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Moodle first time use for students


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Moodle first time use for students

  1. 1. Quick Guide: First Log-InHow do I get to Moodle?These are the two most common ways to access Moodle: 1. Enter the direct link ( 2. Click on Moodle in the QuickLinks drop-down menu on the Defiance College homepage**You can also access Moodle from the Pilgrim Library webpage and Library LibGuides! Defiance College Moodle Guide 8/2011
  2. 2. How do I log into Moodle?Once you have clicked on the Moodle link, you will see the Moodle log-in page. Enter your username andpassword to gain access to Moodle. Your username will be the beginning part of your DC email address (typically your first initial and last name and numbers, such as asmith003 or adearmond001). Leave off the Your password is the password assigned to you by Computer Services. This should be the same password that you use to log into campus computers and access your email or Onestop account. Defiance College Moodle Guide 8/2011
  3. 3. How do I get to my course page?After you have completed your log-in, you will be directed to the Moodle Main Page. This main page isyour portal to course pages. It also gives you access to your profile.Your courses will be listed in the lower middle part of your Moodle Main Page. To access and enter theMoodle page for your course, just click on the course’s name.At the beginning of the semester, you may not see your courses when you first log in. Instead, whenyou log in you may see a “placeholder page” similar to the one below. Defiance College Moodle Guide 8/2011
  4. 4. On the placeholder page, courses are categorized into semesters. You will click on a semester andsee many courses listed, but you will be denied access to all of them. You are seeing this pagebecause none of your professors have made your courses available yet. This page just simply meansnothing have been made available to you.Courses must be manually made available by the professor in order for them to appear on yourpage. If you do not see a course that you believe you should have access to, check with yourprofessor to see when the course will be made available. Keep in mind that this is a new system foreverybody at DC – professors too!Also, make sure that the course is listed in your OneStop student record. If you have recently added acourse, you may have to wait a day or two for the changes in OneStop to be reflected in Moodle. Ifproblems persist, email with a description of the issue.How does a Moodle Course work?Once you click on a course name, you have officially entered your Moodle course page. Each Moodle coursemight look a little different because the look and feel of each course is customized by your professor. Yourprofessor decides how to structure and organize your course, and he/she is the one who adds content.However, there are some basic things that are similar in all Moodle course. To learn about these basics, visit theStudent Moodle Guide ( do I do if I have Moodle questions? 1. Check the Moodle Guide ( 2. Ask a classmate 3. Ask your professor 4. Contact:  Computer Services if the issue seems like a technical difficulty Computer Services – 419-783-2312 or  Moodle support if the issue seems Moodle-related Moodle support – 419-783-2481 or Defiance College Moodle Guide 8/2011