buying and selling of property. It has one show per week. ii. Jai Hind TV: In this channel Kerala Property Show has been telecasted. Show is based on information on different types of properties in Kerala and nearby areas. Show telecasting time is Tuesday at 5.00 PM to 5.30 PM and Friday 2.00 AM. It have two shows in a week. iii. Kairali People: In this channel Propex TV Show has been telecasted. Show timing is at 5.30 PM on Thursday. It also have one show per week. iv. NTV: It is Malayalam regional channel in UAE. Here also Propex TV Show has been telecasted and the timing is every Friday, Saturday 3.30 PM. It have also 2 shows per week. v. Darshana: Here Real Property Show is telecasted and the show timing is at Sunday 12.00PM to 12.30 PM and Thursday 2.30 AM to 3.00 AM. vi. Jeevan TV: Here Property Expo has been telecasted timing is 6.00 PM to 6.30 PM.  Partners of Propex TV: The description are in the Annexure 1.2.  Real Estate TV (RETV): Real Estate TV or RETV is the UK based TV channel and multimedia company that formed part of News Corporation’s Fox International Channels’ network. It was launched in the year 2004 by Mark Dodd.  Business Model: Primarily this was launched for conveying the information about the real estate industry but it became popular to people from various segment. They innovated some ideas to make people aware about the real estate sector. Not only the channel provided information about the real estate segment on 24*7 basis but also its dedicated website provided property finding service, streaming videos related to the television channel, international real estate news etc. Soon it become so popular that it was able to broadcast over 21 million adult viewer in UK and
  14. 14. Page | 14 Ireland and more than 2 million in Europe. The real estate TV is focusing on the programs that includes the transmission of quality, entertaining property programs from the UK and around the world, as well as RETV commissioned series such as Next Big Thing. ‘Next Big Thing’ specifically focuses on global emerging property markets of interest and financial potential to the channel’s viewers.  Programs: As because the RETV is UK based real estate information provider, it has come up with great variety of programmes such as – i. Transmission of Quality: Its an entertaining property programs from the UK and around the world. ii. Next Big Thing: Specifically focuses on global emerging property markets of interest and financial potential to the channel’s viewers. iii. RETV also offered free-to-view video content via Tiscali, Blinx, Jalipo and BT Vision.  Real Estate Channel: It’s a Canadian real estate channel owned by Pacific Real Estate Media Ltd and launched in the year 2006.  Business Model: They basically focus to broadcast the commercial and residential real estate information of various markets across the country. It also has its own website where the private buying and selling of properties take place. It showed various customized options of buying a property, from those one can easily choose the desired property. It became a convenient medium to buy without the help of a broker and middle man. The website also have thousands of property listing videos, also it gives the option to find the agent in your area by putting the city and area, also it has the facility of blogging in the website from where one can get information related to the industry. It has about 4 million viewer all over the country who are really very satisfied by getting the related information at one click.  Move Tube: Move Tube is also a television channel in the United States which started its journey from 2015.  Business Model: Move Tube is the first interactive property search television channel. Here the buyers and sellers can search their property in a simplistic way. Also the real estate professionals are able to take advantage of the innovative way of marketing their listings. The common problem that many buyers and sellers faces is getting the outdated information from others. Move Tube is also trying to reduce that problem by showing current information and update in their website also. Now the channel is telecasted through the Roku player and Roku TV for a testing purpose among the people but in near future it will be telecasted through DTH and cable network.   Business Model: In the year 2006 Times Group launched this portal, primarily it was a C2C based portal which facilitated buying, selling and renting of property for personal as well as office needs. Its business model is quite simple as it fulfils the needs of the people who are searching for property for personal use or for an office place. Website provide the data open for all from builders, agents, customers, brokers etc. When we buy a property we have to meet the sell, make a deal, take a loan and at last we settle the deal with him. It provides a virtual platform so that this whole process complete in online, this is the main focus of the website.
  15. 15. Page | 15  Customer value proposition: i. Individual who are willing to buy home or rent a property contact with them and the website provide them the required details of sellers, agents, builders through its interface. ii. Individual who wants to sell their property contact with the website and it provides the details of the buyer and their requirement. iii. The middleman like builders, agents, brokers, consultants are also benefitted as they receive commission from buyer and seller. The website also fulfil their needs by contacting with the buyer and seller with them. iv. The websites also satisfies the needs of the loan providers as a list of people seeks loan for buying property through its interface.  Revenue Model: i. Ads Sale: The main source of revenue of the portal is advertising sales. If we open its portal we can find that most area of the site is full of different ads from builders. ii. Additional Services property owners: The home seeker who takes help from have to provide some amount to them, is the another source of income of the portal. iii. Additional services for Middlemen: The real estate middlemen like the brokers, consultants, agents also have to pay money to the website for getting the customer from it. iv. Additional services for Loan Provides: As the loan provides get the customers from the website, they also have to pay the amount to the portal.  Competitive Advantage: It has an edge over the other competitors in the segment because of the owner of the website Times Group. It has got diverse exposure from some of the media channels like Times now, Times of India and Economic Times. Besides that the services provided by it is well and good among the customer and its innovative way like Magicbricks app and Magic sms i.e. registered user will get the sms update about their preference.  Partners of Magicbricks: The strategic partners of are described in the Annexure 1.3.   Business Model: started its journey in the year 2005 as an India’s first real estate portal under Info edge Pvt. Ltd. Website provides the information about buying, selling and leasing various types of real estate in India, provide suggestion on buying, selling of property, information related to the upcoming projects, various property related information like office space, shopping area, residential complex, commercial complex etc.  Target Market: As the real estate market is for the young professional so 99acres targeted their customer range between the age group of 25-40 years. And the age targeted customer are middle class and upper middle class people who can afford for buying home for himself.  Revenue Model: The main source of revenue generation is the advertising revenue on its portals posted by various builders and real estate companies. Besides that another source is in the form of subscription from brokers, builders and agents. For marketing new projects from various builders and brokers it earns a significant portion of revenue. Also generates revenue from property listing, builder and brokers branding and visibility among the other.
  16. 16. Page | 16  Partners of 99acres: The description are in the Annexure 1.4.   Business Model: In 2007 initially started as an apartment management solution provider and went on to be India’s leading real estate platform that combines property search, apartment management and vendor management and caters to a person’s complete residential requirements. offers home seekers, sellers and real estate professionals an extensive online real estate ecosystem that consist of Property search, Reviews and Answers, Community management and Residential community.  Revenue Model: i. CommonFloor charge the builders for their apartment management software but the residents and owners are allowed to use the software free of cost. ii. Main source of revenue is the advertising and vendor listing. Many well-known players from various verticals such as real estate and banking services companies advertise with the commonfloor. So it generates a significant portion of income. iii. Revenue also come from architects, carpenters, plumbers etc who come to get attach with the portals as they find the advertisement from various builders.  Unique Innovation: introduced world’s first virtual reality innovation i.e CommonFloor Retina that offers real property experience for the seekers allowing them to view and assess multiple property at any point of time. With the help of this buyer can get an experience and insights about the property from perspective of space and ambience. It save time and cost to travel to see the apartment, also the buyer can get the experience of the property before built. After installing the app in the mobile phone with the help of retina head gear buyer can get the experience of virtual tour of the property about his choice. It’s the first technological advancement to come up such type of app based platform for the buyer.  Zillow Inc.  Business Model: Zillow serves real estate and home related information both through mobile and website to the home owners, buyers, sellers, real estate professional, renters etc. In a competitive marketplace it is necessary to catch the customer that’s why it launches various brands and products to help people find necessary information about homes, rent, mortgages, and connection with local professional. Zillow’s portfolio of brands include, Zillow mortgages marketplace, Zillow rentals, Zillow digs and Zillow mobile.  Revenue Model: Primarily Zillow is a media company so it earns a maximum portion of its revenue through sale of advertising products and services for real estate. Besides that there are some facility like get help by real estate expert, loan facility, brokerage facility etc which are only for subscribed and registered customer. So from there also significant amount of revenue comes.  Partners of Zillow: The description are in the Annexure 1.5.  Trulia Inc: Trulia Inc. is an online residential real estate website for home buyers, sellers, renters and related people in the USA. Founded in the year 2004 headquarter is in San Fransisco, USA.
