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Speaking exercise about weather climate and atmosphere for fourth grade students.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. What is the atmosphere? 1. It is the layer of water of the Earth. 2. It is the layer of orange juice of the Earth. 3. It is the layer of air that surrounds the Earth.
  2. 2. The layers of the atmosphere are: 1. Troposphere and outer layers. 2. Troposphere, stratosphere and outer layers. 3. Troposphere and stratosphere.
  3. 3. True or false: 1. Weather occurs in the troposphere. 2. The troposphere contains the ozone layer. 3. The outer layers are below the stratosphere.
  4. 4. Match both halves: 1. Weather is the ………., precipitation and wind at a particular time and ……… 2. ………… is the weather in a particular place over a ……….. period of …………..
  5. 5. What weather phenomena do you know? 1. Wind, rain, rainbows and books. 2. Clouds, snow, lightning, mountains and rain. 3. Lightning, rainbows, wind and clouds.
  6. 6. Complete: 1. To measure the temperature I use the………. 2. To measure the speed of the wind I use the …... 3. I know the direction of the wind using the……. 4. To measure the precipitation I use the ……...
  7. 7. What´s the weather like? 1. It´s cloudy. 2. It´s windy. 3. It´s sunny.
  8. 8. What´s the weather like? 1. It´s foggy. 2. It´s stormy. 3. It´s sunny.
  9. 9. What´s the weather like? 1. It´s sunny. 2. It´s cloudy. 3. It´s stormy.