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Collocations, Idioms and Phrasal verbs


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What is the difference between Collocations, Idioms and Phrasal verbs? Find out in this presentation.

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Collocations, Idioms and Phrasal verbs

  1. 1. Collocations, Idioms & Phrasal verbs…
  2. 2. So what ARE the differences?
  3. 3. Collocations •An expression consisting of two or more words that correspond to some conventional way of saying things. •The words together can mean more than their sum of parts e.g. disk drive
  4. 4. What is AN idiom? •A set expression of two or more words that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words
  5. 5. Idioms Idioms are colloquialisms or expressions that people say – for example: My dad kicked the bucket
  6. 6. Collocations  An arrangement or juxtaposition of words or other elements, especially those that commonly used together. Examples include: rancid butter, bright idea, or dead serious etc.
  7. 7. Phrasal verbs? •The combination of a verb + a particle (preposition or adverb) resulting in a new word/phrase.
  8. 8. Phrasal verbs?  A new meaning is different from the two separate words e.g. Peter asked Jane out to dinner (Peter invited Jane to go on a date)
  9. 9. Common collocations…
  10. 10. the verb: have
  11. 11. the verb: Do
  12. 12. the verb: make
  13. 13. the verb: Take
  14. 14. the verb: break
  15. 15. the verb: catch
  16. 16. the verb: pay
  17. 17. the verb: save
  18. 18. the verb: keep
  19. 19. the verb: Come
  20. 20. the verb: Come
  21. 21. the verb: go
  22. 22. the verb: go
  23. 23. the verb: get
  24. 24. the verb: get
  25. 25. time
  26. 26. time
  27. 27. Business english
  28. 28. Business english
  29. 29. Classifiers
  30. 30. The end