  17. 17. Page | 17  Business Model: i. Trulia not only provides the information, advice related to home loans etc. but also it provides the price trend information i.e. how the price of a house has changes with the current scenarios in a particular area. ii. Its unique proposition is its Trulia Map which show the crime that has happened in the specific area and compare the crime statistics of two different areas. Also map provides the information of local schools, amenities etc nearly to the residency. iii. Its mobile app helps to view the different photos of properties nearby the locality provided by the user. Also it helps by advising related to insurance and other aspects.  Partners of Trulia: The description are in the Annexure 1.6.  Realtor founded in 1995 headquarter is in California, USA is a residential real estate website which displays for sale property listing in US and Canada.  Business Model: i. The website is updated in every 15 min for listing offers millions of homes rent or sale. ii. The website offers mortgage rates, refinance rates and finance advice. iii. Various activities and updates in the website provoke college graduates for saving to buy home in future. It’s a great infinitives to attract young mass into the real estate sector. iv. launched realtor benefits program for the user or official member for giving discounts and unique offers and services etc. 7.2 Indirect Competitors There are some indirect competitors of the real estate TV channel. Indirect competitors mean the TV channels are not fully related to 24*7 based but present the information in a program basis to their channels. The channels such as NDTV, CNBC AWAAZ, ZEE News etc. focus on the real estate sector through the programs on the channels, like CNBC AWAAZ hosts a program called the ‘India Real Estate Guide’, it’s a 30 min show which helps the viewer to analyse the India’s best residential and commercial projects and choose the best among them according to the requirements. NDTV host the similar type of show called the ‘Young guns of Real Estate’ in which they try to convey the information related to that sector like business plans of real estate sector, the challenges, market, future expansion plans etc. through different up standard people from this sector, who are experience with this industry. Through discussing the problems they provide the right solution and show the path to avoid the discrepancy.
  18. 18. Page | 18 8. STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION 8.1 Marketing Strategy 8.1.1 Marketing strategies that can be used by the Real Estate TV channel in coming days i. Organizing Public Relations Events: One of the most useful ways of promoting any business connected to mass consumers is conducting Public Relations (PR) activities. The PR activities that the TV channel can conduct are- A) Organizing the launching of a new housing project along with the builder. This will create a relationship between the builder and the TV channel and also increase the awareness among people about the TV channel. Also the TV channel can telecast the whole event in their channel afterwards which will increase their penetration. B) Organizing game shows related to real estate and give the winners awards and take their interviews, they can show the interview later and ask the winners and their families to view it afterwards. This can create word of mouth about the TV channel which will help them to increase penetration among the target market. C) Organizing events to celebrate festivals with the common people. This can increase the public connection of the channel with the target customer. The Budget of PR events varies from INR 25000/- to INR 80000/- for each medium scale event. ii. Distributing of pamphlets and business cards: The real estate based TV channel can create this awareness by distributing pamphlets with the newspapers for couple of days in a week. This would attract the attention of the readers and will help the TV channel to increase viewership. Another way of creating awareness is distribution of business cards or pamphlets in parking lots or in cinema hall counters. The distribution can take place by using a personnel who will stick the business cards or the pamphlets in the cars along with the parking ticket or can have the counter personnel distribute the pamphlets along with the tickets in a cinema hall or in the ticket counters of any events or shows. iii. Sponsoring events: The TV channel also can sponsor events like award functions in which the achievers of real estate are awarded. They also can sponsor various events that takes place in the offices to create awareness among people. They can telecast the events or can showcase the video clips in the channel or in their Facebook page. The budget for sponsoring events may vary with the size of the event and the amount of people the event is targeting. But an event sponsorship can cost around INR 70000/- to INR 125000/- iv. Telemarketing: They would notify people about various new real estate projects or various developments in the sector through messages or by phone calls. They also can ask the people to watch the channel for more detailed information. The budget related to telemarketing is very minimal and it mainly requires the costs for calling and sending SMS and also the registration fees for telemarketing. v. Social Media Marketing: The TV channel need to use the social media as a medium of marketing. There are various social media marketing techniques that they can adapt. They can share the links of the videos of the shows on the television or can provide a sneak peek to the shows and can ask people to watch the full program on their channel. They can also support causes to create an impact and place among the heats of the people. They can support causes like “clean ganga mission” through the posts in the social media and can provide information about the developments in
  19. 19. Page | 19 the real estate sector that tries to reduce the environmental impact. The social media market requires almost no budget unless it involves advertising in Facebook or similar social media platforms or outsourcing the social media marketing responsibility to other agencies. vi. Creating appropriate program mix by analysing the availability of the target customers: As the target customer of the TV channel is the working class it is expected that they will not be available during the 10 am to 6 pm slot. So the TV channel need to create program mix according to that and must communicate it with the target audience. They can communicate through telemarketing approach or social media to make people aware that the programs are rescheduled to meet their availability. vii. Wall painting or Wall Display: The TV channel can also display the advertisement about the channel in the walls of upcoming projects. They can advertise there to increase the visibility of the channels and also can build partnership with the builders for advertising in the TV channel. viii. Advertising in broadcasting media: The TV channel can also advertise through the widely circulated television channels and news channels for creating awareness about the value proposition of the channel. This promotion can create interest among people and the people who will like the programs can spread the awareness among other people. Budget for advertising varies from channel to channel and from session to session. The average cost for a 10 sec commercial on news channels like Zee Business, ABP News or Aaj Tak varies between INR 5000/- to INR 11000/-. ix. Calendar Marketing: The TV channel also can publish calendar holding the details and logo of the television and distribute it among its partners and frequent advertisers in the channel. They also can reach out to real estate builders and distribute calendar to them. This will help the TV channel to increase visibility and attract more advertisement from real estate sectors and also would help them to penetrate to that target viewer segment through its strategic partners. x. The TV channel also can print T-Shirts with its logo on it and few details of the channel on it. They can give this to the employees of the channel and also they can distribute it as gifts to the winners of the PR activities they hold. This can increase visibility of the company and also would create awareness about it. 8.2 Strategic Alliances A strategic alliance is an arrangement between two companies that have taken decision to share resources to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project. 8.2.1 Potential Strategic Alliances of the Real Estate TV and the benefit from it  Strategic Alliances with marketing and financial consulting firms The TV channel is currently focussing on the western India market. They mainly telecast in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and other parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat. But they are planning to expand and planning to start telecasting in Northern and Southern India and also in the Middle East and the USA. For this expansion the TV channel would need able firms to guide them in the marketing aspects and also some established firms to track their financials. The type of this strategic alliance will be a mixture of marketing, sales and service strategic alliance and also it would include outsourcing of activities also. For managing marketing aspects the TV channel should try to move into strategic partnerships with marketing consultancy firms who have global expertise and connection as expanding into global arena is a main focus of the TV channel.
  20. 20. Page | 20 For this purpose the TV channel can have a strategic partnership with IKON Marketing Consultants which is a marketing consultancy firm having an expertise of over 14 years and is based on Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They help their partners (or clients) by providing 360 degree marketing strategy starting from the basic segmentation, targeting, positioning to branding, digital marketing strategy and so on. For financial solutions and asset management the TV channel can move into partnership with any one of the established asset management companies. The companies that the TV channel can refer to are TATA Mutual Fund (Which has the support of the TATA group) or L & T Finance Limited.  Strategic Alliance with Real Estate Builders and developers The strategic alliances of the TV channel should include alliances with the established real estate builders so that they can mutually promote their products. The builders with whom the real estate TV channel can move into a partnership are described in the Annexure 1.7.  Strategic alliance with various national and regional television channels The various channels with which the TV channel can build strategic alliance to advertise and promote are described in the Annexure 1.8. 9. THE INDUSTRY SEGMENT OF THE REAL ESTATE TV CHANNEL 9.1 The Media and Entertainment Industry of India The television industry in India is the third largest in the world after China and USA. The television industry has increased from INR 241 billion in 2008 to INR 475 billion in 2014 at a CAGR of 13.8%. It is predicted that this upward trend of the television industry will continue and it will reach INR 975 billion in the year 2019 at a CAGR Of 15.5%. The television industry is set to gain 50% share in terms of the size of the industry with respect to the M&E industry as a whole. India has 161 million households, close to 2000 multiplexes, 94607 newspapers, and 214 Million internet users among which 130 Million are mobile internet users. These statistics shows the attractiveness and growth potential of the Indian M&E industry. 9.1.1 The Technological advancements in the industry and how the real estate TV channel should use them i. Digitization of the networks has led a revolution in the television industry. The analogue cable services that were prevalent in India are upgrading to digital platform and also a number of providers are coming into the industry to provide digitized pictures to the consumers. ii. The digitization has made the quality of the picture clearer and also helped people to choose the time to watch the shows. The betterment of quality has attracted people back to the television viewing and with the options for scheduling and sometimes recording the shows viewers are spending more times on the television. iii. Also the networks and television channels are utilizing the advancements of the smartphone technology and the development in the internet space. Almost all channels are opening the online platform where people can stream or view the shows and also get various information about the programs and the contents.
