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SEO and Social Media for Industrial Companies: Google, Blogs, YouTube and You


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Social media and content marketing is as relevant to industrial companies as it is to consumer-oriented businesses in achieving high search engine rankings. The presentation outlines what businesses should know about SEO, content marketing and social media as they plan their 2014 Internet marketing strategy.

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SEO and Social Media for Industrial Companies: Google, Blogs, YouTube and You

  1. 1. Google, Blogs, YouTube and You How Industrial Companies can use Social Media to Improve their SEO Angela Charles President Pilot Fish 4000 Embassy Parkway, Ste 400 Akron, OH 44333 Tel. 877-799-9994 Insert 1 Company Logo Here
  2. 2. Overview • Getting your site ranked on Page 1 of Google requires use of social media • Why is ranking on Google important? • What factors determine ranking? • How can your company implement SEO and social media?
  3. 3. It starts and ends with Google
  4. 4. Top ranking on Google is vital to your website for traffic, lead generation Source: comScore
  5. 5. Sites not on Page 1 of Google lose out on significant traffic -- #1 position gets 33% of traffic -- Page 1 results combined get 92% of traffic -- Page 2 results get 5% of traffic -- Rest of results split remaining 3%
  6. 6. Google makes it intentionally hard to rank high, which is why you need SEO Source: Search Engine Land
  7. 7. SEO factors break down to three main categories Source:
  8. 8. Search engines measure relevance and popularity to decide which sites will rank on top Boiled down further…
  9. 9. If your site no longer performs on Google, it’s because you’re not keeping pace • 500 changes to Google algorithm in last 2 years • More competition for higher rankings • Sites that don’t update will lose SEO ranking over time
  10. 10. SEO Part 1: Site architecture is the easiest piece of the SEO puzzle • Rules are well defined; just takes a web designer with knowledge of them to implement them properly • But, done incorrectly, fixing problems can be costly
  11. 11. SEO Part 2: Content – Is your site relevant to search engines? • Mechanics of setting up content for SEO • Create appropriate content for site visitors and search engines • Develop enough relevant content on and off your site
  12. 12. Getting the mechanics of SEO right goes a long way • Keywords • Page URL • Meta tags – Page Title – Meta Description – H1 • Text • Image alt tags
  13. 13. Find the most targeted keywords that generate the most traffic and optimize the hell out of them Key to SEO success
  14. 14. Keywords define your site for search engines and help it to be ranked
  15. 15. But, focusing on the wrong keywords can prevent your site from performing A business manufacturing trophies and awards will compete with non- relevant results when focusing on “awards”
  16. 16. Keyword research determines most relevant terms within reach with SEO Keyword # Searches Google # Results Google Relevant? Awards 14,800 244 million Mixed Corporate awards 720 284 million Yes Crystal awards 1,600 61.8 million Yes Trophies 27,100 50.8 million Yes
  17. 17. Once you’ve identified target keywords, work them into your site • Page URL • Page meta title • Meta description • Main headline (H1) • Alt image tags • Multiple pages of useful content
  18. 18. “Content is King” -- legitimate phrase to use to prioritize SEO activities • Company, product info • Images and media • Testimonials • Resource lists • Blogs • Articles • Presentations • Press releases Learn more about content marketing.
  19. 19. SEO Part 3: Links – Google changes require thoughtful, balanced, comprehensive approach HOT NOT Implementing content marketing Relying on link marketing Obtaining links on a few high-value sites Adding thousands of links through link networks Creating content for social media sites Offering reciprocal links Re-purposing content in different ways Using article marketing sites Driving traffic to your site via links from third-party sites Driving traffic away from your site by putting links page on your site Keeping site fresh by blogging, SM Keeping site fresh by updating calendar
  20. 20. The more your site is linked, the more popular it is considered Good content (Relevance) Higher search engine rankings Many high quality links (Popularity)
  21. 21. SEO content refers to material on your site and on other sites Google+ Facebook SlideShare Twitter PRWeb Website LinkedIn Flickr Pinterest Blogs Trade media
  22. 22. Create marketing initiative that repurposes content for multiple channels, including SM • Example: Write press release – Distribute via PRWeb – Post on company blog – Link from bookmarking sites (StumbleUpon, BlinkList, FriendFeed, Reddit, etc.) – Link from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ – Add photos to Pinterest, FlickR – Upload video to YouTube – Upload presentation to SlideShare
  23. 23. Added benefit of this approach: More content to rank
  24. 24. Types of high-value Social Media content that will help your SEO • Videos • Presentations • Photos • Infographics • Guest articles on blogs, trade pub sites
  25. 25. Content marketing: Create locally, then promote on social media sites • LinkedIn • Google+ • Facebook • Twitter “Hey, I just sent out a press release – come see it on our blog at s-release”
  26. 26. Optimizing your site and using social media generates results Client #1 Twitter Facebook Google+ # Backlinks to Client Site # 1st Page Results on Google Feb. 2013 28 32 3 2,962 43 Sept. 2013 50 63 23 5,068 82 Client #2 Twitter Facebook Google+ # Backlinks to Client Site # 1st Page Results on Google Sept. 2012 5 21 0 3,996 1 March 2013 15 43 18 8,270 13
  27. 27. How do we do this without sucking the life out of our staff? • Divide and conquer • Create editorial calendar and stick to it • If necessary, partner with an SEO firm that can handle tasks outside your team’s capabilities
  28. 28. Conclusion • Google uses more than 200 factors to rank sites • These factors fall under Site Architecture, Content and Links • Adding optimized content to your site and developing a content marketing strategy that uses social media sites to build links is best way to secure better search rankings
  29. 29. Angela Charles, President John Inama, Director of Sales Pilot Fish 877-799-9994 Learn more about industrial SEO Insert 1 Company Logo Here Need help? Contact Us