544 project Part 2


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544 project Part 2

  1. 1. How to Install Virtualbox and create your own Ubuntu Virtualized Desktop By: Patrick Pilat Daniel Wright Josselyn Hidalgo
  2. 2. VirtualBox Download 1. Navigate to Google 2. Type VirtualBox 3. Click Here
  3. 3. VirtualBox Download Cont. 1. Click Downloads 2. Click based upon platform
  4. 4. VirtualBox Installation 1. Once the Download has completed, click the .exe file to open it 2. Select Run, once prompted
  5. 5. VirtualBox Installation Cont.1. Click Next2. Click Next, unless you want to tweak the features to be installed.
  6. 6. VirtualBox Installation Cont.1. Select or Deselect shortcuts options2. Click Next3. Click Yes (Keep in mind that in order to fully install this product, V-Box requires a momentary disconnection from the Internet)
  7. 7. VirtualBox Installation Cont.1. Click Install2. Wait for Installation to complete3. If any security warnings appear, allow them to install any Oracle Corp. products
  8. 8. VirtualBox Installation Cont.1. Once V-Box has finished installing click Finish (Keep in mind that during this step Internet connectivity must be interrupted momentarily)2. This is what VirtualBox looks like. We will continue later on during the session. Now we are going to download Ubuntu!
  9. 9. Ubuntu Download 1. Navigate to Google 2. Type in Ubuntu Download 3. Click Here
  10. 10. Ubuntu Download Cont. 1. Click Here
  11. 11. Download Ubuntu Cont. 1. Select your version 2. Click Here
  12. 12. Download Ubuntu Cont.1. Ubuntu is Open Source technology, and relies on volunteers and donations to stay operational. If you choose, select the amount you wish to donate and Click Pay with Paypal2. If you do not want to donate, simply set all of the donation amounts to zero3. Click Here
  13. 13. Install Ubuntu 1. Make sure you can locate the Ubuntu .iso file that you downloaded. (This is the Operating System file that we will be using to install Ubuntu on our VirtualBox) 2. Click New 3. Enter in the name of your OS 4. Select the type of OS 5. Click Next
  14. 14. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Select Create a virtual hard drive now2. Click create3. Select the amount of memory (RAM) you want for your V-Box4. Click Next5. Select VDI6. Click Next
  15. 15. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Select Dynamically allocated2. Click Next3. The File location will default to the name of your VM unless you want to change the library. This can be done here4. Define the amount of hard drive space you want (make sure you have 8GB)5. Click Create
  16. 16. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Once you have defined all of the system settings, click Start2. Click OK (Keep in mind that V-Box will keep your mouse inside of the Virtual Machine unless you press the Right Ctrl Button)
  17. 17. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Select the appropriate .iso file that you downloaded (if you have trouble installing at this step you might have to download Ubuntu in a different version. I.E. 64bit vs 32bit)2. Ubuntu is installing on your VM!!! Wait until Ubuntu initializes and prompts you for input
  18. 18. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Select Language2. Click Install3. Select Download Updates while installing4. Click Continue
  19. 19. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Select Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu2. Click Continue3. Once prompted, Select your location4. Click Continue
  20. 20. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Select keyboard layout2. Click Continue3. Type in your name4. Type in your computer name5. Type in your username6. Choose a Password7. Click Continue
  21. 21. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Ubuntu is now copying over files and installing the system2. This might take a little bit of time depending on how much RAM and storage space you allocated to the Virtual Machine. Please be patient
  22. 22. Install Ubuntu Cont.1. Once all of the files have copied, installed, and the system has configured click restart now2. After a quick reboot…
  23. 23. Vuala!!!