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Vocabulary about Energy Unit.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Wind can make a kite fly. Wind has got energy.
  2. 2. A football player can kick a ball. The player has got energy.
  3. 3. FORMS OF ENERGY Light energy by luminous objects. Electrical energy makes machines in our homes work. Thermal energy is the energy from heat. Point objects which give us light/thermal/electrical/energy:
  4. 4. Mechanical energy is an energy waiting to be used: objects that can fall from high positions or stretched objects. Chemical energy is stored in food, in batteries and in fuel.
  5. 5. RENEWABLE AND NON-RENEWABLE ENERGIES Is the natural gas a renewable or a non-renewable energy? Is the fuel renewable or non-renewable? Is the water renewable or non-renewable? Renewable energy: these sources will never run out. Non-renewable energy: these sources will run out.
  6. 6. Is the wind a renewable or a non-renewable energy? Is the coal renewable or non-renewable? Is the petroleum renewable or non-renewable?
  7. 7. Is the sunlight a renewable or a non-renewable energy? Is the tree renewable or non-renewable?
  8. 8. Review: tell your teacher the name of these things and then, classify the energy sources. Use: It is the…… It is a renewable/non-renewable energy.