Mobile App Marketing Cheat Sheet


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Our best tips to launch and promote your mobile app. Compiled by app publishing service Mobiloud

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Mobile App Marketing Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. Mobile App Marketing CHEAT-SHEET Practical tips for a successful mobile app launch
  2. 2. Introduction Since 2008, 775,000 apps have been created in Apple’s App Store and 800,000 apps in the Google Play store. Stunning numbers, but the hard truth is only a small fraction of these apps has really become popular. Successful app publishers, we have found, invest substantial time and effort in their app launch. ! In this ebook we share a number of tips you can put in practice to get started with your app marketing, even on a small budget. It starts with involving your community, readers and contacts in your app development process, and you get the best results when you leverage all the promotional opportunities offered by the app marketplaces. About Mobiloud
 With Mobiloud bloggers and online publishers can build stunning native apps in minutes, with no coding or design skills, and at a fraction of the cost any developer would charge.
 Learn more at Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 2
  3. 3. Create a beta/launch list Start your promotion process by getting your app validated and tested. For those of you with an existing business, content website, blog or list of contacts, the first thing you can do to launch your app is creating a list of people to invite to try your app before your official launch date. ! Your beta testers will likely become engaged early users of your app and will be more willing to share it because of their involvement early on. Make them feel special. Give them special conditions and thank them for their help. Get all the feedback they can give you and use it to improve your app. Also, ask them for a testimonial, a quote you can use on your app description page or your website, telling the world how your app changed their life and so can do for others. People trust good reviews and testimonials! Tip: need a tool to build your email list? Try these: ! ⭑ Tip: If you don’t have a website yet, use tools like Launchrock and Kick Off Labs to create a launch page and collect emails. ⭑ Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 3
  4. 4. Create a video teaser Video can have much more impact than text. Use video! Here are some tips that you can apply to your video: ⭑ Keep it short (60sec) ⭑ Sound professional (no echo, and a high-quality sound) ⭑ Be original, tell a story, be funny, be mysterious - attract the attention without giving away too many details about your app. ⭑ Focus on one problem your app has solved and the benefit it can provide. ⭑ Include a quote or testimonial ⭑ End the video with a simple call to action. “Download now for free”, or mention your launch date ⭑ Find good background music. You don’t want it to be boring, nor too disturbing. ! Tip: Check out Jewelbeat to get royalty free songs to use as background
 music for your video. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 4
  5. 5. Or something simpler Like a screencast or slideshow You can create a great video using screen grabbing software like ⭑ Snapzprox (mac) ⭑ Screenflow (mac) ⭑ Camtasia (you also can record your voice) Simply record your app while you are using it in a simulator and add your narration. This can be a perfect tool to clearly show how the app works. You can also combine screenshots of your app into a good looking video, with nice transitions. ⭑ Screenshot - Frame Maker is your new friend! Or finally use a smartphone screen emulator: ⭑ Simfinger (free) and ⭑ iShowU HD ($60 for Pro), to create simple tutorials that showcase your app’s features. Tip: Consider including some quotes or testimonials from your (beta) users. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 5
  6. 6. Create a landing page This can be either a page on your site dedicated to your app, or a completely new site built and designed only to drive downloads for your app. ! Your landing page should have these elements: ! ⭑  One or more screenshots to showcase your app ⭑  A short description making clear to anyone which problem your app solves ⭑  When you mention features, add the corresponding benefit (e.g. we support push notifications, so you can stay always up to date with new content). Always ask yourself: what’s in it for them? Why is this feature important? ⭑  Add your video, possibly above the fold ⭑  Add quotations from testimonials ⭑  Close with a clear and visible call-to-action button, something like “Download it now”. Tip: You can use Templatic or Themeforest to get beautiful wordpress themes to build your app launch website. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 6
  7. 7. Leverage your blog How to convert your website traffic into app users. Make it easy to download your app from any of your website pages by adding an App Store Badge and/or Google Play Badge. Use every opportunity to promote your app, with a banner in your sidebar for example. If you are using social media buttons, consider creating buttons to download your app! Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Place a banner at the end of your posts, before the comment section! After reading a good article of yours, people will be more likely to download your app. Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 7
  8. 8. The launch blog post If you have a blog or any site in which you post content, create an article to promote your launch. A good launch post is ideally 400-700 words long. ! ⭑ Talk about you, how this is a big day for you. Share your enthusiasm. Readers will feel your emotions, and will share your post and your app. ! ⭑ Talk about your plans and perhaps admit there might be some bugs or errors the first days. Mentioning it will help you manage expectations. Share your contact information to receive feedback and bug reports. You are just human, don’t hide your weaknesses, share them openly. ⭑ Offer incentives to convert your readers into app users. Entice them with a giveaway that doesn’t really cost you anything, like premium content, access to extra features for a limited time, or offer a free PDF report in your area of expertise. ! ⭑ Timing: in our opinion the best day is a Tuesday, never a friday (people are in weekend mode), never a monday (just too busy). Tuesday gives you 4 days of attention. ! ! ⭑ Highlight the main features and benefits of your app. Always mention why a feature is important and useful for your audience - what’s in it for them? Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 8
  9. 9. Leverage the App Store Icon, description... Get them right. ⭑ Your icon is the first thing that gets people’s attention. Keep it simple, avoid small text and be consistent with your app theme. Consider adding a border to your icon to make sure it works well against any background. ! ⭑ A good description is essential. Most readers will stop at the first few lines before the “See more” link, so make sure you make the most of those few words. Briefly explain what your app does and why it’s useful for your audience. The rest of your description is up to you. I recommend you describe in details the features and benefits, and add some quotes. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 9
  10. 10. Use screenshots to sell Highlight your app’s key features and benefits People tend not to read all the description and prefer have a look at the screenshots which are now really prominent on your app’s page, especially on App Store. Apps are judged easily on the visuals alone. Consider hiring a designer to do the job for you (e.g. on Elance or PeopleperHour) or leverage some of the ideas I give you below. ⭑ Add a real life background: a phone/tablet running your app is on a table, or against a busy road, or a forest... Whatever is relevant to your app. ⭑ I highly advise this free tool to easily build images showcasing your app framed good stock photography with phones and tablets used by real people - Place It. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 10
  11. 11. Get found easily Use the right keywords in the App Store and Google Play ⭑ Use Google’s free Keyword Tool to see which keywords are most frequently used for products like yours and find more keyword ideas starting from the ones you already have. ⭑ Brainstorm and look for keyword combinations which bring <30 results. Focus on those and avoid overly popular keywords with >100 results (your app will be buried in the results). ⭑ Space for keywords is limited. Your app name and developer name is already included, so don’t use them again as keywords. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 11
  12. 12. ⭑ Highlight the main feature in an image caption that explains your app. The first screenshot is especially important on iOS. Don’t be afraid to crop your screenshot. While you should include at least one full screen image, you can use screenshots as an opportunity to highlight key features and benefits using graphics and text. ⭑ Avoid boring stock photography! Tip: Want to make your screenshots look stunning? Try Screenshot Frame Maker, which adds iOS device frames to your app screenshots Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 12
  13. 13. Leverage social media and build a community ⭑ As a pre-launch strategy, you can share some screenshots or mockups and ask for feedback and new ideas. Let people be part of the development. Most social media platforms can be used: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Linkedin. ! ⭑ Be aware of the rules and habits of each platform. For example, never make sales pitches on Reddit - they just don't work. Create an engaging conversation, ask for advice (/r/ askreddit), tell stories, talk about you (/r/ todayilearned). suggestions. And don’t forget to put your video teaser on Youtube and to cross-promote across these platforms. ! ⭑ The day of your launch, tweet and post on Facebook. You can have a retweet campaign or boost a particular hashtag. Don’t forget to say thank you and retweet the best contributions. ! ⭑ You can use Pinterest and Instagram if you have good images and screenshots or your app is related to photography. You could also share parts of your app design and ask for UI/UX Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 13
  14. 14. Master public relations Media exposure can make the difference for your app, and possibly be the key element making your app a success. Twitter famously took off only after Oprah mentioned it on her show. ! To get coverage though, you’ll need to make yourself interesting for journalists and bloggers. And with a tight budget, if you’re not a star developer or entrepreneur, it might not be an easy job. The best way then is to create interesting content, articles, infographics, guest posts and get noticed for the quality of the knowledge you share. ! The more coverage you get, the more credibility you’ll gain, which will help you get more coverage in the future. But you need to start somewhere. A safe approach is contacting bloggers and selected journalists inviting them to check out your app, write a review for it, tweet a link to it or, perhaps, publish a guest post you can write for them. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 14