  21. 21. Page | 21 9.1.2 Government Initiatives for Media and Entertainment Industry To improve the communication through digital media (television, internet, smartphones etc.) the government has also taken some initiatives, such as digitizing the cable distribution sector to attract greater institutional funding, increasing FDI limit from 74 per cent to 100 per cent in cable and DTH satellite platforms, and granting industry status to the film industry for easy access to institutional finance. Also the government has also signed an audio-visual co- production deal with Canadian Government that would help producers from both countries to explore their technical, creative, artistic, financial and marketing resources for co-productions and, subsequently, lead to exchange of culture and art amongst them. These initiatives prove that the Government is also trying to fund or propel the growth of Media Sector. These initiatives helps the TV channels to provide higher quality service and pictures with reduced costs. Also the transfer of technologies aims to replace age old technologies that hinders high quality services. 9.2 The Real Estate industry of India The Indian real estate sector is one of the most globally recognised sectors. In the country, it is the second largest employer after agriculture. It comprises four sub sectors - housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial. The real estate sector of India has grown from USD 50.1 billion in 2008 to USD 121 billion in 2013. The sharp growth of the industry is expected to continue in the coming years and is expected to increase in coming years. The real estate market of India is expected to touch USD 180 billion by 2020 and is estimated to worth USD 853 billion by 2028. The growth of real estate will emerge from the demand for the same. Due to rapid urbanization and increase in the standard of living of people there is a shortage of urban housing and as well as rural housing. The shortage is not prevalent the metros and the big cities of India but also in the emerging and under development cities and suburbs of India. 9.2.1 Real Estate Segments The business segment of the real estate of India can be classified broadly into two categories-  Residential and  Commercial. Residential real estate includes various segments such as low income housings, medium income housings, affordable housings and luxury homes. Commercial real estate comprises of office space, retail space and hospitality segment.
  22. 22. Page | 22 Figure 1: Different Real Estate Segments Sl No. Parameter Residential Commercial 1 Size and Area Covered 81-82% 18-19% 2 Contribution to investments 58% 42% 3 Value of total investments 20% 80% 4 Volume of total investments 29% 71% Table 1: Contributions by the Real Estate segments The leasing percentage of office space by various offices stands at 35% by IT/ITES, 13% by BFSI, 26% by Manufacturing or industrial and rest 26% by others. Major developers in the Residential Sector are- HDIL, DLF Ltd, Sunteck Realty Ltd, SRS Real Infrastructure Ltd., Prestige Group, Godrej Properties, Parsvnath developers ltd, Sobha Developers Ltd., Puravankara Group, Unitech, Ambuja Realty, Merlin Group, Jaypee Group, Hiland Group, PS Group, TATA housing development company. Major developers in the Commercial Sector are- DLF Ltd., Omaxe Ltd, Unitech, Ansal API, Oberoi Realty Ltd, Kalpataru Group, Shobha Developers Ltd., Brigade Group, Prestige Estates Projects Ltd, Belani Group, Kolte-Patil developers Ltd, Hiranandani Developers, Supertech Limited, Lodha Developers. 9.2.2 Government Initiatives for Real Estate Industries The government is trying to develop the financially weaker section of the society by investing in the bottom of the pyramid. The Government is planning to build 30 million houses by 2022 for the economically backward people through Public –Private- Partnership (PPP) model. The other initiatives taken by the government are-  Relaxing the norms to allow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the construction sector.  The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has notified regulation to govern Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) to enable easier access to funds for cash strapped developers and to create new investment opportunities for new entrants.
  23. 23. Page | 23 10. INVESTMENT IN THE INDUSTRY 10.1 The Recent Investments in the industry The recent investments in both the media and entertainment sector and the real estate sector are relevant for the TV channel. The major investments in media and entertainment industry in last few years includes mergers and acquisitions of various channels and also inflow of FDI and direct investments. Few of the investments that has taken place are described in the Annexure 1.9. 10.2 Investors in the Real Estate Industry The investment can be by Venture Capitalists, High Net worth Individuals or through Private Equity firms, angel investors and investment firms or large corporate houses. The noted Private Equity firms that are focusing on the real estate sector in India are Piramal Capital, Kotak Realty Fund (KRF), Everstone India, IDFC, Red Fort Capital, VCCEdge, The Xander group, Sun Group etc. The Private Equity is mainly raised through FIIs and HNIs. There is a steady increase in the numbers of the HNI s in India. The HNI s are investing in real estate by not only buying luxurious properties but also lending their money to upcoming projects. There are also venture capitalists that funds the real estate sectors. Few noted venture capitalists of India in real estate sector are Urban Infrastructure Real estate Fund, Jai Corp Ltd., HDFC Property Fund, Nexus Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Warburg Pincus, Battery Ventures, Mayfield Fund, New Enterprise Associates, ICICI Venture, Kotak India Real Estate Fund, Google Capital, Goldman Sachs, SoftBank Group etc. The real estate is also invested by Angel Investors. Few of the angel investors in Indian real estate are Mr. Zishaan Hayath, Indian Angel Network, Rhombus Investments, Oremus Corp, Sethi Angel Investments and so on. 10.3 Investors in the Media and Entertainment Industry The investors in the media and entertainment industry are from various sectors. The investment can be by Venture Capitalists, High Net worth Individuals or through Private Equity firms, angel investors and investment firms or large corporate houses. The noted Private Equity firms that are focusing on the media and entertainment sector in India are ENARR Media and Entertainment Fund, Kotak Private Equity Fund, Beacon India Private Equity Fund, Elevation Partners etc. There are venture capitalists who invests in media and entertainment industry also. Some of the noted venture capitalists are Blume Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, ICICI Venture, Norwest Venture Partners, Inventus Capital Partners, IDG Ventures, Naspers, Jungle Ventures, Zodius Capital, Warbug Pincus, Canaan Partners, Bain Capital Private Equity, Battery Ventures, Intel capital, Seedfund, Floodgate, Quest Venture Partners etc. The media and entertainment is also invested by Angel Investors. Few of the angel investors in Indian media and entertainment industry are Mr. Nikunj Jain, Mr. Anupam Mittal, Mr. Ravi Gururaj, Mr. Vijay Sekhar Sharma, Mr. Abhisek Rungta, Mr. Pallav Nadhani, Mr. Vikas Taneja, Indian Angel Network, Venture Giant, Mr. Anil Godhwani, Mr. B.V. Jagdeesh etc.
