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Final paper gothic stories


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Ghost Stories

Published in: Education
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Final paper gothic stories

  1. 1. FINAL PAPER LANGUAGE THE GOTHIC NOVEL SENIOR 3 NAME: DATE: TASK1. Prepare a presentation(7-10slides) explainingwhatthe genre isabout.Describe itsfeatures. Describe the movement.Give examples.Describe the typical characters,plotandsettings. TASK2. Readthe stories TheCask of Amontillado andTheYellow Wall Paper (booklet).Prepareabrief summaryof eachstory.(80- 90 words) Prepare acomparative chart.Compare bothstoriesin
  2. 2. termsof gothicelements. Prepare achart. What gothicelementsdoyoufindinthem?Analysethe maincharacters. Analyse otherthemespresentinthe story. TASK3. Choose ONEof the followingtasks. A-Choose one of the storiesandcreate a posterthatillustratesthe message behindthe story. OR B-Choose one story and create a song/rap that represents the message behind the story. TASK 5. Read the passage “It was a gloomy night…” that you have in your booklet. Work with vocabulary on that piece. Underline words and phrases connected with fear. Prepare a mind map like this one using PHRASES. Avoid isolated words. Remember we need to see words in context and how they are used.
  3. 3. TASK 6. Reflect on these questions: Have you ever had an encounter with anapparition? How did you feel? Have you ever had a supernatural experience? What was it like? How did you react? What things frighten you? Why? Prepare a list of phrases and vocabulary connected with fear. Then write a frightening piece. Follow the model of “It was a gloomy night…” Number of words (200-250 words) Focus on the sensations you transmit. You don ‘t need to write a story just a paragraph that transmits fear and tension.