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Piklist: Providing Inline Help for a Great User Experience


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Whether you’re creating a theme or plugin for distribution on, or writing code for a client, you need to provide a great experience for the users who install your code.

Your added functionality usually means additional Settings, Post Types, Taxonomies, Custom Fields and overall Workflow. Don’t make users struggle to look for your settings page, or become confused and frustrated when trying to fill in fields for a custom post type. Provide them with inline help, where and when they need it

In this session you will learn how to limit support tickets, emails and general user frustration, by creating

-Dismissible admin notices.
-Help tabs
-Custom fields with inline help.
and much more.

Download the plugin in this presentation:

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Piklist: Providing Inline Help for a Great User Experience

  1. 1. Providing Inline Help For A Great User Experience OR Simplifying User Workflow Steve Bruner:
  2. 2. Who’s Steve? ● Working with WordPress for 8+ years. ● Lead organizer of WordPress NYC Meetup since August 2008. ● Lead/Co-Organizer of WordCampNYC 2009,2010,2012,2014. ● President of SlipFire LLC. (WordPress development shop) ● Partner of Piklist LLC (Building the most powerful framework for WordPress)
  3. 3. What is Piklist? ● A serious framework with lots of power. ● Use standard WordPress functions to pull / manipulate data ● Same code for any field… anywhere. Including front end forms. ● Custom post statuses ● Build widgets, dashboard widgets and contextual help. ● Data is saved beautifully. ● Easy create your own field markup with templates. ● Scripts/Styles: front/admin, header/footer and conditions. Not just another “field” plugin. Piklist is so much more….
  4. 4. WARNING: May be highly ADDICTIVE. Use of this plugin will result in faster web development. USE CARE when used with WordPress.
  5. 5. What people are building with Piklist WP Engine: Internal Onboarding System `
  6. 6. What people are building with Piklist Marcus Eby: Camp Signup `
  7. 7. What people are building with Piklist BrainPOP: Settings Page `
  8. 8. What people are building with Piklist BrainPOP: Custom Post Type and Fields `
  9. 9. What people are building with Piklist Calfee Design: New Bike Sales `
  10. 10. Teach users how to enter content correctly, without the need for training. Challenge
  11. 11. Latest version of Piklist: This Presentation: Support: Email: