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I have presented these slides at the Energy Harvesting 2013 event funded by the EPSRC in London in March 25th.
This contains Morgan's involvement in developing a piezoelectric based commercial solution for the emerging energy harvesting technology.

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  • Group strategic priorities- Focus on higher growth, higher margin, non-economically cyclical markets Be innovative, differentiated and high value-added to our customers - Be number one or number two in our chosen market segments Have a culture of operational excellence and cost efficiency - Find, keep and develop the right people
  • Morgan Crucible offers a wide range of materials and sub assembly capabilityDevelopment of graphite material for the anode of Lithium Ion batteriesAlumina components used as feedthroughs in medical implants (cardiac, cochlear)
  • Morgan Solar Grade Insulation materials show a higher purity and less particle generation in use; these have proven to directly impact the quality of the silicon manufactured. The higher quality silicon produced influences the cell efficiencies that the final solar cells can achieve. Achieving higher cell efficiency means both a reduction of cost of energy as well as an improved power density
  • The UK Government has announced it wants SMART meters to be rolled-out to all domestic customers by 2020 and larger business customers over five years from early 2009.
  • MTC works at the component level and has the possibility to offer a more complete product if requiredIncluding over-moulding and metal inserts, cabling
  • Applications Engineers work with customers to establish operating conditions and design constraintsCombining our materials expertise, market understanding and expert knowledge of our global manufacturing capabilities, we create innovative engineered solutions for our customersOptimally designed end product solutions or prototypes result>90% of products developed at Morgan are non standard and made to customer specific requirements
  • 17 formulations available in the UKUniform pressure applied on the ceramic powder for improved homogeneityImproved density and piezoelectric properties (permittivity, charge and voltage stress constants)Operations running in low cost countries
  • These formulations are commercially available now.
  • PZT special wire slicing technique produces super flat surface finish which reduces surfaces imperfections during assembly processSpecial polarisation techniques allow MTC to control the level of polarisation and remove residual stresses within the geometry (improved lifetime)Proven technology used in harsh textile market for the last 25 years
  • We actively support universities (UCL), Dublin, worldwide on EH projects.2014 – The first step is to create one or more standard piezoelectric components for EH (bimoprh, unimorph, block).Create a full datasheet enabling design engineers to model the component is computer packages COMSOL, ANSYSThe second step is to create a dedicated electronic EH module matched to our component (impedance matching).This should help accelerate the development of projects and achieve commercial solutions to simple wireless transmissions, etc...
  • Energy harvesting at morgan

    1. 1. Energy Harvesting at Morgan Frederic Pimparel 25th March 2013 Morgan Technical Ceramics Confidential Information 1
    2. 2. The Morgan Crucible Company plc Morgan Crucible is an advanced materials company that provides technically complex, bespoke solutions to its customers, enabling them to address global trends such as energy demand, healthcare and environmental sustainability• 2012 revenue £1B• Two divisions• 97 sites in 34 countries• 10,000 employees• Serving customers in >100 countries• A member of the FTSE 250 index• Listed on the London Stock Exchange• Registered in Windsor, Berkshire, England 2
    3. 3. A clear divisional structure The Morgan Crucible Company plc Morgan Ceramics Morgan Engineered Materials Morgan Morgan Morgan NP Advanced Morgan Molten Technical Thermal Aerospace Materials & Metals Systems Ceramics Ceramics (NPA) Technology 3
    4. 4. Our products give us a leading position in themarkets we serve Morgan Ceramics Morgan Engineered Materials Insulating Engineered Electrical Soldier Seals & Fibre Firebricks / Ceramics Carbon Survivability Bearings Castables Piezoelectric Molten Metal High Braze Alloys Assemblies Lithium Ion Ceramics Systems Temperature 4
