Phrasal Verbs


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Phrasal verbs

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Phrasal Verbs

  1. 1. Phrasal Verbs
  2. 2. Phrasal VerbsPhrasal verbs are verbs that combine withadverbs or prepositions. The adverbs andprepositions are called particles, for example‘down’, ‘in’, ‘off’,’out’, and ‘up’.She turned off the radio.Mr Knight offered to put him up.
  3. 3. Phrasal VerbsPhrasal verbs extend the usual meaning of theverb or create a new meaning. For example, ifyou ‘break’ something, you damage it, but if you‘break out of’ a place, you escape from it.They broke out of prison on Thursday night.The pain gradually wore off.
  4. 4. Phrasal VerbsPhrasal verbs are normally used in one of fourmain structures. In the first structure, the verb isfollowed by a particle, and there is no object.break out get by look instop off catch on give inring off wait up check upgo away start out watch outcome in grow up stay up
  5. 5. Phrasal VerbsWar broke out in September.You’ ll have to stay up late tonight.
  6. 6. Phrasal VerbsIn the second structure, the verb is followed by aparticle and an object.fall for grow on part withset about feel for look afterpick on take after
  7. 7. Phrasal VerbsShe looked after her invalid mother.Peter takes after his father but Joh nis more likeme.
  8. 8. Phrasal VerbsIn the third structure, the verb is followed by anobject and a particle.answer back call back count inorder about ask in catch outinvite out tell apart
  9. 9. Phrasal VerbsI answered him back and took my chances.He loved to order people about.
  10. 10. Phrasal VerbsSome phrasal verbs can be used in both thesecond structure and the third structure: verbfollowed by a particle and an object, or verbfollowed by an object and a particle.add on hand over put awaytake up bring up knock overput up tear up call uppoint out rub out throw away
  11. 11. Phrasal VerbsIt took ages to clean up the mess.It took ages to clean the mess up.There was such a mess. It took ages to clean itup.WARNING: If the object is a pronoun, it must goin front of the particle. You cannot say ‘Hecleaned up it’.
  12. 12. Phrasal VerbsIn the fourth structure, the verb is followed by aparticle and a preposition with an object.break out of keep on at put up withcatch up with look forward to run away withmake off with stick up for get on withmiss out on talk down to go down with
  13. 13. Phrasal VerbsYou go ahead. I’ ll catch up with you later.Children have to learn to stick up for themselves.
  14. 14. Phrasal VerbsA very few verbs are used in the structure: verbfollowed by an object, a particle, and apreposition with an out of put up to talk out ofput down to take out on
  15. 15. Phrasal VerbsSteve tried to talk her out of it.I’ ll take you up on that generous invitation.
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