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17 verónica me presento.


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PEE Verónica Presentation

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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17 verónica me presento.

  1. 1. I´m 10 years old. I have got brown hair and brown eyes. I'm tall. My fathes's name is Manuel and my mother's name is María. Hello! How are you? My name Is Verónica.
  2. 2. I live in Los Palacios y Villafranca. It is a village which Is placed at 24 km from Seville. My village is not very big. I study at Andrés Bernáldez school. I´m in 5º Primary. My favourite subject is P.E. My school is new, it is only one year old. It has got twenty classrooms, a gym, a dining hall, a library, a big playground...
  3. 3. I like swimming. I go swimming two times in a week. My favourite food is pizza. - Have you got brothers or sisters? - What´s your favourite subject? - Do you play any musical instrument?
  4. 4. I I hope to hearing from you soon. Bye. Greetings.