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What is Advent, what does it mean, Christianity, Christmas and our Calendar

Published in: Spiritual
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  1. 1. Advent Please click to continue...
  2. 2. Presentations for clients This is an example of a presentation I made for a client. If you want something like this, please do contact me. Thanks Piers Midwinter
  3. 3. What does it mean? The word Advent comes from the Latin word ‘adventus’, which means "coming". ?
  4. 4. Who celebrates Advent? • It is a Christian celebration • It is not normally celebrated in other Religions
  5. 5. The meaning of Christianity Christianity comes from the Greek word Khristos, "Christ", which literally translates as the "anointed one“.
  6. 6. Christianity is... A religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus, as presented in the New Testament. Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God and a saviour of humanity.
  7. 7. What is Advent? It is a time when Christians look forward to Jesus appearing in a Church as a baby at Christmas - tiny and vulnerable. But Advent isn't only about his birth...
  8. 8. The Christian Year... • Follows the life of Jesus • Begins with Advent Sunday - which is their 'New Year's Day'
  9. 9. When is Advent? Start: The Sunday nearest to 30th Nov (St. Andrew's Day) End: Midnight on Christmas Eve.
  10. 10. The Advent Calendar... • Is used to count or celebrate the 24 days before Christmas – often with chocolates attached!
  11. 11. Advent is a time to... • Celebrate light in the midst of darkness • Look forward to when Jesus will come again
  12. 12. What happens during Advent • Clergy typically wear royal purple or royal blue vestments during Advent • Many churches also include an advent wreath in their Advent services
  13. 13. Christmas preparations... • The festive menu is planned • Gifts are chosen and wrapped • Cards are written • Gifts are given to Santa Claus to deliver!
  14. 14. Christmas preparations... • Decorate the house • Meet old friends • Carols are sung • Lots of parties
  15. 15. Christmas in Belgium • On the sixth of December ‘Sinterklaas’ or ‘Saint- Nicholas’ day is celebrated, which is an entirely different holiday from Christmas
  16. 16. Christmas in Brazil • In Father Christmas is called Papai Noel. A special Christmas meal will be chicken, turkey, ham, rice, salad, pork, fresh and dried fruits, often with beer
  17. 17. Christmas in Finland • Finnish people believe that Father Christmas (Santa Claus) lives in the north part of Finland called Korvatunturi, north of the Arctic Circle
  18. 18. Wherever you are - Christmas is not just about... • Receiving presents • Eating Turkey • Watching movies
  19. 19. Remember... When you are eating your Xmas dinner, think about Jesus: • Bread symbolised his body • A cup of wine symbolised his blood
  20. 20. During Advent, do as Jesus would. So... • Show you care & love • Share with others • Give and not take • Help and not ask for it • Show respect for others • Be selfless…
  21. 21. Advent Prayer In this season of Advent, inspire us to be a people of hope. Encourage us not to be greedy for material possessions, but for justice and truth. Enflame us with a love for others, which crosses boundaries of race, religion and nationality. Stir within us an appreciation of the immense beauty of the earth. Be with us, Lord, at this time, that we may be a people of hope. Amen
  22. 22. The end