  15. 15. Contacting journalists As you first reach out to journalists and bloggers, keep in mind these suggestions: might have written or tweeted recently. Don’t start with your pitch unless it’s particularly striking. ⭑ Build a relationship some weeks before the launch, compliment the journalist or blogger on an article, retweet their posts, try to create a connection by sending them an email or dm on twitter. ⭑ Include a press kit: your app logo, some screenshots, a press release, your company’s biography, an infographic, anything else they might find useful when covering your story. ⭑ Consider tech bloggers and journalists, but don’t forget to focus on your niche. If you’re building an app for real estate agents, work your contacts in the industry and look for bloggers and publications that target real estate professionals. Ultimately this coverage will be more valuable than a mention in Tech Crunch. ⭑ Keep your message short short, they receive hundreds of emails a day - 2 paragraphs max. ⭑ Tell something interesting or create a background of relatedness by mentioning some common interest, or referencing something they Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd ⭑ No need to beg them, just ask “I’m launching a new app xyz, if you have 15 minutes I’d love to tell you more”. Try to connect with them in real life or over the phone/skype. You’ll create a real connection and a valuable contact. Tip: have a media partner the day of your launch. It can be anybody with a large following: journalist, blogger, vlogger. Tip: My Blog Guest is an online community to help finding bloggers in your area. Why not contacting them to offer writing a guest post? Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 15
  16. 16. Create a press release The best tip here is to prepare an article in the style of the magazines or blogs you’re targeting. Assume a lazy journalist/blogger is on the other side, and give them everything they need to quickly write a story about you. Tell a captivating story, include information about your personal experience, what made you create an app and where you see it going next. ! ! Tip: If you need to find a copywriter to help ! you with your story, try: ! ⭑ Copify ! ⭑ Elance ! ! ⭑ Peopleperhour ! ! To distribute your newsletter, personally contact the journalists and bloggers you most respect in your industry. Consider using a newswire service, which will distribute your story to thousands of journalists and will generally get it published, Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd almost automatically, on a number of small news websites. You might not get it published on a big newspaper, but you’ll get a number of articles from smaller sites which can help especially in terms of SEO. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Tip: Newswire services: ⭑ PR Mac (free or $20 for extended service which is really worth it) ⭑ Newswire PR (much more expensive, but with a database of 80,000+ industry influencers) You can also submit your press release to forums such as Macrumours, Toucharcade, Tuaw, Crackberry, Hackernews, Reddit technology. In these kinds of forums, you have a Press Release part, but you can also ask for help, feedback, and answer other people’s questions (give something back!). Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 16
  17. 17. Get your app reviewed People trust apps with great reviews. Personal reviews and ratings from your clients are great, but if you can get covered in a magazine or online app review website, that’s even better! The following sites are just some of the most well known app directories and review sites: ⭑ App Store Apps ⭑ App Craver ⭑ 148apps ⭑ App Safari ⭑ Apptism Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Share on communities and ask for feedback on your app: ⭑ Reddit ⭑ Hackernews Tip: search keywords related to your app on Google, and try to post comments, or answers. Mention your app. Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 17
  18. 18. Climb the charts If your budget allows… Ad networks and pay per install services offer you an opportunity to boost your downloads on the day of your launch, and if you make it to the top charts, you might get a good return by generating more organic downloads. ! ⭑ Advertising networks: Trademob , iAds or Admob are a good start. ⭑ Even with Apple trying to shut this down, Pay Per Install and In-app advertising represent 30% of app downloads. For more information, you can read this article. ⭑ FreeAppaDay and App-o-day can guarantee a rank, but they are rather expensive (prices range from $3,000 to $25,000). They work by giving away your app for free to their large lists of subscribers. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 18
  19. 19. Conclusion With all these tips you now have no excuse for missing out on the great opportunities offered by mobile apps. ! Remember though, it all starts with building an amazing experience for your users and solving a real problem or need - it’s obvious, but if you’re app provides no value to anyone, there’s no promotion that will ever help. ! With the right tools and quality content, though, anyone can build and launch a great mobile application and get access to hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet users. Mobiloud by 50pixels Ltd Mobile App Marketing Cheat-Sheet ∙ 19
  20. 20. Start building your app now With Mobiloud anyone can turn a Wordpress site or blog into a stunning mobile app. ! Why Mobiloud? ⭑ Simple Wordpress plugin
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