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Rumpelstiskin story

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Mirabell was a young girl who worked in a castle, cleaning all day long.
  2. 2. She was always dreaming of becoming a princess: “ Oh, I want to be a princess”
  3. 3. One day, Rumpelstiltskin, a little elf with magic powers and a very difficult name, appeared and said: “Your wish will come true. You will be a princess…”
  4. 4. “ …but you have to give me your first baby” Mirabell said: “Ok, I´ll do it. I´ll give you my first baby”
  5. 5. A year later, the princess was happy with her baby. The elf reapeared to ask for the baby but she refused: “Oh, no. Don´t take my baby away, please”
  6. 6. “Ok. I´ll give you a last opportunity. If you find out my real name, you can keep your baby. If you don´t, I´ll take the baby forever.”
  7. 7. Two days passed, and she wrote down losts of names: William, Oliver, Peter, George…But the elf said: “No, no, no. That´s not my name” WILLIAM, OLIVER, PETER, GEORGE, ROBERT, HARRY, CHARLES, ALEX
  8. 8. Maribell decided to send a Messenger to follow the elf and find out his real name. The elf started to sing: “Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstilstkin is my name…”
  9. 9. She finally said “RUMPELSTILTSKIN”. “Oh, yes, Rumpelstilskin is your name” RUMPELSTILTSKIN
  10. 10. The elf was so angry that he stomped his foot in the ground so hard that a big hole opened and he dissapeared forever.
  11. 11. SONGS Cleaning, Cleaning Song Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning Everything here is so dirty Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning Everything here is so dirty.
  12. 12. I want to be a princess Oh! I want to be a princess Oh! I dream of being a princess Time to feel, time to dream
  13. 13. Find out the elf´s name Princesa: maybe start by a Rumpelstiltskin:come on, try again Princesa: I´ll guess. Maybe start by e Rumpelstiltskin:No, give me your ba-by Princesa: wait, wait, wait, please I´ll guess. Maybe start by o Rumpelstiltskin: no, no, no
  14. 14. Rumpelstiltskin song Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin Over there and over here. Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin It´s my name Say my name You can try to remember You can try to remember Rumpelstiltskin is my name Say again and again