    5. 5. Key Markets – Energy• Improving Efficiency Wind turbine generators Solar•Power slip ring systems •Special grade insulation materials•Brush-holders •Reduce maintenance costs by 20%•Improved generator lifetime •Reduce production costs by 50% Morgan Technical Ceramics Confidential Information 5
    6. 6. Key Markets – Energy• Managing Efficiency Smart Gas/Water Metering High Temp. Processing •Superwool® lining materials reduce•PZT transducers for gas/water metering energy usage,costs and green house gas•Being rolled out globally emissions.•Saving of £14billion to consumers •Thermal conductivity reduced by 20%. 6
    7. 7. Morgan Technical Ceramics Production Sites Bedford OH Fairfield NJ Ruabon Twinsburg OH Wilkes Barre PA Stourport Allentown PA Rugby Southampton Derby Hudson NH Corby New Bedford MA Yixing Wood-Ridge NJ Erlangen Carlstadt NJ Waldkraiburg Latrobe PA San Juan, Mexico Hayward CA Auburn CA Melbourne
    8. 8. Our products give us a leading position in themarkets we serve Piezoelectric Components DC & RF Ceramic Capacitors Low Loss Bimorph SONAR Encapsulated HV Dielectric Sensors Components Components HV Capacitor Capacitors Materials• 3 Global facilities• ISO 9001:2000 accredited• ISO 14001, 18000 & 13485 accredited• PPC environmental licence for using hazardous materials (lead) in manufacture.• UK Site manufactures 17 different grades of Piezoelectric ceramic powders. 8
    9. 9. Working closely with our customers in order toprovide optimised solutions 9
    10. 10. Manufacturing Expertise• World class PZT formulations• Uniform pressing process• Improved firing techniques• Tape casting and state of the art slicing capability• Large scale manufacturing capability• Component manufacturing can be used for EH: • Impact (PZT igniters) • Vibration (Bimorph) • Pressure (traditional ceramic components) Morgan Technical Ceramics Confidential Information 10
    11. 11. FEA Modelling Capability• Choice of modelling software to model various structures and components• Optimisation of design: • materials • adhesives • metallisation
    12. 12. Piezoelectric materials available for EHParameter 5K1 507 505¥ 503¥ 5A4¥KT33 6200 4400 2600 2100 1850d33 [pC/N] 870 700 545 500 460d31 [pC/N] 370 280 270 215 195g33 [mV m/N] 16 20 24 24 28g31 [mV m/N] 8 10 10 10 13Tmax [ C] -40 to -40 to -40 to -40 to -40 to 75 80 145 145 180ρ [kg/m³] 8200 7800 7800 7800 7900(¥ Suitable for High Tº)
    13. 13. Typical Construction for a high reliability bimorphProtective lacquer Safety electrode Reinforcement vane PZT wafer • 21 distinct layers • >100M cycles (15 years in field) • 1.2mm total deflection Morgan Technical Ceramics Confidential Information 13
    14. 14. Energy Harvester for Automotive Piezo Bimorph Vibration Energy Harvester Power Rectification & Energy Storage Wireless T° Load ID Pressure
    15. 15. Energy Harvesting Tile• Tile Specification Top Cover• Dimensions: 400x400x45mm• Estimated weight: 12kg• External Material: steel• Weather resistant Springs (x4)• Tº range: -10ºC to 75ºC Power Management• Power Output: 180mW/step Module & RF Transmit Unit• Output voltage: 3.6V• Output current: 100mA Bimorph actuators (x48) Lever mechanism (x6) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    16. 16. Energy Harvesting Tile – Prototype Demonstrator Springs (x4) Power Top Cover Lever mechanism (x6) Management Module & RF Transmit Unit Bimorph actuators (x48)
    17. 17. Innovation/Development : Niche Bimorph 2015 2014 Multi- Piezoelectric Frequency EH 2013 components based EH Kit into commercial Investigate application? Large multi- 2010 Production of frequency EH PZT5K1 for systems various feasibility Energy markets Harvesting including 2008 Tile Concept Energy Harvesting Energy Harvesting for TPMS
    18. 18. EH Development Strategy• GOAL: Gain understanding of design space based on: • Review academic literature • Discussion and collaboration with potential customers • Develop analytical and FEA modelling for MTC components • Prototype to validate the models • Deploy a commercial solution Morgan Technical Ceramics Confidential Information 18
    19. 19. Thank you Morgan Technical Ceramics Confidential Information 19