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Pigeon district library 100 years

  1. 1. PigeonDistrictLibrary•Celebrating100 Years ofService
  2. 2. LIBRARY “TIDBITS”FROM THE MINUTES OF THE TOURIST CLUB1913 – 1919April 25, 1916A motion was made, supported and carried that the new President beauthorized to appoint a committee to see about a building for club andlibrary purposes. The committee appointed was Miss Duncanson andMiss Campbell.October 10, 1916The Chairman of the Library Committee reported that Reference Bookswere now in the Library.January 6, 1917A motion was made, supported and carried that we have the LibraryBooks insured.October 21, 1919A motion was made that any books in Pigeon Public Library of use toPigeon High School be loaned them in care of the instructors. Supportedand Carried.
  3. 3. The following article was reproduced fromThe Pigeon Progress,November 25, 1927PUBLIC LIBRARY IN NEW LOCATIONThe Pigeon Public Library has been movedto the Village Clerk’s office. The ladies have re-arranged the books and will keep the library openon Saturday afternoons from three o’clock untilfive o’clock. Those who wish to get books mayget a membership card by paying $1.00, whichwill entitle them to receive books for one year. Ifless time is desired, one may be secured for threemonths for twenty-five cents, or five cents for asingle book.It is hoped that anyone who now has a bookbelonging to the library will return it as soon aspossible.
  4. 4. LIBRARY “TIDBITS”FROM THE MINUTES OFTHE TOURIST CLUB1920 – 1929February 8, 1921The Library Committee reported that thesanction of the powers that be had beenobtained so that we may have our library in theoffice of the village clerk.January 2, 1923Mrs. Ackerman reported that in order to awakeninterest in our library its privileges were to beoffered to the public free for a month beginningJanuary 6th.February 20, 1923The Librarian reported that the committee haddecided to issue membership cards for thelibrary, for three months for 20 cents. Mrs.Wurm and Mrs. H. Paul were appointedLibrarians for next time.March 3, 1923A motion was made, supported and carried thatwe rent a building for club and library purposes.Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Dindineau, Mrs. Fritz wereappointed as a committee to see about it.The Librarian announced that the books from theState Library were here. Mrs. Dunn and Mrs.Anklam were appointed librarians for the nexttwo weeks.January 6, 1925It was moved and supported that the Library bemoved to New Community House on Thursday,January 15.January 20, 1925It was moved and supported that the Library befree to people of Pigeon and surroundingcountry.April 14, 1925Moved and seconded that the Library remainfree until the first Tuesday of October orbeginning of new club year.November 17, 1925The Librarian reported that we might have ourLibrary at Elder’s Drug Store and Thursday wasthe day appointed to move.December 1, 1925The Librarian reported that the library wasmoved, a motion was made and carried thatLyman Elder be asked to take charge of it and thesum of five dollars for the next five months, or adollar a month be granted him for his services.October 5, 1926A bee for fixing up the books of the library wasplanned for Friday night.January 4, 1927The librarian reported that there are about sixtypatrons of the library.October 15, 1927The chairman of the Library Committee, Mrs. F.Brueck reported that the committee had madearrangements to have locks placed on the bookcases and that the president of the village hadgiven permission to have the Library in the townhall. Mrs. Willis was appointed to take charge ofthe Library at 50 cents per Saturday.A motion was made and carried that we charge 5cents for each book taken out.November 15, 1927A motion was made and carried that we charge$1 for a year’s membership to the library, 25cents for three months, or 5 cents per singlebook. The hours to be 3-5 on Saturdays.December 13, 1927The librarian reported that she began her dutiesSaturday December 3.
