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#HoliMoments- Twitter Contest


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Gingr organized a Twitter contest to celebrate the occasion of Holi. People were asked to use the hashtag #HoliMoments in their tweets and share some special moments.

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#HoliMoments- Twitter Contest

  1. 1. #HOLIMOMENTS 25TH SEPTEMBERTwitter Contest Report
  2. 2. Objective Build an interactive community to celebrate the festive spirit of Holi and make it a mirthful experience for the audience.
  3. 3. Execution #HoliMoments was a 9 hour contest (12am-9pm), executed on the 25th of March.
  4. 4. Strategy In order for an entry to be qualified for the contest two conditions were mandatory- Use of the hashtag #HoliMoments and use of the brand’s twitter handle- @_gingr The contest was promoted in full swing on Twitter and Facebook Gingr supported the contestants by sharing some special Holi Moments.
  5. 5. Criteria The entries were judged on the basis of creativity. Based on this, one winner was selected for the first prize- Sony Xperia Z.
  6. 6. Return of Investment Trended on no. 1 in India Rise in user engagement Rise in the number of followers Participation by brand like Zee News and FashionAndYou Brand Appreciation
  7. 7. Rise In User Engagement 1800 tweets generated 100600 impressions within 9 hours. The hashtag #HoliMoments trended throughout the event
  8. 8. Trending
  9. 9. Followers Before: 190 After: 394 + 204 followers
  10. 10. Participation By Brands Zee News and TravelGuru took advantage of the hashtag
  11. 11.  FashionAndYou promoted its contest using #HoliMoments
  12. 12. Brand Appreciation
  13. 13. Fans One of the fans ended up changing his name to “monil follow @_gingr”
  14. 14. Scope of Improvement The campaign could have been promoted a little earlier from it’s commencement to create more buzz and gain more participation.
  15. 15. Conclusion The campaign gave people a platform to share their special moments without being too selfish in promoting their own brand but rather making it appealing. The entries received were promising and talented.