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I%27m malala. paleta.


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Inteligencias Multiples.

Published in: Education
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I%27m malala. paleta.

  1. 1. I’M MALALA. SENIOR 3 AIMS: To learn the reality of certain Muslim countries where girls cannot have access to education. To learn about Malala’s fight to achieve gender equality. ACTIVITIES INTELIGENCIA ACTIVIDAD LINGÜÍSTICO VERBAL Elaborate a poem that reflects on Malala’s dreams OR create a comic making reference to Malala’s aims. Use at least one formof inversion.(virtualor on paper) VISUAL ESPACIAL Make a collage illustrating any of Malala’s memories. LOGICO Elaborate a diagram to compare the features of the educational system in Occidental countries and the features of the educational system in Muslim countries. CORPORAL Rolepay: create a dialogue to illustrate a moment in Malala’s life. MUSICAL Create a song or rap in defence of Malala’s dreams. Use some structures learntwith wishes. INTERPERSONAL Discuss certain topics present in the novel. Peer assessment: assess other students’ presentations. Research work: do some research (in groups) about the origins of Pakistan, its wars, religious practice, traditions, role of women. . INTRAPERSONAL Connect certain events presentin the story with your personallife. Haveyou ever been attacked? Have you ever been in hospital? Why? Haveyou ever been discriminated againstbecause of your gender? Brainstorming of opinions and anecdotes. Using vocabulary connected with feelings and discrimination. NATURALISTA Students can compare and contrast the geographical characteristics of Malala’s birth town Swat and their own birthplace. They can write descriptions of places focusing on the
  2. 2. natural environment and having in this way the possibility to learn vocabulary connected with nature.