Cohesion: connectors


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Cohesion: connectors

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Cohesion: connectors

  1. 1. Cohesion: Connectors
  2. 2. Introduction Connectors:• join one idea or statement to another• indicate to the reader how or why statements are connected (that is, they signal which function is being used)
  3. 3. Introduction Connectors are used for:• adding relevant points• comparing and contrasting• conditions• giving reasons• highlighting
  4. 4. Adding relevant pointsWe use some connectors to make additionalpoints (to introduce an idea or statement thatadds to something that has already beenwritten).
  5. 5. Adding relevant pointsThis year, we expect we shall recruitto recruit thirty another twentygraduates with In graduates withdegrees in medicine. addition, engineering degrees.
  6. 6. Adding relevant pointsThe in markets in itscompany throughout not only, home but alsohas Europe and market,expanded, Asia.
  7. 7. Adding relevant points providing our we also offer anAs well customers with quality excellent returnsas, sales service, policy.
  8. 8. Adding relevant pointsWe are planning to we may considerset up agencies in furthermore going into China at aJapan and , later stage.
  9. 9. Comparisons/contrasts Connectors can be used to compare or contrast two things or ideas as follows:• comparing or contrasting relative size, rate or amount• contrasting between positive and negative qualities (e.g. advantages and disadvantages)• contrasting between two different situations
  10. 10. Comparing or contrastingrelative size, rate or amountThe cost of a first an economyclass ticket to class ticket whereas,Madrid would be would cost just$2000, $700.
  11. 11. Comparing or contrastingrelative size, rate or amountWhen we conducted others were morethe market research,some people while, interested in the speed of theemphasized the service.importance of quality
  12. 12. Comparing or contrastingrelative size, rate or amount Sandersons they are not as reliableAlthough, are cheap, as our current suppliers.
  13. 13. Comparing or contrastingrelative size, rate or amount This year’s in prices are very comparison last year’s. high with
  14. 14. Contrasting between positive and negative qualities the quality of their the service isAlthough, products is good, extremely poor.
  15. 15. Contrasting between positive and negative qualities Our freight will it is very provide very fast however/bu expensive. delivery, t
  16. 16. Contrasting between twosituations, ideas or possibilitiesThe rapport has not despite the we asked for ityet been received, fact that three weeks ago.
  17. 17. Contrasting between twosituations, ideas or possibilitiesI believe that the the competitionnew product will be even is strong.successful, though
  18. 18. Contrasting between twosituations, ideas or possibilitiesWe were unable to our staff workingcomplete the work in spite overtime.on time last month, of
  19. 19. Contrasting between twosituations, ideas or possibilities you could use theYou could relocate site of the formerto the North of Alternatively plant, situatedEngland. , near the docks.
  20. 20. Contrasting between twosituations, ideas or possibilities Sales were there was an below budget However improvement in September. , during October.
  21. 21. Contrasting between twosituations, ideas or possibilitiesNote:‘In spite of’ and ‘despite’ can be followed either by a verb in the ‘’ form or by ‘the fact that’.
  22. 22. Contrasting between twosituations, ideas or possibilitiesIn spite of/ Despite employing extra staff, wefound it difficult to complete the job on time.In spite of the fact that/Despite the factthat we employed extra staff, we found it difficultto complete the job on time.
  23. 23. Connectors in conditional sentencesConnectors can be used in sentences whichstate conditions. If the recommended changes in structure the company will then, experience further are not implemented immediately, financial loss.
  24. 24. Connectors in conditional sentencesThe suppliers may we shall have todecide not to follow In that consider using anour advice on this case, alternative company.matter.
  25. 25. Connectors for giving reasonsWe can use connectors to give reasons for:• situations or actions• courses of action that you are recommending
  26. 26. Connectors for giving reasonsReasons for situations or actions Borrowing is more interest rates have expensive than it since, risen in all the major was a year ago currencies.
  27. 27. Connectors for giving reasons I shall telephone you early I am on holiday inAs in September to arrange a August, meeting.
  28. 28. Connectors for giving reasonsReasons for recommended courses of action I recommend that his communication John Green should because skills are excellent. be appointed
  29. 29. Connectors for giving reasonsWe advise you not as/becau their standard ofto use Masons as se/since service hascontractors declined recently.
  30. 30. Connectors for highlightingConnectors are used to highlight examples. All our brands, the in have performed cutting machine particular well this year. ,
  31. 31. Connectors for highlightingWe should like to to theexpress our gratitude especially Productionto all the staff , Department.concerned and,
  32. 32. Connectors for highlightingThe company financial ones,experienced great mainly because we haddifficulties in the very little backing.early years,
  33. 33. Connectors for highlightingWe are planning to extend chiefly in Japan.our operations in Asia,