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Final assignment post colonial lit


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Post Colonial Literature

Published in: Education
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Final assignment post colonial lit

  1. 1. FINAL ASSIGNMENT SENIOR 2 POST COLONIAL LITERATURE 1)PREPARE A PRESENTATION ON THIS TOPIC. (8-10 SLIDES) 2)LOOK FOR INFOIN THESES SITES. 3)Answerthese questions. A- What is the postcolonial movementinLiterature? Listthe mainfeaturesof thismovement. Name the mainwritersof thismovement. B-Choose three writerspresentinGlobal Tales.Prepare abrief biographyof each. C- Write an interviewtoone of these writers.(10questions) Whatwouldyouhave askedhim/her? Suppose whathe/she wouldhave answered.Use avarietyof tenses. D- Choose one of the characters inGlobal Tales(specifythe story) andwrite adiaryentry explaininghowyoufeel.(150-180 words)