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13 Content Upgrade Ideas to Grow Your Email List and Business


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Content upgrade isn't exactly a groundbreaking concept. Savvy marketers have been employing this tactic for years now and their conversion rates have been laughing all the way to Google Analytics ever since.

Together with Hello Bar, we've put together a list of content upgrade ideas to help grow your email list and business. These ideas are part of an insightful article here:

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13 Content Upgrade Ideas to Grow Your Email List and Business

  1. 1. 13Grow Your Email List & Business ContentUpgradeIdeas to And why it’s about time we stop selling sunscreen when it’s pouring down.
  2. 2. So,picturethis...
  3. 3. Sunisshining, theweatherissweet.
  4. 4. You’reouttheremakingadecentbuck sellingsunscreen. Andyou?
  5. 5. outoftheblue,stormycloudsloom onthehorizon. Then,
  6. 6. boyohboydoesitstartpouringdown. andbeforeyouknowit,
  7. 7. Thrivingnolonger. Yourthrivinglittlesunscreenstand?
  8. 8. Whythislittletale? ?? ? No thanks! Take me straight to the list.
  9. 9. Leadgenerationhasaproblem. Well,here’sthething.
  10. 10. AratherBIGproblem.
  11. 11. Andithastodowithsunscreen.
  12. 12. Morespecifically,theinsistenceonsellingit evenwhenit’spouringdown.
  13. 13. Let’sclearthatupabit.(metaphorically speaking, not weather-wise)
  14. 14. Sayyou’rereadinganarticleon howtolayoutaninfographic. In that moment, what would you find more useful?
  15. 15. this? How to Layout an Infographic
  16. 16. OR this? this? INFOGRAPHICS Layout Cheat Sheet + tips How to Layout an Infographic
  17. 17. INFOGRAPHICS Layout Cheat Sheet + tips Is it safe to assume you’d go with this? this? this? OR How to Layout an Infographic
  18. 18. Muchlike(weassume) you’dpreferanumbrellaover sunscreenonarainyday.
  19. 19. Funnywhenyouthinkofit,though. Mostwebsitesandblogsresorttogeneric,catch-all messageswhentryingto‘bribe’visitorstohandover theirpreciousemailaddress.
  20. 20. “Signuptoournewsletter... yadda-yadda-yadda...straightto yourinbox...yadda-yadda-yadda...”
  21. 21. “Signuptoournewsletter... yadda-yadda-yadda...straightto yourinbox...yadda-yadda-yadda...” “Idon’tknowyou. Idon’ttrustyou. Idon’tneedthis. Sorry,nope,notgonnahappen.” You:
  22. 22. Soundfamiliar?
  23. 23. Whatifmarketers,bloggersandthelikeinstead startedofferingsunscreenforwhen thesunshines,andumbrellasforwhenitrains?
  24. 24. Whatifwe(tobemorespecific) madeourleadgenoffers contextuallyrelevant?
  25. 25. Auniqueresourceforeachblogpostthat’s carefullytailoredtoyouraudience’sneeds inthatverymoment.
  26. 26. Soundslikeawholelottawork? Itis.
  27. 27. Isitworthyourwhilenonetheless? Itis.
  28. 28. Howdoweknow?
  29. 29. Well,theso-calledContentUpgrade isn’texactlyagroundbreakingconcept.Savvy marketers have been employing this tactic for years now, and their conversion rates have been laughing all the way to Google Analytics ever since.
  30. 30. TakeBrianDean overatBacklinko, forexample.His conversion rate shot up by 785% overnight - from a measly .54% to 4.82%. (0.54%) 785%(4.82%)
  31. 31. Whenusedright, yourfreecontentknockspeople’ssocksoff; yourcontentupgradethensellsthemslippers.
  32. 32. Andhere’sthebestnews. Youcanstartputtingittowork foryourbusinesstoday. You’re welcome!
  33. 33. 13Grow Your Email List & Business ContentUpgradeIdeas to
  34. 34. 1.Infographics Greatfor: Usefultools: • Bringing data to life • Making complex information digestible & fun • Creating visually appealing checklists Click Here > Typography: Bold & Justified COOL EXAMPLE
  35. 35. 2.Onlinecourses Greatfor: Usefultools: • Niche content that offers specific and actionable advice • Monetizing on your content strategy • Partnership opportunities with subject experts Click Here > Making the Most of User Feedback: Spot Trends & Take Action with NPS by Typeform COOL EXAMPLE