  24. 24. Page | 24 11. THE EXPANSION PLAN OF THE REAL ESTATE TV The real estate TV is based in Mumbai and mainly focuses on the Markets in Maharashtra, Gujarat and other western states. The launch of the TV channel is very apt as the growth of the real estate in last few years has been phenomenal in the western and northern region of India. According to a survey by the most lucrative destination for investment in real estate in Mumbai, followed by New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai and other cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad etc. The executives of the TV channel are also aware of this trends and they are targeting to expand the channel to the northern and southern region of India and they are also planning to introduce the TV channel in the Middle East and the USA in coming years. The expansion plan of the TV channel shows that they are trying to capitalize on the boom of the real estate sector and are targeting the cities which had the maximum growth in last few years and have a bright prospect in future. They are also targeting the NRI bases and they are positioning themselves to be a guide for the NRI s who wants to buy property in India and have plans for settling in India in future. 12. CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF THE REAL ESTATE TV 12.1 Challenges i. Developing the vision and business idea: The business will go in which direction that will be decided by the plan that has taken by the entrepreneur who is starting up the business. So for the start up like the TV channel there would be some ups and downs in the way to cope up with the industry. ii. Raising up the capital: How to raise the capital for starting up the channel is another big challenge faced by the start-up firms. As we know advertising is the main source of revenue for a media industry so getting the ads is a very tough task for a start-up like the TV channel. iii. Selection of the management team: Management team should be selected in such a way that the right person should be there in the right job. iv. Dealing with the competition: For a start-up firm it’s a biggest challenges for them. For the TV channel there are lots of well-established players are already there in the market who have a significant portion of market share so it’s a biggest challenge for them to survive in that competition. v. Business Location: The company should start form one location only, if it tries to catch whole area then it will be a big mistake. So proper business location selection is another challenges for the TV channel. 12.2 Opportunities i. As this is the 24*7 round the neck television channel, so there is a huge chance of grab the market. ii. As govt. also help the industry by allowing FDI and all others support so there will be a great opportunity for this industry to expand further. iii. As its competitors in India like Propex TV and Bangalore based real estate TV focusing only the Kerala and Bangalore region respectively, if the TV channel could expand its business all over the country then it would be a step head position from others. iv. The time it is launching is a perfect time as this is an era of Internet and Mobile phone so the youth segment of the country accept its expansion strategy in a big way.
  25. 25. Page | 25 13. POSSIBLE SOURCES OF REVENUE GENERATION FOR THE REAL ESTATE TV The possible sources of revenue generation for the TV channel are-  Advertising: It is one of the key source of revenue generation for any TV channel. Approximate 60-70% revenue are generated in this way. But to get the advertisement the channel TRP should also be high i.e. viewer rating should also be good to attract the. As the TV channel is a real estate based TV channel so there are many companies focusing on the real estate sector who will always try to showcase their company’s product through this medium.  Subscription: Subscription revenue will also be another source of income for the TV channel. The TV channel is launched as a free to air but in future it may be shown through the DTH or cable medium to the viewer. So the company could charge subscription fee for the channel.  Syndication: Syndication is selling of a content to another party of a new geographic region or selling with a modified format within the same geographic region. Suppose the TV is telecasting a show which is very popular to the business man and other related classes. If any foreign company watch the show and make a deal to buy the show concept and telecast in their channel for an amount of price given to the TV channel, so this could be another source of Income for them.  Mobile Streaming: We know in India there are 500 million handsets users are there whereas only 100 million are the TV screen available in the household. So if the TV channel goes with the idea of telecasting the shows through the mobile streaming also by taking an amount from the mobile service provider will be a possible source of income. The numbers of mobile users are also increasing day by day, so the mobile streaming option can earn higher revenue for the TV channel in future.  From Website: The TV channel should develop a well-diversified website containing the option of membership with a subscription fees. Where the subscriber can get the benefits of receiving the all updated related to the real estate industry and also free service of giving solution to the buyer and seller. So with the increasing of number of viewer the revenue from this source is also increasing.  Event Sales: Many a times it is seen that government try to initiate a campaign relating to the social issue, at that time they choose some source to convey the information. And as we know the television is the best medium to communicate with large number of people so govt. make a deal to telecast the campaign with the channel by some amount of fees. This is called the event sales. Now a days as government is very careful about such type of social campaign like Swachh Bharat Mission, Smart City campaign, Digital India, Make in India campaign and many more. So from the event sales also the channel gain a high amount of revenue.  Other Sources: Other source of income may be if the TV channel will come up with an innovative approach of setting an interactive program where the buyer or seller can talk to the expert who will help them to solve their problems by charging some fee for that. It will definitely be a way of earning revenue for giving the service to the viewer.  Another source of income may be social awareness campaign through the different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus etc. by giving the information on changing the views not only the buying and selling but also giving the information of prices of different locations across India and the property advice from different industry expert and the comparative price changes of property and different govt. regulations related to this industry day by day.
  26. 26. Page | 26 14. POSSIBLE SOURCES OF EXPENSES OF THE REAL ESTATE TV There are various costs incurred to the TV channel to broadcast. Major cost drivers are-  Carriage Fees: Carriage fees is the amount the channel pay to ensure the channel being carried out by the distributors. The distributors such as the DTH or cable TV operators are distributed the channels to the end customer on the basis of the popularity of the channel. Since the real estate TV channel is the new concept of showing the real estate information, it is expected that its number of viewer will more resulting popularity will increase for the channel.  Placement Fees: The channel need to place itself properly to its target market and for that reason the channel have to bear the placement fees to the distributors. The placement fees is a significant driver of cost for a new entrants for this industry because the better positioning is one of the effective way of ensure better visibility.  Cost of organizing a business: Cost of organizing a business comprises of cost related to human resources, marketing, branding and promotion etc. We have to assume for a new start up TV channel that how many personnel are required, what will be their benefits like extra time working bonus, employee provident fund etc. Besides that the bonus payment to the employee and all others.  Marketing cost is an important cost driver for a channel. Main expenses included the branding and promotional cost for surviving in the industry and convey the information that the channel is working under the segment. It is the main cost because if he channel publish the ads they have to bear a lot of expense for that. So to run this promotion and branding the driving cost is important and also innovative ideas are necessary to be distinct from the competitors.  Neighbourhood Charges: In digital set up channels of same genres are grouped together and the arrangement of channels are not changed often. If a new entrants wants to gain the spot alongside some reputed channel it has to pay fees for getting the neighbourhood position of the existing channels. This increases the visibility of the channel also. For getting the neighbourhood position the new comer channel has to pay fees to the cable or DTH operator. This is also a significant amount expenses for running the channel.  Administrative Expenses: Administrative expenses means the general administration of the business, it’s a part of operating expenses. To run business companies have to bear the expenses such as the employee cost, depreciation of the fixed assets, pension charges, social security charges, rent, communication, insurance etc. With the expansion of the business this charges increases. So for a start up like the TV channel this are the main source of expenses and have to bear this with the other cost as well.  Another important part of the cost driver is the website maintenance cost and the modification cost, and the software charge for video and audio editing and also the technology is advancing day by day, to cope up with this technology the company have to bear development and up gradation charges.  There are also charges related to celebrity endorsement of the channel or a program and charges related to the hiring of the experts.
