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Towards the Connected Home


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Pilgrim Beart's presentation to Cambridge Wireless 29 Jun 2010

Published in: Technology, Business
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Towards the Connected Home

  1. 1. Towards the Connected HomeCambridge Wireless – The Future of Wireless 29 Jun 2010Pilgrim Beart, Founder
  2. 2. Today• Potential to address climate change in the home• Evolution of home services, networks, gateways
  3. 3. AlertMe
  4. 4. Consumer pull to address climate change SUPPLY DEMAND Home 30% GAPTOTAL FossilENERGY Transport Other Renewables• 30% of total national energy is consumed in the home Energy Consumption in the United Kingdom (Jan 2001)• Demand-reduction is a quick & cheap way to reduce gap – Approx £368k per MW saved• Energy is the most-expensive in-home service – Energy bill is >8% of take-home pay Av. household disposable income is £14,520 (U-switch press release, 6 Jun 2008) Av. domestic energy bill is £1,213, (U-switch press release 26 Aug 2008)• Yet we have no effective visibility or control. So we waste.• 90% of consumers concerned, and want to save money OnePoll™ survey of 1000 broadband users (Sep 08)
  5. 5. How will it all happen?
  6. 6. Car vs HomeCar: House:• 50 microprocessors • 50 microprocessors ...working together ...all Isolated• Doing your bidding• Simply• Safely• Economically• Visibly ...70mpg and rising
  7. 7. How will we get there from here?• “Smart Home of the Future” – We won’t get there in a single leap – “Home Automation” is for geeks & millionaires• We ARE getting there with 1:1 applications• ...some being built on a common platform• ...and platforms will increasingly interoperate• Smart Metering people talk about the “HAN” – ...but 65% of all consumers already have a HAN• The type of PHY is increasingly irrelevant – Online services are easiest connected... online
  8. 8. Standards• Moving towards IP(v6) is good – but not enough – Doesn’t deal with sleepy end-points – Global addressing is nice, but not sufficient – Biggest challenge to Internet of Things is Management – Broadband routers already do an increasing amount: • DHCP • Firewall • NAT• Battle of the Gateways – Service distributed into the gateway too • for latency and resilience IP broadband
  9. 9. The big picture – the big prize Conduct the Home Energy “Orchestra” to the benefit of the consumer Web Microgen(skinnable) Solar PV Displays EVsPhones Solar Thermal Controls Service Operators Storage Boilers Smart Meters Cloud Appliances Services