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Groupworld presentation


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Groupworld web conferencing software

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Groupworld presentation

  1. 1. is:• web conferencing/meeting software • an interactive whiteboard • a voice/video conferencing tool • a desktop sharing tool BUT ALL IN ONE!
  2. 2. It looks like this:Don’tWorry, hedoes notcome withthe software.
  3. 3. It works with text files
  4. 4. It works with PowerPoint
  5. 5. No web cam, No Audio, No worries
  6. 6. What else?• It is web-based• It is user-friendly• It’s cross-platform• It’s mobile• It’s cheap
  7. 7. How could we use it?• An addition, not a replacement• Web conferencing practice• Intake interviews• Intake testing• Online courses• Meetings
  8. 8. Why should we try it?• New markets • Busy people • Far away people• Cost saver • No room • Schedule flexibility • Only digital lesson materials
  9. 9. Don’t we already have this?• Yes!
  10. 10. Are they just as good?• No! • Not web-web based • Not user friendly (for external clients) • Do not support important document formats • Expensive • Cannot be imbedded • Not all features in one program
  11. 11. Is it all positive?• No! • Practice/training • Reliant on computers • GroupWorld costs money • Can I get some peace and quiet? • Fun?
  12. 12. But should we try it? YES!