  27. 27. Page | 27 15. BUSINESS PROJECTIONS 15.1 Assumptions 15.1.1 Revenue Assumptions The revenue assumptions includes determining the sources of the revenue for the real estate television channel. The revenue is assumed to be generated mainly from three sources advertisement revenue, event sales revenue and revenue from website. The assumption includes the advertisement rate per second, advertisement time per hour, number of events per month and rate of each event and so on. The details of the assumptions is provided in Annexure IV. 15.1.2 Expenses assumptions The expenses for the television channel is mainly classified in two categories, production expenses, administrative and operating expenses including marketing expenses. Production expenses include the expenses related to the service that is being provided such as professional fees, video cassettes, up linking charges etc. Operational expenses include the charges related to operating activities such as rent, electricity, printing and stationary etc. It also includes the charges for marketing and advertising in other channels. The detail breakup of the expenses is given in Annexure IV. 15.1.3 Assets and Depreciation assumption The depreciation is assumed on the assets of the company. The assets of the company includes equipment, vehicles, building and office equipment and furniture. The useful life for building is assumed to be 10 years and the life of the equipment, vehicles and office equipment and furniture is assumed to be 5 years. The detail calculation of depreciation is given in Annexure IV. 15.1.4 Payroll assumption The type and number of employees are assumed and the salary of the personnel are assumed as per the market rate. The employees include cameraman, anchor, photo editor, marketing manager, operations manager and so on. The details regarding payroll is given in Annexure IV. 15.1.5 Capital Structure assumption The capital structure of the company is also assumed and the loan and cash requirement are also assumed. Subsequently the loan amortization schedule is also developed. The details regarding the capital structure is given in Annexure IV. 15.1.6 Tax rate assumptions The taxes as applicable to the channel are assumed. The taxes that are taken into consideration are corporate tax @ 30%, Income Tax @30% and Service Tax @14%. 15.2 Calculations and Analysis 15.2.1 Income statement development and projection The income statement for the real estate channel is developed for the first year incorporating the assumptions. A projection for five years is done on the income statement considering adequate growth rate of the expenses and the revenues. The calculations shows that the PAT of the television channel is remaining positive throughout this five year and it has increase from
  28. 28. Page | 28 first year to second year then dropped in the third and again increased in year four and five respectively. The detail calculation of the income statement is given in Annexure IV. 15.2.2 Cash flow Statement development and analysis The cash flow statement for the television channel is calculated for the first year assuming that the initial cash balance is Rs 50 lakhs. The net cash flow for the year is calculated and also the cash in hand in the end of year and cumulative cash flow is calculated. The cash flow analysis shows that the channel has an inflow of cash from the first year itself and it has increased over the years constantly. 15.2.3 Balance Sheet development and analysis The Balance sheet for the television channel is generated for the first year and subsequently projection is made for five years. 16. RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS i. The Real Estate TV channel have launched at the perfect time when the economy is growing. Beside that the channel have very huge potential to penetrate into the market as this is a niece player in the industry. ii. The current program portfolio consisting of various mix which can satisfy the need of the people related to the industry segment. Beside that if the TV channel follow the recommended programs described earlier, it will definitely help them to catch a huge portion of market share. iii. The current era is fully based on internet. So the real estate TV channel should move into mobile app zone so that everyone always use this all time. So the viewer also increased. iv. As the TV channel is primarily launched in South zone in the country. But it should move into the all the other location all over the country so that the viewer also increased and market share increased. v. The TV channel should also focus on the global real estate market in future. Because there are lots of investors are there who are willing to invest outside in India, for those it will be very helpful. So the company should alliance with foreign company so that it would be easier for them to telecast the outside information as well. vi. The marketing activity of the channel should be strong so that all over the country aware about the activity of the channel. vii. Uniqueness should be there which will help them to stay ahead from its competitors. 17. LIMITATIONS i. All the data in this report are collected from the secondary sources via annual reports and internet. ii. The research is done in limited time. iii. Limited data are available as confidential data are not allowed to distribute in the internet. iv. The information are historical as well as current, mix of data are there.
  29. 29. Page | 29 18. CONCLUSION There is a proverb called ‘Old Wine in a New Bottle’. If the company can be able to get that correctly it will definitely succeed in the future. Why Old wine and why in a new bottle. The planning to telecast of the real estate related news on the television is not a new concept as because previously there are many competitors are there who are on the same line. But if the company want to win in the race it must innovate some out of the box ideas to implement in the journey. New Bottle here used in that sense only that if the company can implement the idea properly it can win in the race of competition. So there is a huge chance for the TV channel to gain a huge portion of market share as it has the potential of diversify its community to a various way. If the company will take it as a challenge to bit his competitor it can easily do that as it has the potential and the various product mix will help them in the long run because its competitor like NDTV or CNBC or ZEE news only focus on a particular time basis show but the TV channel is focusing on a whole a day basis. So it has an edge over others. But to expand its business globally it should have to diversify the potential and gain new strategy to compete with the global players in this market. For that it should have to know its potential market base and capability to reach the global viewers. According to the report of FICCI-KPMG the media & entertainment industry will grow with an expected CAGR of 15.2% in the coming years, so it has a great chance of the company to spread its TV channel globally.
  30. 30. Page | 30 19. BIBLIOGRAPHY Websites              Reports  NDTV Annual Report (2013-14)  Zee News Annual Report (2012-13)  TRAI Annual Report (2013-14)  A Report on “The Economics of Online Television: Revenue Models, Aggregation and TV everywhere” – By David Waterman, Ryland Sherman (Indiana University) & Sung Wook Ji (Michigan State University) Aug, 2012.  A Report on “Determining Television Advertising Rates” by Benjamin J. Bates.
  31. 31. Page | 31 ANNEXURES Annexure – 1 Annexure 1.1  Programs telecasted currently in the Real Estate TV channel  Dishayein- it is an interactive program which focuses Vaastu as the core and a range of audiences from young to old interacts and understand the importance of Vaastu.  EMI- it is an interactive show which focuses on the legal, architectural and other common issues.  Intelligent Interiors-it is a half an hour show which takes the viewers to awesome interiors with real life case studies and also cover the affordable but elegant interior designed for homes, offices and commercial premises.  Awesome Architecture- it is a unique program of the TV channel that gives information about the awesome structure which are manmade or natural wonders.  Celebrity Homes- it is a program where the viewer get to see the inside of the house of Bollywood or other celebrities and also can hear their views about homes and real estate industry.  Udaan- it is a program which showcases outstanding achievers of real estate industry who has achieved success against all odds.  Legal Angles- it is a show which focuses on legal topics and provides useful tips and advice to the new home buyers and existing home owners.  May I help you? - This programs provides basic information of the real estate industry and generally has a short duration of 2-3 minutes.  Do you know? - This program provides information of various architecture and various facts which people don't know.  Fun Time- this program shows that where and when to enjoy the weekend and also provide all the details of the resort and hotels which people can enjoy their weekend.  Dream Home- this program is one of the unique and most popular program of SPIN TV which showcases a builder’s project in a captivating manner.  Saath Saath- this program shows the roles played by the real estate brokers and the importance of them. Annexure 1.2  Partners of Propex TV: i. Partnership with various Builders: Propex TV India’s 1st real estate TV channel of JC group made partnership with different builders. Builders become partner of TV channel mainly because to showcase their property to the customer and they try to get these sold. Partners of Propex TV such as Roayag, Ultima Builders, Orion Resorts, Anzera Properties etc. ii. Ultima builders is one of the fastest growing construction companies in Kerala. It is the partners of Properx TV. When you search the channel’s website it shows a tab of Ultima, after clicking redirect this into its website. You can book the apartments and others through it. This help the customer not to search for additional website also help the company to serve their customer at the door step. iii. Anzera Properties and Orion Resorts are also Kerala based leading builders. Anzera deals with plots, villas, flats and commercial whereas Orion deals with holiday