  5. 5. LIBRARY “TIDBITS” FROM THE MINUTES OFTHE PIGEON WORTHWHILE CLUB1930 – 1939December 1, 1931The club voted upon new rules for the library and decided to post these inthe library also in the Pigeon paper.April 25, 1932From July 1stthe library will charge 50 cents a year for each membership.October 4, 1933Motion was made by Mrs. Clabuesch that library be kept open and books beloaned free of charge until such time as it is deemed wise to change ruling.Motion carried.January 21, 1936Mrs. Hess, chairperson of the library committee reported that she hadreceived a 1935 Manual from the State Library.March 2, 1937Mrs. Hess, Chairman of the Library Committee announced that BeatriceVoelke would be Librarian for the coming year for the same salary that theclub had been paying.April 20, 1937Mrs. Hess, Chairman of the Library Committee read a list of the 12 newbooks. It was decided that these books be returned at once and placed inthe library. Motion was made by Mrs. Gettel second by Mrs. Belding thatthese new books be free to club members for a limit of two weeks and tooutsiders for a limit of two weeks at 15 cents per week. Motion carried.
  6. 6. LIBRARY “TIDBITS”FROM THEPIGEON WORTHWHILE CLUB MEETING MINUTES1940 – 1959November 19, 1940The library committee reported the state library aid had been discontinuedfor this year and that the names of new books for the library would beappreciated at the next meeting.December 17, 1940It was moved and seconded that the books from the public library whichwere suitable for reference work be placed in the school library for the time beingMay 6, 1941Members were urged to contact Senator Patterson in favor of passage oflegislation for library funds.Nov. 17, 1942New requirements were announced to obtain state aid for the library.First, engage a librarian for 10 hours each week; second, attend two conventionsin a year out of the four held.February 1, 1944There was a discussion regarding having the library open ten hours a weekto obtain state aid. Motion was made that each Wednesday afternoon from 1 to6, club members take turns. Motion carried.December 18, 1945A communication was read from the library building committee from theRotary Club stating that the management and supervision of the library building
  7. 7. be assumed by the Worthwhile Club. Members agreed and a letter of thanks waswritten to the Rotary Club.September 8, 1947Marjory Green was appointed Librarian.October 7, 1947Piano donated to the Worthwhile Club by Ella M. Kidd, is to be placed in thelibrary rooms for the pleasure and use of the various groups who meet there.February 17, 1948Library could no longer be open on Wednesdays due to the shortage of oil.February 21, 1950A donation of $50 was received for the library and will be used towardremodeling the kitchen.April 4, 1950Total cost of remodeling the kitchen was $269.72. Some local businessesand individuals donated their time and materials.February 1, 1955A request for the use of the library rooms by an extension group resulted ina discussion concerning fees for use of the rooms. It was decided not to set a feebut that a donation would be acceptable.January 15, 1957Insurance was purchased for the contents of the library.May 7, 1957Beth Thomas was reported as the new librarian.
  8. 8. The following article was reproduced fromThe Pigeon Progress, January 7, 1944.PIGEON LIBRARY LISTS NEW BOOKSThe Worth While Club reported the receipt ofnineteen new books which have been placed on theshelves and are now available for the public. The listincludes many of the latest and best sellers. The library isopen each Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. Following are thebooks: “So Little Time,” Marquand; “Thirty Seconds OverTokyo,” Wilson; “U.S. Foreign Policy,” Lippmann; “None ButThe Lonely Heart,” Lewllyn; “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn,”Betty Smith; “Hungry Hill,” Daphne de Maurier; “Valley OfDecision,” Maria Davenport, “Nurses Aid,” Hancock.“Sounds Of Revelry,” Cohen; “The Promise,” PearlBuck; “Guadalcanal Diary,” Richard Tregaski; “Taps ForPrivate Tussey,” J. Stuart; “Follow The Saint,” Charteris;“The Saint And Mr. Teal,” Charteris; “Also The Hills,”Frances Parkinson Keyes; “The Water Buffalo Children,”Pearl Buck; “Thunderhead,” Mary O’Hare; “Chicken EverySunday,” Rosemary Taylor; “Men In Motion,” Henry Taylor.
