Sitecore Symposium: DMS Where is the data at?


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Slides of the session "Where is the data at? DMS Datamodel explained" (on Sitecore Symposium) . More info can be found on

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  • Gekoppeld aan Pages en voor performance + statistieken ook aan visits en visitors
  • foreach(var profile in Tracker.CurrentVisit.Profiles){ Item item = db.GetItem(string.Format("/sitecore/system/Marketing Center/Profiles/{0}", profile.ProfileName)); var profileItem = new ProfileItem(item); var patternCardItem = profileItem.MatchPattern(profile.Values); }
  • IsClassigicationGuessedIt sets the Sitecore.Analytics.Tracker.Visitor.Settings.IsVisitorClassificationGuessed flag. If this flag is true, VisitorClassification value will be recalculated before saving the visitor information to the database. It is normally done at the end of the first or second request.
  • Sitecore Symposium: DMS Where is the data at?

    1. 1. Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    2. 2. DMS Data model Where is the data at? Pieter Brinkman, Sitecore @pieterbrink123Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    3. 3. Possible subjects Page Events & Goals Q&A Reports Data model Architecture Customer Engagement Plans Digital Marketing System(DMS) Introduction Database API Page Events & GoalsDistributed Architecture Visitor Profiling Campaigns Tags Data strategies Visitor Classification Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    4. 4. Agenda• Short introduction DMS• DMS Data model• DMS Architecture• Analytics database and API• Mapping DMS Functionality to the Data model• Distributed Architecture• Data strategies• Q&A Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    5. 5. Introducing DMS Architecure Digital Marketing System (DMS)Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    6. 6. DMS Basic Architecture Sitecore Databases• Basic Server environment with one analytics database Analytics Database• Analytics Database Server Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    7. 7. DMS Data modelAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    8. 8. Visitor, Visits, Pages Jared Visit 3 About Help FAQ My Jetstream RegisteredAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    9. 9. Writing to the Analytics DatabasePage EventPageGoal Commit Visitor Change Queue DataSet DataSet PagePagePageGoalPage Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    10. 10. Use the Analytics API for Data Access• Access the data in the Analytics database trough the API• Use the Analytics.Tracker to engage visitor session; – Tracker.Visitor – Tracker.CurrentVisit – Tracker.CurrentPage Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    11. 11. Demo Visitor data and APIAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    12. 12. Functionality to database Which functionality is saved where?Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    13. 13. Functionality to database• Page Events / Goals• Tags• Customer Engagement Plans• Visitor Profiling• Visitor Classification• Campaigns• Reports Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    14. 14. Page EventsPage Event is a predefined event that can be triggered on a page, for example: an error or conversion Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    15. 15. Page Events: Trigger• On a Item • Sitecore API• Web Forms For Marketers – Can trigger one or more goals on form completion. Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    16. 16. Page Events: Data modelAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    17. 17. Page Events: Data model• Page Events are tied to Page Trails, Visits and visitor• Goals is an Page Event assigned with an IsGoal attribute in the PageEventDefinitions table Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    18. 18. Tags Tags are customizable values that are added to the visitor record.Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    19. 19. Tags: Assign• Web forms for Marketers • Sitecore API – Mark field as Tag – Set Tag – Get Tags Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    20. 20. Tags: Data modelAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    21. 21. Tags: Data model• Tags are tied to Visitors• A visitor can have multiple tags Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    22. 22. Demo Tags and UserdataAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    23. 23. Visitor classificationVisitor classification is the ability to categorize your visitor into predefined categories. Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    24. 24. Visitor Classification : Usage• Classify visitors in the Engagement Analytics – Click Classify in the Latest Visit Report• Get and Set with Sitecore API Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    25. 25. Visitor Classification: Data modelAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    26. 26. Visitor Classification: Data model• A visitor can be classified• New classification can be added in the VisitorClassifications table Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    27. 27. Campaigns Campaigns is the ability to segment visit-statistics based on an action.Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    28. 28. Campaigns: Trigger• With Sitecore Interface • Sitecore API – Set Campaign Attribute on an Item – Set visit campaign – Get visit campaign – Using the Campaign ID in the Querystring – Safe Action in Web Form For Marketers – Within an Engagement Plan – Email Campaign Manager Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    29. 29. Campaigns: Data modelAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    30. 30. Campaigns: Data model• A visit can start by a campaign• A visit can trigger a campaign Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    31. 31. ReportingAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    32. 32. Reporting: Data modelAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    33. 33. Reporting: Types of reports• Engagement Analytics • Executive Dashboard – Realtime statistics – Period based statistics – Detailed reports – Management reports based on visitor value Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    34. 34. Reporting: Engagement AnalyticsLatest Visit report Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    35. 35. Reporting: Engagement AnalyticsAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    36. 36. Reporting: Executive DashboardAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    37. 37. Distributed architecture• Different connectionstrings for: – Analytics Analytics Database – Reporting – Automation Transfer data Reporting Database Transfer data Automation Database Sitecore Databases Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    38. 38. Data strategy; ExampleCustomer requirements:• See detailed visitor data reports• Compare visitor value of Christmas 2011 with 2012• Personalize website Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    39. 39. Data strategy; Example No strategy defined Analytics Database: Size: 100 GB - Reports are slow - Trouble with backupsAmsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    40. 40. Data strategy; ExampleA few questions you can ask the customer:• What period do you want to save the detail visitor data?• Based on what data do you want to personalize your website?• Do you use Visitor Classification? Should we save all detailed data of the classified visitors?• Can we remove detailed visitor information after this period?• Can we get a deticated server for reporting? Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    41. 41. Data strategies; ExampleDefined the strategy Analytics Database: Size: 100 GB 20• Use a dedicated reporting server• Sync SQL data nightly between analytics and reporting DB• Create SQL maintenance plan for Reporting server; – Clear page table, except for; Reporting Database: Size: 100GB 60 GB • Classified visitors • Visits within the last two months• Create SQL maintenance plan for Analytics server – Clear all visit related tables with data older than two months Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    42. 42. Data strategies• Other possible strategies – Memory only – Only store a percentage of the visitor data – Switch to SQL Enterprice Edition with online indexing – Use Engagement Intelligence Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    43. 43. Data strategies tips• Define the strategy based on customer needs• Help the customer by providing some basic strategies.• Define data strategy before turning DMS on! Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne
    44. 44. Any questions? Contact me on: • Email : • Twitter : @pieterbrink123 • Blog : Las Vegas Melbourne
    45. 45. Feedback Appreciated! Please take a moment to providesession feedback via the mobile site. Las Vegas Melbourne
    46. 46. Amsterdam Las Vegas Melbourne