  32. 32. Page | 32 resorts, tours and travels etc. These are also partners of Propex TV. This is also a good marketing activity to show company’s creativity to the mass. Annexure 1.3  Partners of Magicbricks: i. Dainik Jagran- It is the leading Hindi language newspaper in India. Strategic Alliance with Dainik Jagran means is able to reach to the huge market through advertisements and create awareness. ii. India Today Group- India today group is one of the leading information source for Indian people with the publications of magazines like India Today, Business Today etc. Strategic alliance with India Today Group helps to reach the upper middle class section of the society with the offerings. iii. IBN Live- is the online arm of GBN with hard news as its core offering and interactivity as its key component. Strategic Alliance with IBN helps to cater into the educated middle class who watches news and other contents in the channel. iv. News 18- from the Network18 family is a website dedicated to the seven Hindi speaking states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Strategic Alliance with News 18 helps to cater into the educated middle class who watches news and other contents in the website. v. Zee news- Zee News is a leading news channel in India which is mainly telecasted in Hindi language. Strategic alliance with Zee News helps to reach the common people at ease and advertise their services. vi. Aaj Tak- Aaj Tak is also a leading Hindi lingual news channel that provides information about India and the world 24*7 to common people. Strategic alliance with Aaj Tak helps to reach the common people at ease and advertise their services. vii. Khaleej Times- Khaleej Times is a Dubai based newspaper that publishes news about the UAE and the world. Strategic alliance with Khaleej Times helps to cater into the markets of Dubai and help people there to buy or sell property easily. Annexure 1.4  Partners of i. Partnership with Puravankara Projects: In the year 2014 to improve its booking services real estate portal partnered with Bangalore based Puravankar Projects. This is for the first time buyer can view the home, select and explore the home in a virtual 3D platform which will help the buyer to view the projects in a very easy way and help sellers to sell in a better way. ii. Partnership with Akshaya Group: In March 2015 make a partnership deal with Chennai based real estate developer Akshaya Group for an exclusive online marketing association campaign to sell property of worth about 360 crore. This partnership will be one year long as per the MOU. As both the portal has already launched the iHomes for assisting customer to book their homes online. This feature also provide some additional information like the nearest railway
  33. 33. Page | 33 station, park, school etc where buyer purchase their home. It will help the buyer to gain 360 degree knowledge of a new area where he is going to leave. iii. Partnership with Properazzi: India’s no 1 property portal 99acres made a partnership with Properazzi which is largest property portal in Europe in the year 2007. Properazzi deals with 4 million properties in 49 countries in 32 different languages. The main aim of 99acres is to touch into the sky high limit in its area. Its main strategy is to expand its business globally. In this context it’s a good option to expand the real estate business globally. With the help of Properazzi, 99acres can reach to the 49 countries and will able to show the India’s strength in the real estate sector market. India’s buyer now can show an interest to buy other state property online through 99acres. In the same manner outside India’s buyer also can able to buy the property in India through Properazzi. It is also helpful for strengthening the relationship between the countries. iv. Partnership with Propertyguru: 99acres made another deal with Singapore based leading property website Propertyguru. The main aim of the deal is to catch the Singapore property market which will be indirectly beneficial for the builders, buyers, sellers and investors of India. As a part of the deal an India Tab has been added with the website of Propertyguru, which shows the information related to the Indian property for the NRI people of Singapore. Besides that both 99acres and Propertyguru collaborate in other areas such as sharing of editorial content and work together with Singapore and overseas property developers. Annexure 1.5  Partners of Zillow Inc.: i. Partnership with Yahoo homes: In 2010 two globally real estate giant Zillow and Yahoo made an exclusive partnership aiming to the advertiser to use a single channel for reaching both the sites. Zillow will plan to sell the advertising to the real estate agents and brokers of Yahoo. After making the alliance Zillow started local advertising sale across both the websites. Home buyer and sellers of Zillow and Yahoo always stay tuned as both of them uniquely gain the experience of its own websites. ii. Partnership with Douglas Elliman: In 2014 Zillow made a strategic marketing partnership with Douglas Elliman, one of the largest real estate brokerage in US. As per the MOU of the deal all the Douglas Elliman listing will appear on the website of Zillow as well as Douglas’s exclusive inventory of Manhattan properties will be marketed through Zillow website. Annexure 1.6  Partners of Trulia Inc.: i. Partnership with Real Trends: Real Trends, a consulting, publishing and communication company in residential brokerage and housing industries made a partnership with Trulia Inc. a leading online market place for home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professional in the year 2014. The main aim of the partnership is to release the Real Trends, America’s best real estate agent list. According to the company source this agent list is going to help the agents to build their personal
  34. 34. Page | 34 brands and generate valuable exposure, it will help also the consumer to find and connect with them. ii. Partnership with others: In 2013 Trulia Inc. a leading online real estate market place in USA made a deal with 15 brokers and franchises and launched a Trulia Accelerate Program. It’s a program that helps brokers to recruit and retain agents by offering a customised package of products and services to accelerate productivity. The partners across the globe also joined in the program to grow their business as well. Partners such as BH&G Gary Greene, Century 21 award, Coach Realtors, Keyes and many more joined into the campaign to offer right mix of products to meet the customer needs. After the partnership formed the participating brokers receive free resources including premium branded profiles for their agents on the Trulia’s find an agent directory. They also have the option to receive an agent training curriculum focused on connecting and converting online leads or valuable marketing and advertising products that help the builders and brokers to make the brand with consumer and spread up their market share. Annexure 1.7  Strategic alliance with Real Estate builders and developers: i. Unitech Real Estate: Unitech real estate is a New Delhi based real estate developer and one of the largest real estate developer of India. The TV channel has an expansion plan in the northern India the strategic partnership with UNITECH can help the TV channel to become popular among the target market and also provide viewers updated and newer projects in the real estate sector. ii. Ambuja Realty Group: The TV channel though have no such immediate plan to cater into eastern India but strategic partnership with Ambuja can help them to understand the market well and they can have less barriers when they decides to enter the market. iii. Prestige Group: The TV channel in next one year or so wants to expand its broadcasting network in the southern part of India and the partnership with Prestige group will enable them to cover most of the real estate projects in south India. Prestige group builds projects in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mangalore, Goa etc., which means that if the TV channel can develop strategic partnership with Prestige Group they can have the database of the best real estate properties in the South and that can help them to move ahead of its competitors. Annexure 1.8  Strategic Alliance with various National & Regional Television channel: i. Aaj Tak: Aaj Tak is one of leading Hindi News channel of India. Aaj Tak is viewed by majority of the Indian viewers and referred to as one of the most authentic source of news. The TV channel can try to build a strategic alliance with Aaj Tak for promoting the channel and to create a 15 minute slot in between the news programs and can give some highlights of the shows that are telecasted in the real estate TV. ii. Jaya Plus: The TV channel can get into strategic alliance with Jaya Plus one of the leading news channel in the south. This can help them to create an initial demand about the TV channel in the Southern region and can help them to gain better viewership.
  35. 35. Page | 35 iii. Times Now: The target segment mainly prefers the English news channels as they find them reliable and authentic. Times Now is one of the leading English news channel of India. The TV channel can try to build up strategic partnership with Times Now for better penetration to the educated Indians. iv. ABP Ananda: There are a number of real estate projects are coming up in West Bengal at various locations but the common people of West Bengal are mostly unaware of it. Also there is no such programs in the Bengali news channels that focuses on real estate. Annexure 1.9  Recent investment in the Industry:  TV 18 acquired Eenadu Group for USD 395 million.  Walt Diseny acquired UTV for USD 300 million.  Acquisition of ABP Group by Private investors.  Cinepolis India Pvt. Ltd, the Indian movie exhibition arm of Mexican chain Cinepolis, is planning to add 60 screens to take its total count to over 250 screens by the end of 2015.  Turner International India has announced the expansion of its television bouquet for children with the launch of Toonami, a channel dedicated to animated action. This is the American company’s third children’s channel in India after Cartoon Network and POGO.  Twitter Inc. plans to set up a research and design (R&D) centre in Bengaluru to grow faster in emerging markets. This will be the San Francisco-based company’s first such facility outside the US. STAR India, a unit of 21st Century Fox, has acquired the entire broadcast business of MAA Television Network Ltd for an undisclosed amount.  Carnival Films Pvt. Ltd, supported by commodity trader Shrikant Bhasi, has agreed to buy multiplex company Stargaze Entertainment Pvt. Ltd from a unit of Mukesh Ambani-controlled Network18 Media and Investments Ltd.  SRS Cinemas, the multiplex chain of the Rs 5,000 crore (US$ 803.87 million) SRS Group, is currently in an expansion mode and has earmarked a huge corpus to add more screens to its current portfolio of 48 screens to take the total number to close to 100 by the end of 2015.  Television and film production company, Balaji Telefilms Ltd has announced that it is entering the American television market by signing an American television series production deal with Indus Media, the firm said in filing to BSE. The deal will see Balaji secure rights to the TV series ‘Brown Nation’, a satirical comedy based on the lives of Indian Americans, the firm said.  Television and film production company Balaji Telefilms Ltd has entered into a strategic alliance with Kolkata-based Chhayabani Pvt Ltd to create distinctive and contemporary television content.  Jagran Prakashan Limited (JPL), which publishes 12 newspapers including its flagship brand Dainik Jagran, is set to enter the radio space with the acquisition of Media Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL)'s Radio City 91.1 FM.  The investments that have taken place in the real estate sector are-
  36. 36. Page | 36  Blackstone Group has invested in various projects all over India which worth USD 355 Million taken together.  Red Fort capital has invested in Lotus Green Developers of USD 59 Million.  Aditya Birla Realty Fund has invested in Tata Housing of USD 21 Million.  Goldman Sachs and Co. has invested in Vatika Group of worth USD 40 Million.  Government of Singapore Investment Corporation invested in Nirlon of worth USD 328.3 Million and in Godrej Properties of worth USD 98.2 Million.  APG Group of Investors has invested in Godrej Properties of worth USD 140.8 Million.  Morgan and Stanley Real Estate Investment has invested in Supertech of worth USD 91.4 Million.  Bain Capital Private Equity has invested in Bangalore based RMZ Corp of worth USD 91.4 Million.  DLF assets ltd has acquired Caraf Builders at USD 696.5 Million.  Warburg Pincus has acquired Oceanus Real Estate at USD 318 Million.  Blackstone has acquired Embassy Property at USD 200 Million.  Jeff Morgan has acquired Compact Disc film city at USD 320 Million.
