Press presentation OWI-Lab inauguration 09-2012


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Press presentation OWI-Lab inauguration 09-2012

  1. 1. Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab (OWI-Lab)For efficient and reliable offshore wind energy.
  2. 2. SirrisFederation Collective centrefor the technology industry of the technology industry • Non-profit organisation • Industry owned Mission: To help companies implement technological innovations
  3. 3. Sirris locations Antwerp Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab Ghent Materials Engineering Materials Research Cluster Gent Hasselt Materials Engineering Leuven Production Technology Smart Coating Application Lab Mechatronics Technology Coaching Sirris Leuven Composites Application Lab Liège Brussels Additive Manufacturing Materials Engineering Software Engineering & ICT Sirris Microfabrication Application Lab Technology Coaching Charleroi Additive Manufacturing Bio-manufacturing platform
  4. 4. 4th Sirris Application LabSirris Leuven Sirris Smart Coating Sirris Offshore WindComposites Application Lab Microfabrication InfrastructureApplication Lab Application Lab Application Lab “The Sirris Application labs focus on technological themes that will be crucial for the future of our companies in the coming years”.
  5. 5. Why OWI-Lab?
  6. 6. 1) The offshore wind energy market fast expanding !  Interesting alternative energy technology  Grid parity forecasted in 2030 by IEA (the point that the cost of offshore wind energy becomes equal to the cost of utility power from coal, natural gas, nuclear) EWEA 2011 EWEA 2011EU MARKET FORECAST:The coming 4 years 12 GW will be installedoffshore, this is 3 times the amount of whathas been realized over the last 20 years.
  7. 7. Belgian pioneering at the North sea Belgium committed to realize 13% of energy mix out of renewable energy 1/3 of this  Offshore wind energy - planned offshore wind capacity = 1,6 Giga Watt -Phase 1 = 165 MWAnnual generation for 175.000 inhabitantsPhase 2 = + 165MWPhase 1, 2 and 3: 325,20 MW 50kmAnnual generation for 600.000 inhabitants Coming up: Northwind, Phase 3 C-Power, Norther, Rental, Seastar, Mermaid
  8. 8. 2) Creation of jobs and export opportunities Actual figures – Source: Agoria40 % of Belgian wind energy jobs are related to ‘offshore wind’Strong potential growth
  9. 9. 3) Innovation needed to make this industry a succes 1352 - 1521 2015 (?)  Harsh environmental conditions (wind loads, temperatures, salt,…)  Not so much datasets yet available (or accessible) to optimize components  Operations and maintenance (O&M) cost needs to go down to reach grid parity  Bigger turbines (12MW in design) ; Bigger means better design
  10. 10. What does OWI-lab do? Investing 5.5M € in test - and monitoring infrastructure to support (offshore) wind power R&D in the whole industrial value chain  4 investment programs in R&D infrastructure Platform to initiate local and European research projects together with industry and universities (SBO, O&O, FP7,…) Innovation projects with / for companies in the wind power sector
  11. 11. Introduction OWI-Lab 09/2012 10/2012 01/2012 2010 2008 Development of Expansion of the Operationalize infrastructure Innovation projects R&D infrastructure research infrastructureProposal OWI-project Launch Kick-Off  Inauguration OWI-Lab Kick-off submitted to the OWI-Lab OWI-Project Test FacilityFlemish government Platform Shared R&D project OptiWind (SBO)  24 Companies / universities participating in user group  Kick-off feasibility study Flanders Wind Farm Test Site
  12. 12. Growing industrial involvement 2008 Founding members Involved partners 2012
  13. 13. 5.5 mio € investments in state-of-the-art test & monitoring infrastructure Stationary and Wind turbine component Floating LIDAR Test Lab with (FLIDAR™ ) large climate chamber (Temperature testing)Remote measurement Development of tools for& monitoring systems smart O&M (SHM & CMS)
  14. 14. 1
  15. 15. 2
  16. 16. Why a ‘Large cold climatic test chamber’ ? On- and offshore turbines are standard designed to operate from -10°C to +40°C, this condition has to be tested. Remote locations with extreme temperatures:  Finland  turbines operate @ -40°C  Desert of India  turbines operate @ +50°C  need of extreme temperature testing Offshore turbines  High O&M costs  testing is needed to ensure reliable components in all environmental conditions up to their limits
  17. 17. Large cold climatic test chamber Unique test infrastructure in EU Components up to 150 ton -60°C to +60°C +60°C to -40°C air in 1 hour
  18. 18. 3
  19. 19. What is next? OWI + “expanding theSBO lab” Flanders Wind Farm (Offshore test site)
  20. 20. Eerste project TINA-fonds