  9. 9. The following article was reproduced from The Pigeon Progress, May 19, 1944The following article was reproduced fromThe Pigeon Progress, May 19, 1944START DRIVE FORLIBRARY BUILDING FUNDOption On Ideally Located BuildingTaken; Drive to be Completed in TwoWeeks.The Pigeon Rotary Clubstarted its drive to raise funds forthe purchase of the buildingknown as the Huron CountyCreamery Company Dairy Bar,Monday. The plan is to use aportion of the building to provide apermanent location for the PigeonPublic Library. The club adoptedthis as their 1943-44 project.A permanent home for thefine large library which theWomen’s Club assembled has beendesired for some time. In the past,several other buildings have beensuggested as possible library sites,but it was not until the dissolvingof the assets of the Huron CountyCreamery Company was orderedthat the opportunity to purchase asuitable building in a centrallylocated site was possible. Thepurchase price of the building is$8,500 which is very reasonable forthis building of solid brickconstruction and in a desirablelocation.The Pigeon Public Library hasbeen a project of the Women’sClub, and was started in 1912. Thefirst list of books was donated bythe late Mrs. E. Wurm. Throughvarious activities and contributionsthe Club has been successful inaccumulating a selection of thebest books available. Presentquarters are too small for theproper filing of the books.The Women’s Club hasalways had complete supervisionof the library which has been invarious locations throughout thevillage. At present, the library is inthe office of the township andvillage clerks. The library is opentwo days each week. Clubmembers alternate in attendingone day each week and a librarianengaged for the second day. Allexpenses of the library aredefrayed by the Women’s Club.
  10. 10. The following article was reproduced from The Pigeon Progress, May 19, 1944A good library such as Pigeonpossesses is an asset to thecommunity. It provides a meansfor the distribution of good readingmaterial and a place for researchand study not otherwise provided.State aid is provided librariesin an amount proportionate to theservices and facilities rendered.The contemplated library hassufficient space to house thelibrary and provide a large readingroom, Boy Scout and Girl Scoutquarters, and Red Cross room. It ishoped that the library may be keptopen several days a week andduring the evenings to provide aplace where persons may meet.The Pigeon Rotary Club, inassuming the responsibility forraising the funds, has adopted aplan of receiving outrightcontributions from all persons whowant to contribute. The names ofall donors will be inscribed on ascroll to be placed in the library.Contributions will bereceived by the following RotaryClub members: Leo Bliss, Dr. W.A.Belding, Herman Buchholz, CliftonBailey, Ernest Clabuesch, WalterClabuesch, George Dunn, BoydEicher, Dr. P.L. Fritz, Harry Haist,Harry Leslie, Harry McKay, H.O.Paul, Herb Haist, Dr. C.A. Schurer,Geo. H. A. Shaw, C.H. Spence, Dr.R.C. Spence, Otto Gettel, CarlVellmer, Vaughn Hudson, WesThiel, Oscar Voelker, GeorgeCarpenter, Russ DeGrow.It is hoped citizens of thecommunity will respond willingly inoffering contributions to thisworthy project. The drive will endMay 29.According to reliableinformation from income taxsources, any amount donated maybe deducted from individualincome tax payments.
