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  1. 1. BLACKHAT BANK The Easiest $100+ A Day You Will Ever Make! Special Report Imran Naseem All rights reserved Copyright 2009
  2. 2. Disclaimer You may not pass this report without the prior consent of the author. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved
  3. 3. Hello and welcome to this special report on the Blackhat Bank method. My name is Imran Naseem and this is one of my favourite methods of making an easy $100+ or more overnight without having to do much work. I call this method the Blackhat Bank because it is simply a powerful method. I discussed this method briefly in Blackhat Code ( but I am now going to expand on this because I have found several new sources and after trying this method with one of my affiliate networks it has generated me good money. Anyway, so what is this method about? This method is simply so easy and although you might have heard of this method in this report I explain everything step-by-step on how to go about doing this. The method involves taking advantage of the US/UK and the world economy. We all know that we are in a Recession or “the credit crunch”, more and more people are looking for jobs and the stock market is at its lowest point. Small businesses are dying every day because of when this happens people start to look for jobs and get desperate and this Blackhat method simply involves taking advantage of their desperation. This method can literally make you thousands a day if done right..
  4. 4. There are two methods that I go through. The first method is free but the second method requires a little investment but it is worth it because you will easily make your money back. Are you tired of using Gumtree and Craigslist to find a couple of guys to fill in your CPA offers? Well Blackhat Bank goes one step further because I have discovered a great source which is powerful. Method 1 For this method I am going to use a special website Jobvertise This is one of the best websites to use because it gets about 30 resumes per day from just USA only. Now this website is simply where people upload their resumes – people who are looking for jobs would upload their details etc. These are the people we want to target.
  5. 5. Once you are on this website what you need to do is simply search for resumes from this website. So for example, if you type in “Date Entry” where it says Keyword then hit “search resumes”.
  6. 6. As you can see there are lots of results here. Lots of people are submitting their CVs or resumes everyday! So what you need to do is hire these people. Now it is important that you know that as a FREE user the website will not allow you to view resumes submitted less than 21 days and you also have a limit of 25 resumes per day. So what you need to do is search for resumes which were submitted before 21 days. Once you get hold of a person's resume who are interested in “data entry” type of jobs you simply need to “attack” these people using my
  7. 7. method. So let me now do a little demonstration for you. Lets say 15 people out of a bunch of 25 people agree to want to work with you. These 15 people can make you more than 300-1000 dollars per day! – depending on your CPA offers.
  8. 8. Here you can see (above) the people who have submitted their resumes to work as a Data Entry operator. The fields that are highlighted in “Yellow” indicate that the resumes have not been posted more than 21 days and therefore it is for paying members only. However, the fields in white indicate that the resume was posted a while ago and is brand new. Now once you have carried out the search you will need to email these people by clicking on their link and this is what you need to say. Remember be creative. Here is a typical message you can send them. “Hi, interesting Resume you got there. My company mainly is looking for people who are good at inputting simple data and filling out forms. Contact me on I might have something for you” Here is a typical message you can send them. Rather then simply putting your CPA offer domain on the message itself you can add them on MSN messenger, or AOL chat/Gmail chat and then direct them to fill out your CPA form.
  9. 9. So for example, once you add them on your instant messenger or even Skype you can simply say something like this. “Hi, [[use persons name here]] you have an interesting resume there. We are screen testing all candidates for this position. Therefore, we are finding out how long it will take for a typical data entry person to fill a simple form. Please go to [[yourdomain]] and fill in the relevant information. Once you have done we will contact you on how well you have done. Thankyou” The type of CPA offer you use will depend entirely on your CPA affiliate network. Or you can say this below.
  10. 10. There are thousands and thousands of CPA Affiliate Networks. For the purposes of this report I am going to show you some decent Neverblue Ads CPA offers that I have been using to promote this method. Here is one offer from Neverblue Ads that I have personally used. This offer is the “Injury compensation offer” which pays $10.00 and is aimed at UK people only. (Because the above site also targets International people so if you are from the UK or USA or any other country then should be ok).
  11. 11. As you can see this offer pays $10.00 for a simple page that users fill out. Take a look at the landing page below to see for yourself.
  12. 12. This is just one example of many CPA offers you can use. There are thousands of them out there. I will discuss more on CPA and how to get approved by popular CPA networks in my bonus report. Method 2 This next method requires a little fee to start but it can also work instantly. What this method involves is posting a project on a popular freelancing website called GetaFreelancer In order to start you simple make a “BUYERS” Account and click on “Post Project”.
  13. 13. Give your project a title like this. Date Entry Operators Wanted – From USA Only! Then simply submit to the following directories. Date Entry Data Processing In the body text you can write your message simply like this. We need some data entry operators from USA only. We will pay on an hourly basis. We need more than 20 people Please bid with your per rate hour I will set the budget to $30 to $250. I can also add my contact information in this section and keep all bids hidden. For an extra investment I will make my project featured so i will be able to list my contact information and also gain people's trust on featured projects. Featured posts cost $25.00 but its worth it! In a featured project we can add the URL of your site, Email address and email anyone!
  14. 14. Choosing Offers You can select several offers that you wish to promote for this method. I usually go for simple page leads which either require a person to submit their email address or even loan offers that are easy to sign up. There are lots of them you can find. Even accident claim forms can be used. Remember this is a Blackhat method so I cannot be held responsible if you have people emailing you and asking you about these offers! You have to be creative here. Some offers are simply page submits, some require the person to enter their full details so make sure you make this clear to them. Once they complete the offer you do not have to actually get back to them since this is a blackhat method. − Free Iphone offers ( these usually pay up to $2.00 for a simple email submit) − Free Credit report – (these can pay anywhere from up to $7.00 to even $20 sometimes)
  15. 15. For example, this above offer pays $4.00 for a simple page where a person has to enter their details. Now you can be creative here. When it comes to entering their “number” for an offer like this (see above) you can ask them to enter a fake number as this form is for testing purposes only..etc. It is all down to you which offer you pick from your CPA network. In my bonus report I talk about how you can get accepted to ANY CPA Network.
  16. 16. I hope you enjoyed reading this report and start making money. This method is so easy you can start exploring yourself and targeting other recruitment websites. Start to get your creative juices flowing! My name is Imran Naseem and you look after yourself :) Imran Naseem P.S Using Domain Redirect the easy way. Many people who want to redirect their domain name sometimes struggle. For example, they buy a domain name and then do not know how to redirect it. For example, if someone goes on then they will be forwarded to your CPA offer. Here is a little code I sometimes use. Lets say you want to redirect a user to a CPA offer. So for example, you have and you wish to direct it to a
  17. 17. CPA offer. What you need to do first of all is create a folder on your domain name. Inside that folder you need to have an index file. For example, The index file needs to contain this code. <html> <head> <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=your AFFILIATE LINKHERE"> </head> <body> </body></html> I usually open MS Frontpage or any other web editing program and create an index file, and add this as a code. Where it says your affiliate link here your affiliate link goes there. So anyone who goes to will be forwarded to your landing page :)