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Moodle powerpoint 2


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Moodle powerpoint 2

  1. 1. A Brief Overview of VirtualBox & Ubuntu By: Daniel Wright Patrick Pilat Josselyn Hidalgo
  2. 2. Now begins the VirtualBox Overview
  3. 3. VirtualBox Creation• Created from the input of 1000’s of users• The idea has always been around• Created to allow easy testing abilities for OS’s
  4. 4. Baby Steps • Things you should do when thinking about using VirtualBox • Understand OS you will be using • Know the hardware you will be usingUseful Links: • Finally, discover online forums to help with problems down the road.
  5. 5. Advantages• Be able to test Operating Systems• Understand the importance of virtualization• Gain experience in a virtual environment
  6. 6. Disadvantages• Will not get complete operating system experience• Compatibility issues with VirtualBox• Learning Curve will be very sharp
  7. 7. Typical Uses• To test new potential operating system upgrade• To use to understand new virtualization techniques• Also to use operating system specific tools
  8. 8. Using VirtualBoxon Apple Device
  9. 9. Using VirtualBox on Windows PC
  10. 10. Now begins the Ubuntu Overview
  11. 11. Introduction to Ubuntu• Ubuntu is an open source Operating System that is very much like Microsoft and Macintosh Products like Windows 7 or Snow Leopard 10.6• What does Ubuntu mean? Ubuntu is named after an ancient African word which means “A Shared Humanity”.• This software is developed by an expert global team of thousands of individuals who made this software free to use, modify, and distribute
  12. 12. What does Ubuntu look like?• The next few slides are going to show the what Ubuntu looks and feels like.
  13. 13. Ubuntu 11.04
  14. 14. Ubuntu Draw
  15. 15. Ubuntu Writer
  16. 16. Using Ubuntu
  17. 17. Reasons to get Ubuntu• Free!!!• You have the ability to try out the product and decide for yourself if its something that you like• Its super easy to Install on your computer• Includes full access to multiple office suites and programs.
  18. 18. Why Open Source? The purpose of open source programs are to promote cost effective sharing and innovation. The accessibility that Ubuntu and other open source programs provide are one of the factors that make them more secure. Would the Trojan horse attack have been as effective if the horse were made of glass? Sometimes it’s better to know exactly what’s out there and exactly what you’re getting.
  19. 19. Ubuntu Summary• Ubuntu is a safe and secure operating system.• Is produced by the mass collaboration of 1000’s of users world wide.• Has similar software alternatives to Windows.• Finally the most important part……• NO COST!!!
  20. 20. The End!• Hope you jump into the world of Virtualization and Open Source technologies!