  36. 36. 3.PDFversionoflong-formcontent Greatfor: Usefultools: • Making longform content (e.g. Ultimate Guide to XYZ) digestible at a glance • Summarizing article highlights in a visually appealing way • Actionable and inspirational content that could be printed and stuck on a wall or shared by email Click Here > Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz COOL EXAMPLE PDF available
  37. 37. 4.Checklists Greatfor: Usefultools: • Actionable and concrete tips and tricks that can be applied right away • Resolutions, to-do’s, bucket lists, challenges • X hacks, Top X lists, ‘Ultimate’ listicle articles Click Here > COOL EXAMPLE Easy Declutter Challenge: 200 Small Things to Throw Away [+ Downloadable Checklist]
  38. 38. 5.Ebooksonrelatedtopics Greatfor: Usefultools: • Co-marketing partnerships with subject experts • Bulky content that could use structure and chapters or has a potential for a series • Those of you with large distribution lists Click Here > 3 Powerful Ways to Define Your Unique Employer Brand by Bonusly COOL EXAMPLE
  39. 39. 6.Freetemplates Greatfor: UsefulResource: • Showcasing your product in an actionable way • Methodologies, frameworks, strategy plans • Explanatory articles that include calculations, how-to’s and anatomies Click Here > 56 Event Flyer Inspirations +26 Templates by Piktochart COOL EXAMPLE
  40. 40. 7.CheatSheets Greatfor: Usefultools: • Explaining complex processes, concepts, and patterns • Slicing and dicing old information in a new way • Distilling comprehensive topics into one actionable list Click Here > Infographic layout cheat sheet by Piktochart COOL EXAMPLE
  41. 41. 8.Audiofilesofarticles Greatfor: Usefultools: • Interesting narratives, user stories, and thought leadership content with strong authorship • Longform articles that are story driven • Experimenting with a podcast strategy Click Here > Essay on being alone by Craig Childs COOL EXAMPLE
  42. 42. 9.Interviewswithexperts Greatfor: UsefulResource: • Repurposing content into audio or video clips • Offering actionable tips from reputable sources and influencers • Adding interesting narrative and personality to content pieces Click Here > Facebook’s Julie Zhuo on product design by Intercom COOL EXAMPLE
  43. 43. 10.Casestudies Greatfor: UsefulResource: • Injecting stories into simple testimonials • Creating a strong social proof • Showcasing the capabilities of your product in action Click Here > Case Study Inside Instagram Ads Product Page by Mailchimp COOL EXAMPLE
  44. 44. 11.Videos Greatfor: Usefultools: • Illustrating tips and tricks that are difficult to explain with text • How-to’s, courses, tutorials, webinars, user stories, and interviews with experts • Announcing new product features Click Here > What Took So Long? By Typeform COOL EXAMPLE
  45. 45. 12.Slideshares Greatfor: Usefultools: • Repurposing blog content into digestible slides • Promoting content on a native distribution channel (SlideShare & LinkedIn) • Injecting storytelling into dry topics Click Here > COOL EXAMPLE
  46. 46. 13.Reports Greatfor: Usefultools: • Transmitting data-heavy information with a clear purpose, to a specific audience • Translating complex and rather boring factology into a easily digestible content piece • Educating prospects of a problem, potential solutions and expected outcomes Click Here > COOL EXAMPLE
  47. 47. Lookslikethisleadgentrainis approachingitsfinaldestination...
  48. 48. Whereveryougonext,well…totallyuptoyou. Butbeforeyougo, wouldn’tyousayit’sabouttime...
  49. 49. ...thatwestopsellingsunscreenwhen it’spouringdown?
  50. 50. Thanksfor‘sliding’by! Seeya!
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