  11. 11. LIBRARY BUDGETJuly 1, 1948 – June 30, 1949INCOME: EXPENDITURES:City $ 300.00 Bldg. Staff Wages $ 54.50State Aid 175.00 Heat 90.74Gifts 412.17 Repairs & Upkeep 21.57Rental/Book Fines 53.59 Insurance 60.00TOTAL INCOME $ 939.32 Library Staff Salaries 129.00Books 145.15Binding 33.05Equipment 5.92Other 1.37TOTAL EXPENSES $ 541.30Balance from previous year 398.59TOTAL AVAILABLE FORTHE YEAR $1,337.91BALANCE ON HAND AT END OF YEAR $796.61
  12. 12. PIGEON DISTRICT LIBRARY JOINSVALLEY LIBRARY CONSORTIUM (VLC)In 2004 White Pine Library Cooperative (WPLC) applied for aLibrary Services and Technology Act Grant on behalf of the PigeonDistrict Library and two other libraries in WPLC. The purpose of thegrant was to “migrate the three WPLC member libraries from theirexisting stand-alone systems to the VLC automation system.”In May of 2005 we were ready to go “live” and library patrons weregiven the opportunity to view the catalog on-line from any computerwith Internet access, at any time of the day or night. Having thecatalog on-line also gave patrons the ability to place their own requestsfor materials from other libraries in the shared catalog.The following article was reproduced from The Huron Daily Tribune,Pigeon District Library News, September 12, 2005ON-LINE CATALOGOur new on-line catalog provides patrons the opportunity to place theirown requests for library materials from other libraries. After locating the itemyou want, click on “Request Item”. When the item arrives at our library and it’sready to be picked up, you will be charged a $2 per item inter-loan fee unless youlive in one of the three townships that pay a library millage (Chandler, McKinley,or Winsor). Library patrons who live outside the legal service area of Chandler,McKinley, and Winsor Townships and wish to place “reserves” on Pigeon DistrictLibrary items must make their reserve requests through the staff at ourCirculation Desk only and not through the on-line catalog.If you are interested in searching the Pigeon District Library collection only, clickon the “Keyword Searches” tab at the top of our on-line catalog. Be sure tohighlight “Pigeon District Library and then choose from General Keyword, TitleKeyword, Author Keyword, Subject Keyword, and/or Series Keyword. You canalso refine your search by selecting a limit or sort option if you so choose.
  13. 13. PIGEON DISTRICT LIBRARY JOINSMichigan eLibrary Catalog (MeLCat)In the spring of 2006 the VLC (Valley Library Consortium) memberlibraries voted to add their holdings to the statewide catalog MeLCat,which is part of (Michigan eLibrary). The patrons of VLCmember libraries now had access to library materials from hundredsof libraries from across the state of Michigan including public, school,college, law, and medical libraries. Participation in MeLCat alsoprovided PDL patrons the ability to check out items from otherMeLCat libraries as a “Visiting Patron”.The following article was reproduced from The Huron Daily Tribune,Pigeon District Library News, March 1, 2006THREE CATALOGSPatrons now have three catalogs to use when searching for librarymaterials – the “Keyword Searches” screen of the on-line catalog is used to searchfor materials in the library, the “Welcome” screen of the on-line catalog is used tosearch for materials from Valley Library Consortium (joined in May 2005), andMeLCat (the statewide catalog) is used when one cannot find the item in thelibrary or in VLC. You can access MeLCat from www.pigeondistrictlibrary.com.When requesting an item, you will first need to select the Pigeon District Libraryfrom a drop-down list of libraries and then enter your name, your 14-digit librarycard number and your PIN (personal identification number). The steps are verysimilar to what one currently does when requesting an item through VLC from theon-line catalogue. The great news for card holders is there is no fee forrequesting and receiving inter-loan materials from other Michigan libraries.When your item arrives at the library, you will be notified by e-mail or phone thatit is ready to be picked up.
  14. 14. The following article was reproduced from The Huron Daily Tribune,Pigeon District Library News, September 13, 2011.DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS NOW AVAILABLEThe Pigeon District Library’s collection continues to grow! We can nowoffer to our patrons, best-selling and classic audio books and E-books. Librarycard holders can check out and download digital media from anywhere, 24/7, byvisiting the library’s website and clicking on the link “Download Ebooks” which islocated directly below the “MeLCat” link. This will take you directly to the“FuelYourMind Digital Collection” where you will “sign in” by choosing “PigeonDistrict Library from the drop-down menu and entering the barcode on yourlibrary.Click on “My Help!” located on the left-hand menu of the website to find out howto use Overdrive or find a list of compatible devices. Also, feel free to come to thelibrary and ask for assistance. Enjoy a new way of reading and listening to yourfavorite authors by visiting our website at www.pigeondistrictlibrary.com