What will trigger consumer adoption for contactless payments?


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What will trigger consumer adoption for contactless payments?

  1. 1. Near Field Communications Payments Market Report, 2012-13What will trigger consumer adoption?M for Mobile surveyed 430+ industry executives on what they thought would drive massadoption.There is a distinct lack of consensus with an array of drivers being highlighted as ‘veryimportant’. The inclusion of NFC technology in the iPhone 5 and use by retailers are seenby a significant number of industry executives as the most important.A pattern has emerged from these results suggesting that adoption by handsets and loca-tions used regularly – such as convenience stores and retailers – will be very importantdrivers for mass adoption. Much has been made of the impact of the Olympic Games andGoogle refining their mobile wallet, this, according to this snapshot of the industry will notbe the key drivers for mass adoption.Q: How important would the following be in driving mass adoption? Not Slightly Important Very important important important Improved battery life for NFC enabled handsets 19.7% 31.3% 32.9% 16.0% Improved functionality for Google Wallet 23.7% 37.0% 30.0% 9.4% London Olympic games success story 20.4% 37.3% 30.8% 11.6% Use by National train companies 5.3% 17.7% 44.1% 32.9% Use by Airline companies 13.7% 34.8% 36.4% 15.1% Use by food retailers 1.8% 13.6% 42.5% 42.0% Peer to peer payments 10.4% 32.8% 36.5% 20.3% Use in parking meters 3.0% 22.0% 45.1% 29.9% Use by clothing/electronic stores 9.0% 32.0% 43.6% 15.3% Use by convenience stores/gas stations 2.3% 16.0% 49.2% 32.5% NFC being available in the iPhone 5 3.0% 19.4% 32.9% 44.7% NFC being available in HTCs handsets 6.7% 30.8% 37.5% 25.0%Thank you for your interest in the Near Field Communication payments market. M forMobile hopes you found the information extracted from the Near Field CommunicationPayments Market Report 2012 interesting, but this is only the beginning of the discussionsaround NFC globally.Please get in touch if there is more information, data, interviews with executives ornetworking opportunities that you need. For more information on the report please visit www.mformobile.com/nfcpaymentsreport or contact Naomi Hands at naomi@mformobile.comJoin the conversation!pfrench@fcbusinessintelligence.com uk.linkedin.com/in/piersfrench @piersfrenchThe information of this document was prepared by M for Mobile (part of FC Business Intelligence) and its partners. M for Mobile hasno obligation to tell you when information in this document changes. M for Mobile makes every effort to use reliable, comprehensi-ble information, but we make no representation that it is accurate or complete. In no event shall M for Mobile and its partners beliable for any damages, losses, expenses, loss of data or profit caused by the use of the material or contents of this document.M for Mobile grants you a licence to make one free copy of the information contained herein for personal or non-commercial useonly. Accordingly, no part of this document may be copied, performed in public, broadcast or adapted without M for Mobile’s priorwritten permission. Naomi Hands at naomi@mformobile.com to request permission.To receive the latest discounts on the NFC Payments Market Report 2012 for you and/oryour team go to www.mformobile.com/nfcpaymentsreport.