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Una red publicitaria que genera ingresos, como alternativa a google adsense, en America Latina y us hispanics

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Presentacion Smowtion Pulso Social

  1. 1. 2.0 Ad Network where brand and web 2.0 intertwine 30.11.2009
  2. 2. Smowtion Media Born to monetize the blog inventory of Latin America, Swowtion Media is an 2.0 Ad Network, with bases in Argentina, that focuses on technology. Our network can offer more than 1.5 billion monthly impressions through our network of Long Tail sites - provided by - and an infinity through our affiliates’ inventory. Smowtion is your perfect option to reach your audience!
  3. 3. it starts here Born in 2007 as the #1 news aggregation website of Latin America The highly segmented channels of allows advertisers to reach more than 100K monthly unique visitors from around the world. In a time when consumers are connected 24/7 to the internet, and when TV is almost being subbed by the Web, Smowtion Media offers advertisers it’s vast knowledge and proven experience on BLOGS: a place where users spend a great deal of their leisure time. Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  4. 4. LATAM actual scene “... Of the connected universe of Latin Americans, 40% are between ages 18 - 29. ” “...77% of users browse the web to communicate with others; 63% does it to access content and 28% to download content.” “... By 2013 the Latin American online advertising market will reach US$2.6B... representing 9% of worldwide online advertising expenditure ... and 200M of connected users. ” “...Internet purchases will increase significantly in Brazil, Mexico, Chile & Argentina.” Source: mercado-publicidad-online-America/88642 Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  5. 5. how we we? who are do it Audience Smowtion Advertisers Having the knowledge of how to better reach the audience, we can offer our advertisers our experience by showing them the clusters that better respond to the objectives of the campaign. Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  6. 6. how we do it Ad Agencies Media Brokers Smowtion Other AdNetworks Vertical Sites & Advertisers Social Networks Having the knowledge of how to better reach the audience, we can offer our advertisers our experience by showing them the clusters that better respond to the objectives of the campaign. Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  7. 7. market penetration We reach 80% of internet users of Latin America Source: Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  8. 8. our inventory Provided by, keeps growing! + 10,000 Y 10% generation monthly long tail sites born between 1980-2000 growth Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  9. 9. core competency what makes us different? Through APIs we are able to expand our inventory and to learn audience behavior. Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  10. 10. segmentation ! Targeting by Channel: Segmented by language, age and gender. • Teens • Science • Entertainment • Music • Adult • Dating • Fitness • Business • Cars • Shopping • Hobbies • Restaurants • Real Estate • Sports • Home • Women & Health • Search • Economy • Men • Social Networking • Career • Education • Games • Technology ! Targeting by Criteria: Geography, browser, navigation speed, formats, etc. ! Behavioral Targeting: Navigation patterns, URL Targeting, etc. Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  11. 11. business model Branding Performance CPC CPC dCPC CPM CPM CPA CPC: Cost Per Click dCPC: Dynamic Cost Per Click CPM: Cost Per Mille CPA: Cost Per Action Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  12. 12. our product The Dashboard We developed a tool where publishers and advertisers can, not only, monitor their campaigns - as a balance scorecard - but also, use it as complement of Google Ad Sense. Our DASHBOARD is: • A payment follow up, support & real time monitoring tool for publishers. • A self management instrument for advertisers. Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  13. 13. some of our clients Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  14. 14. management team Andrés Alterini Marcelo García C. Mariano Elizari Santiago Pinto E. Gonzalo Aranda CEO VP Sales COO VP Corporate Development CFO! One of the most Renowned professional Former IT Manager of Founder and former CEO Former CFO of recognized businessmen in the online advertising and of of!Named He leaded in the Latin American business of Latin Banco Privado (Creator of one of the top five a 7 countries operation online world, performing America. Former Brand the home banking Internet executives in introducing accounting directive functions in Manager of the classified platform). Responsible of Argentina, by CACE and auditing practices Marketing and section - print and online strategy implementation (Argentina E-Commerce according to USGAPP and Advertising Sales areas - of the Infobae Group, at Smowtion. Chamber). Active speaker managed the financial over the past ten years. Regional Director of in subjects such as requirements in the last Former Strategy Manager Accounts of InZearch and Internet, and M&A and DD processes. at He is the Commercial and Planning Entrepreneurship. Active Before Bumeran, he had visionary and the Director for Latam at .Fox business angel. been Regional Controller strategic director of Networks. of Avon Cosmetics with Smowtion. responsibilities over six countries.!!! Smowtion Media - - Ph.: +54(11) 5032.7246
  15. 15. our offices Mexico USA Buenos Aires BsAs +54 (11) 5032.7246 Mexico +52 (55) 1168.9967 USA +1 (786) 522.7881
  16. 16. smowtionmedia