Summer in Poland


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Things to do in Poland during the summer holiday

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Summer in Poland

  1. 1. Krakow Jewish Culture FestivalKrakows historicJewish district,Kazimierz, hoststhe Jewish CultureFestival everyyear. Synagogues,cafes and outdoorvenues celebratethe richness ofJewish culture,music and song.
  2. 2. Two Riversides Film and Art FestivalEvery year, Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec host this Festival. These towns siton opposite sides of the Vistula River. Many Polish and foreign films(premieres and important films etc.), as well as performances, exhibitionsand concerts are played. Kazimierz Dolny also holds many Religious events.
  3. 3. Musical Gardens Festival in WarsawWarsaw Royal Castle hosts this festival. 40,000people attend the concerts, films of opera,ballet and art etc.
  4. 4. Crossroads Traditional Music FestivalThis festival fills the streetsof Krakow with folk musicfrom the Carpathianmountains. It is one of themost important world-musicfestivals in East-Europe.There is Ethnic music, jazz,rock, electronic and classical– inspired by traditionalmotifs.
  5. 5. TransfigurationThe Transfiguration of Jesus isan event reported in the NewTestament in which Jesus istransfigured and becomesradiant upon a mountain.The mountain is the pointwhere human nature meetsGod, with Jesus acting as thebridge between heaven andearth.
  6. 6. International Highland Folk Festival in ZakopaneThis is one of the oldestand greatest folk festivalsin Europe. It has music,dance and singing. It is agood way to discover theculture, traditions andfolklore of Highlanders, tolearn some folk dances andtry traditional food etc.
  7. 7. NaturePoland has seaside’s,mountains, lakes, summerand winter resorts, sandybeaches and 23 nationalparks. There are spa hotels,skiing holidays, sailing,cycling and great towns tovisit etc.
  8. 8. The seasidePoland has a 700 km of seaside. The Baltic Seaalso boasts historically captivating cities, greatnatural attractions and a relaxed maritimeclimate. There are two National Parks (Slowinskiand Wolin) and a couple of lakes.
  9. 9. Mountains• The Tatra’s that form a natural border between Slovakia andPoland. They are the highest Carpathian Mountains.• The Sudetes stretch from eastern Germany to Poland. Thehighest peak is Sněžka in the Karkonosze Mountains on theCzech-Polish border.• Bieszczady is in the extreme south-east of Poland, extendinginto Ukraine and Slovakia.• The Jura highlands are caught between Czestochowa in thecentre and Krakow in the south.
  10. 10. LakesPoland has a very large number of lakes andrivers. Many are found in the Lakelands ofMasuria and the Pomeranian Lake District.
  11. 11. ForestsForests cover about 30% of Polands territory. Atrue gem in west is the Puszcza Piaskowa(Piasek Forest), situated near the MysliborzLake District.
  12. 12. Many historic towns• Krakow• Gdansk• Zakopane• Torun• Malbork• Wroclaw• And many others!
  13. 13. The