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Key management challenges in seed acceleration - APEC Forum Taiwan 25-03-2014


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Seed Acceleration is a fastly growing phenomenon in the world. During this APEC conference I'm diving into the management practices of today's Seed Accelerator programs and show how private (entrepreneurs and investors ) involvement in the start-up ecosystem change the way programs are managed.

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Key management challenges in seed acceleration - APEC Forum Taiwan 25-03-2014

  1. 1. Key Management Challenges in Seed Acceleration How private involvement in start-up ecosystems has changed the way programmes are managed Keynote for APEC network forum, March 25th 2014, Taichung, Taiwan – by Pim de Bokx
  2. 2. i
  3. 3. incubation – & venture management Enabling ecosystem synergies Integrator of performance systems Creating multi-stakeholder value chains Development of high-performance start-up programmes managing the risk to dramatically improve
  4. 4. What’s in a name? Incubator Accelerator Virtual Inc. Coworking Start-up focus? Yes Yes Yes No Phase of intervention Mostly before product development Mostly from product demo Mainly focussed on initiation Main focus on young companies Service integration Knowledge, know-how, capital, culture, capacity Knowledge, know-how, capital, culture, capacity Knowledge, knowhow, capital Knowledge, knowhow, culture Institutional Not-for-profit For-profit Huge variety Not-for-profit Equity stake Not common Usually mandatory Differs No Business plan Often required More focus on business model More focus on idea and purpose No Time scale 3 years + 3-6 months Unlimited Unlimited Programme finance Partly subsidised Mostly private Mixed Mostly private Revenue Rental, services, subsidy Sponsors, equity Sponsors, services Membership, services Market Regional, national National - International International - National National Entry Policy Varies a lot A very rigorous process Very low barriers No Exit period 1,5 – 8 years 3 – 6 months No exit No exit Download full article from:
  5. 5. Purpose of Seed Accelerator Fast & Accurate Launch
  6. 6. Key challenges accelerator 1. Selecting the top 10% of ambitious start-up teams 2. Preventing programme costs cutting into your return 3. Enhance the use of experience and access to markets of a huge number of mentors, entrepreneurs and investors 4. Enhance synergies in the program and the ecosystem 5. Focus on ‘investment readiness’ 6. Work with the start-up team to develop their venture PIONEERZ - managing the risk to dramatically improve
  7. 7. Accelerator Management = Venture Management • Profile: international, scalable, potentially disruptive, good executive team, exponential return • Work with teams to build market driven ventures • Prepare start-ups to become an appealing investment vehicle fast PIONEERZ - managing the risk to dramatically improve
  8. 8. Seed Accelerator Navigation Seed Accelerator Navigation Venture Management Technology
  9. 9. Team dashboard
  10. 10. Start-up dashboard
  11. 11. Portfolio dashboard
  12. 12. Accelerating Innovation Adding value to the Ecosystem
  13. 13. Management Team PARTNERING COMPANIES Huygens-XC, Dutch Coast, Perportam, Silkbricks, Zebralegal, Bokxing-IT, Hobeon, Coster Management Pim de Bokx Managing Partner Gerrit Jan in ‘t Veen Managing Partner Hugo Kooiman Managing Partner Business Incubation Entrepreneurship Development Business Development Marketing & Service Design Business Finance Venture Capital Management
  15. 15. Pim de Bokx CONTACT