  37. 37. Page | 37 Annexure – 2 Revenue Estimation Table 2: Event Sales Revenue Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 No of events per month 2 3 3 5 6 Rate of an event 50000 50000 60000 75000 90000 Per month income 100000 150000 180000 375000 540000 Per year income(Rs) 1200000 1800000 2160000 4500000 6480000 Table 3: Revenue From website Per member charge(Rs) 3500 3500 3500 4025 4025 No of customer per month 5 5 6 8 10 No of customer per year 60 60 72 96 120 Total Revenue(Rs) 210000 210000 252000 386400 483000 Advertisement Revenue Table 4: Ads Revenue in Year 1 Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 600.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 3,600.00 Per hour max duration of ads as per TRAI 12 mins Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) 6 16 hours ₹ 3,45,600.00 For 30 days ₹ 103,68,000.00 For 1 year ₹ 1244,16,000.00 Table 5: Ads Revenue in Year 2 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) 6.5 7-9 am ₹ 550.00 9-12 pm ₹ 600.00 12- 6 pm ₹ 650.00 6-11 pm ₹ 700.00 7-9 am Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 550.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 3,300.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 21,450.00 For 2 hrs ₹ 42,900.00
  38. 38. Page | 38 9-12 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 600.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 3,600.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 23,400.00 For 3 hrs ₹ 70,200.00 12-6 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 650.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 3,900.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 25,350.00 For 6 hrs ₹ 1,52,100.00 6-11 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 700.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 4,200.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 27,300.00 For 5 hrs ₹ 1,36,500.00 For total 16 hrs a day revenue is ₹ 4,01,700.00 For 30 days ₹ 120,51,000.00 For a year ₹ 1446,12,000.00 Table 6: Ads Revenue in Year 3 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) 7 7-9 am ₹ 590.00 9-12 pm ₹ 630.00 12- 6 pm ₹ 690.00 6-11 pm ₹ 750.00 7-9 am Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 590.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 3,540.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 24,780.00 For 2 hrs ₹ 49,560.00 9-12 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 630.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 3,780.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 26,460.00 For 3 hrs ₹ 79,380.00 12-6 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 690.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 4,140.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 28,980.00 For 6 hrs ₹ 1,73,880.00 6-11 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 750.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 4,500.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 31,500.00 For 5 hrs ₹ 1,57,500.00 For total 16 hrs a day revenue is ₹ 4,60,320.00 For 30 days ₹ 138,09,600.00
  39. 39. Page | 39 For a year ₹ 1657,15,200.00 Table 7: Ads revenue in the Year 4 Ad rate may increase due to football world cup upto 18% Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) 7.5 7-9 am ₹ 696.20 9-12 pm ₹ 743.40 12- 6 pm ₹ 814.20 6-11 pm ₹ 885.00 7-9 am Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 696.20 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 4,177.20 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 31,329.00 For 2 hrs ₹ 62,658.00 9-12 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 743.40 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 4,460.40 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 33,453.00 For 3 hrs ₹ 1,00,359.00 12-6 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 814.20 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 4,885.20 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 36,639.00 For 6 hrs ₹ 2,19,834.00 6-11 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 885.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 5,310.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 39,825.00 For 5 hrs ₹ 1,99,125.00 For total 16 hrs a day revenue is ₹ 5,81,976.00 For 30 days ₹ 174,59,280.00 For a year ₹ 2095,11,360.00 Table 8: Ads Revenue in the Year 5 Ad rate may increase due to cricket world cup up to 18% Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) 8 7-9 am ₹ 650.00 9-12 pm ₹ 877.21 12- 6 pm ₹ 960.76 6-11 pm ₹ 1,044.30 7-9 am Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 650.00 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 3,900.00 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 31,200.00 For 2 hrs ₹ 62,400.00 9-12 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 877.21
  40. 40. Page | 40 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 5,263.27 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 42,106.18 For 3 hrs ₹ 1,26,318.53 12-6 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 960.76 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 5,764.54 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 46,116.29 For 6 hrs ₹ 2,76,697.73 6-11 pm Ad rate per 10 sec ₹ 1,044.30 Ad rate per 1 min ₹ 6,265.80 Spin TV ad time per hour (in mins) ₹ 50,126.40 For 5 hrs ₹ 2,50,632.00 For total 16 hrs a day revenue is ₹ 7,16,048.26 For 30 days ₹ 214,81,447.68 For a year ₹ 2577,77,372.16 Expenses Assumption Table 9: Production Expenses Professional fees ₹ 24,00,000.00 Video cassets ₹ 8,00,000.00 Software expenses ₹ 4,20,000.00 Editing fees ₹ 6,00,000.00 Up linking ₹ 7,00,000.00 Set Construction ₹ 6,00,000.00 Travelling ₹ 45,00,000.00 Stores & Spares ₹ 2,00,000.00 Table 10: Operations & Admin. Expenses Rent ₹ 24,00,000.00 Office Space Equipment ₹ 96,27,000.00 Electricity ₹ 11,76,000.00 Water ₹ 9,72,000.00 Printing & Stationary ₹ 6,00,000.00 Postage & Courier ₹ 2,40,000.00
