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Pimpisa Jular, Apple South Asia (Thailand) Ltd.
Tel : 0 2658 3000 ext 113

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“We will try the best of our ability to magically make the night full of creativity and
imagination to let our gue...
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Press Release


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The press release was written for the purpose of launching the new iPod nano, which was the chosen product for our project in Selected Topics in Communication Management. The project was to create a product profile including all the media kits such as press releases, media alert, pitch letter, etc.

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Press Release

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Pimpisa Jular, Apple South Asia (Thailand) Ltd. Tel : 0 2658 3000 ext 113 MOVE AND GROOVE WITH THE NEW IPOD NANO’S GRAND OPENING NIGHT “RHYTHM OF LIFE.” Bangkok, November 6, 2009 – The new iPod Nano’s official release will be made in an upcoming event, “Rhythm of Life,” which will be held on the 7th of November on 8th floor, Zen Gallery at Central World. In this exclusive event, the new functions of the iPod Nano will be demonstrated for the audience to experience the real fun. Moreover, to ensure that the night will be absolutely vibrant and hypnotizing, a mini concert by the new endorser, Tattoo Color, the young and funky music band, will certainly guarantee the joy. In addition, with this latest exciting innovation from Apple, the new iPod Nano will soon after be released in the market the beginning of December for music lovers to rock and roll with even more groovy functions. As Apple has always been developing new effective devices to respond to and satisfy its customers’ needs and lifestyles, Apple’s products such as its range of MAC computers, iPods, and iPhones, all of which have always been in the top selection choices of the technological savvies and gadget lovers in the electronic items category. Apple is confident that this new-fangled widget will be the future trend for music endorsers with various lifestyles because it will allow its users to capture their fun and spontaneous moments in lives with a high definition video recorder, a never before available option in the previous iPod line. In addition, this new added function is believed to enhance users’ ability to open up their own realm of imagination and creativity. The “Rhythm of life” night will be made in a mini disco-like atmosphere style, where all the guests will enjoy their night moving and enjoying with the new ability of the iPod Nano, along with a close-up live concert from Tattoo Color. “There will be a surprise from us that’s for sure but what will it be you will have to come and see for yourselves, so just come and party with us,” said Dim, Tattoo Color’s vocalist. Furthermore, the event will be hosted by a talented VJ, Diana Jongjintanakarn from Channel V Thailand; she has a great music taste and knowledge and will surely keep the night funky and spinning. The fun will begin at 8pm. to 10pm.; finger food and cool drinks will be served all night long. Moreover, to bring out the guests’ personal creations, the dress code theme is “color splash,” which correlates to the lively attributes of the endorsers themselves and also the actual iPod Nano that is available in 9 different rich shades. A part of the fun activities of the night will involve the costume competition where guests will be judged by the ingenuity of their outfits; the prize is the new iPod Nano, which will be given out to the top 5 winners of the night. -more-
  2. 2. -2- “We will try the best of our ability to magically make the night full of creativity and imagination to let our guests know how life could be so much fun with this new tiny gadget, the new iPod Nano. So, we are expecting a lot of incomers; with great people and great music, we are positive that the night will be memorable,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, who will be attending this special occasion. The invitation will be sent out to Apple’s frequent customers and celebrities who enjoy living different ways of fun lifestyles. The night will be exclusive and glamorous, and this will be another magnifying event from Apple Thailand that music lovers should not miss out. Come and join the night to rock the music and roll the camera with the new iPod Nano. XXXX