  41. 41. Page | 41 Books & Others ₹ 12,00,000.00 Insurance ₹ 18,00,000.00 Communication ₹ 12,00,000.00 Website Maintenance ₹ 3,37,200.00 Medical ₹ 9,60,000.00 Generator ₹ 3,00,000.00 Ads to other TV channel for Promotion ₹ 330,48,000.00 Marketing Expenses ₹ 41,20,000.00 Staff Training ₹ 9,60,000.00 Maintenance ₹ 64,89,412.00 Personnel Security ₹ 2,40,000.00 Table 11: Carriage Fees Assumption No. of Viewer Fees Total Fees Year 1 3000000 ₹ 10.00 ₹ 300,00,000.00 Year 2 3300000 ₹ 10.00 ₹ 330,00,000.00 Year 3 3795000 ₹ 9.50 ₹ 360,52,500.00 Year 4 4554000 ₹ 9.00 ₹ 409,86,000.00 Year 5 5692500 ₹ 8.50 ₹ 483,86,250.00 Table 12: Expenses for Promotional Ads Ad duration 12 sec Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Sony (4 times a day) ₹ 28,800 ₹ 28,800 Sony (4 times a day) ₹ 28,800 ₹ 36,000 Sony (4 times a day) ₹ 36,000 Aaj Tak ( 4 times a day) ₹ 24,000 ₹ 24,000 Aaj Tak ( 4 times a day) ₹ 24,000 ₹ 30,000 Aaj Tak ( 4 times a day) ₹ 30,000 ABP Ananda (3 times a day) ₹ 12,600 ₹ 12,600 ABP Ananda (3 ₹ 12,600 ₹ 15,750 ABP Ananda (3 ₹ 15,750
  42. 42. Page | 42 times a day) times a day) Star Sports (4 times a day) ₹ 26,400 ₹ 26,400 Star Sports (4 times a day) ₹ 26,400 ₹ 33,000 Star Sports (4 times a day) ₹ 33,000 Total 1 day expense ₹ 91,800 ₹ 91,800 Star Plus ( 3 times a day) ₹ 32,400 ₹ 40,500 Star Plus ( 3 times a day) ₹ 40,500 For 30 day ₹ 27,54,000 ₹ 27,54,000 Total 1 day expense ₹ 1,24,200 ₹ 1,55,250 NDTV (3 times a day) ₹ 11,250 For 1 year ₹ 330,48,000 ₹ 330,48,000 For 30 day ₹ 37,26,000 ₹ 46,57,500 Total 1 day expense ₹ 1,66,500 For 1 year ₹ 447,12,000 ₹ 558,90,000 For 30 day ₹ 49,95,000 For 1 year ₹ 599,40,000 Assets and Depreciation Assumption Table 13: Assets and Depreciation Assumption Equipment Nos/Pairs Rs. Camera 4 ₹ 15,36,000.00 Audio Console 3 ₹ 2,30,400.00 Lighting Arrangements ₹ 11,25,000.00 Video Switchers 3 ₹ 1,48,800.00 Videotape Recorder 10 ₹ 1,12,000.00 Speakers 2 ₹ 31,120.00 Microphone & Headphone ₹ 1,25,600.00 Computers 5 ₹ 3,75,000.00 Wall monitor system 1 ₹ 29,31,200.00 Intercom System 1 ₹ 5,12,000.00 Editing & Graphics equipment ₹ 5,00,000.00 Misc. items ₹ 20,00,000.00 Total ₹ 96,27,120.00 Useful Life (yrs) 5 Depreciation per year ₹ 19,25,424.00 Vehicles Nos Rs. Tata Ventura 2 ₹ 11,24,000.00 Maruti Alto 2 ₹ 8,40,000.00
  43. 43. Page | 43 Total ₹ 19,64,000.00 Useful Life (yrs) 5 Depreciation per year ₹ 3,92,800.00 Buildings(3500 sqft) 15000 per sqft. ₹ 525,00,000.00 Useful Life (yrs) 10 Depreciation per year ₹ 52,50,000.00 Office Equipment & Furniture Nos. Rs. Computers 5 ₹ 1,50,000.00 Xerox cum Printer 3 ₹ 2,13,000.00 Coffee Machine 2 ₹ 40,000.00 F/Fs ₹ 4,00,000.00 Total ₹ 8,03,000.00 Usefull Life (yrs) 5 Depreciation per year ₹ 1,60,600.00 Total Depreciation per year ₹ 77,28,824.00 Payroll Assumption Table 14: No. of Employees Personnel Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Cameraman 10 13 15 20 23 Resource/News Collectors 10 12 12 12 15 Video Editing Persons 5 8 8 10 12 Photo Editor 4 5 7 7 9 Marketing Manager 1 1 1 1 1 Sales Representative 10 12 12 15 15 Store Manager 1 1 1 1 1 Store and office Keeper 4 4 4 4 5 Spot Boy 25 25 25 30 30 Anchor 3 5 5 5 7 Operation Manager 1 1 1 1 1 Accounts Manager 1 1 1 1 1 Other Personnel 10 10 10 15 15 Table 15: Salary Structure Personnel Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Cameraman ₹ 15,000 ₹ 17,100 ₹ 19,494 ₹ 22,223 ₹ 25,334 Resource/News Collectors ₹ 18,000 ₹ 20,160 ₹ 22,579 ₹ 25,289 ₹ 28,323
  44. 44. Page | 44 Video Editing Persons ₹ 12,000 ₹ 14,400 ₹ 17,280 ₹ 20,736 ₹ 24,883 Photo Editor ₹ 12,000 ₹ 14,400 ₹ 17,280 ₹ 20,736 ₹ 24,883 Marketing Manager ₹ 75,000 ₹ 81,000 ₹ 87,480 ₹ 94,478 ₹ 1,02,037 Sales Representative ₹ 10,000 ₹ 12,000 ₹ 14,400 ₹ 17,280 ₹ 20,736 Store Manager ₹ 60,000 ₹ 64,800 ₹ 69,984 ₹ 75,583 ₹ 81,629 Store and office Keeper ₹ 8,000 ₹ 10,000 ₹ 12,500 ₹ 15,625 ₹ 19,531 Spot Boy ₹ 8,000 ₹ 10,000 ₹ 12,500 ₹ 15,625 ₹ 19,531 Anchor ₹ 20,000 ₹ 23,000 ₹ 26,450 ₹ 30,418 ₹ 34,980 Operation Manager ₹ 75,000 ₹ 81,000 ₹ 87,480 ₹ 94,478 ₹ 1,02,037 Accounts Manager ₹ 75,000 ₹ 81,000 ₹ 87,480 ₹ 94,478 ₹ 1,02,037 Other Personnel ₹ 20,000 ₹ 23,000 ₹ 26,450 ₹ 30,418 ₹ 34,980 Table 16: Payroll Expense Personnel Salary growth Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Cameraman 14.00% ₹ 1,50,000 ₹ 2,22,300 ₹ 2,92,410 ₹ 4,44,463 ₹ 5,82,691 Resource/News Collectors 12.00% ₹ 1,80,000 ₹ 2,41,920 ₹ 2,70,950 ₹ 3,03,464 ₹ 4,24,850 Video Editing Persons 20.00% ₹ 60,000 ₹ 1,15,200 ₹ 1,38,240 ₹ 2,07,360 ₹ 2,98,598 Photo Editor 20.00% ₹ 48,000 ₹ 72,000 ₹ 1,20,960 ₹ 1,45,152 ₹ 2,23,949 Marketing Manager 8.00% ₹ 75,000 ₹ 81,000 ₹ 87,480 ₹ 94,478 ₹ 1,02,037 Sales Representative 20.00% ₹ 1,00,000 ₹ 1,44,000 ₹ 1,72,800 ₹ 2,59,200 ₹ 3,11,040 Store Manager 8.00% ₹ 60,000 ₹ 64,800 ₹ 69,984 ₹ 75,583 ₹ 81,629 Store and office Keeper 25.00% ₹ 32,000 ₹ 40,000 ₹ 50,000 ₹ 62,500 ₹ 97,656 Spot Boy 25.00% ₹ 2,00,000 ₹ 2,50,000 ₹ 3,12,500 ₹ 4,68,750 ₹ 5,85,938 Anchor 15.00% ₹ 60,000 ₹ 1,15,000 ₹ 1,32,250 ₹ 1,52,088 ₹ 2,44,861 Operation Manager 8.00% ₹ 75,000 ₹ 81,000 ₹ 87,480 ₹ 94,478 ₹ 1,02,037 Accounts Manager 8.00% ₹ 75,000 ₹ 81,000 ₹ 87,480 ₹ 94,478 ₹ 1,02,037 Other Personnel 15.00% ₹ 2,00,000 ₹ 2,30,000 ₹ 2,64,500 ₹ 4,56,263 ₹ 5,24,702
  45. 45. Page | 45 Total ₹ 13,15,000 ₹ 17,38,220 ₹ 20,87,034 ₹ 28,58,258 ₹ 36,82,025 For 1 Year ₹ 157,80,000 ₹ 208,58,640 ₹ 250,44,413 ₹ 342,99,091 ₹ 441,84,294 Capital Structure Assumption Table 17: Investment Assumption Total Investments ₹ 648,94,120.00 Cash in Hand ₹ 50,00,000.00 Total Investment Required ₹ 698,94,120.00 Bank Loan ₹ 60,00,000.00 Investment in Cash ₹ 638,94,120.00 Table 18: Bank Loan Bank Loan Tenure(yrs) Interest rate ₹ 60,00,000.00 7 12% Table 19: Loan Amortization Schedule Year Starting Amount Total Payment Interest Amount Principle Amount Loan Balance 1 ₹ 60,00,000.00 ₹ 13,14,706.42 ₹ 7,20,000.00 ₹ 5,94,706.42 ₹ 54,05,293.58 2 ₹ 54,05,293.58 ₹ 13,14,706.42 ₹ 6,48,635.23 ₹ 6,66,071.19 ₹ 47,39,222.40 3 ₹ 47,39,222.40 ₹ 13,14,706.42 ₹ 5,68,706.69 ₹ 7,45,999.73 ₹ 39,93,222.67 4 ₹ 39,93,222.67 ₹ 13,14,706.42 ₹ 4,79,186.72 ₹ 8,35,519.69 ₹ 31,57,702.98 5 ₹ 31,57,702.98 ₹ 13,14,706.42 ₹ 3,78,924.36 ₹ 9,35,782.06 ₹ 22,21,920.92 6 ₹ 22,21,920.92 ₹ 13,14,706.42 ₹ 2,66,630.51 ₹ 10,48,075.91 ₹ 11,73,845.01 7 ₹ 11,73,845.01 ₹ 13,14,706.42 ₹ 1,40,861.40 ₹ 11,73,845.01 ₹ 0.00