Pharma Emerging Markets 2011 report (sample)


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Pharma Emerging Markets 2011 report (sample)

  1. 1. Pharma EmergingMarkets Report 2011-12
  2. 2. Pharma Emerging Markets Report 2011-12 About eyeforpharmaeyeforpharma facilitates the change of pharmaceutical businessmodels that place the needs of patients for affordable and accessiblehealthcare at the centre.As an ‘eye’ for and on the industry, eyeforpharma exists to helppharmaceutical companies stay clearly focused on the core reasonsthey exist to give them the strategic tools they need to be successful intruly serving patients with ingenuity and real value and to continue toinnovate to meet changing healthcare realities.We have organised conferences and offered strategic advice for thepharma industry since 2002 and have grown by an average of 50%per year since then. Our mission continues to be the advancement ofcommunication and information exchange within this dynamic andever-changing facet of the healthcare industry.Disclaimer AuthorsThe information and opinions in this report were prepared by Jerri-Lynn Scofieldeyeforpharma (FC Business Intelligence) and its partners. FC Business Andrew TolveIntelligence has no obligation to tell you when opinions or informationin this report change. eyeforpharma makes every effort to use reliable,comprehensive information, but we make no representation that it is Piers French (Research Manager)accurate or complete. In no event shall eyeforpharma (FC Business James Geary (Editor)Intelligence) and its partners be liable for any damages, losses,expenses, loss of data, loss of opportunity or profit caused by the useof the material or contents of this report.No part of this document may be distributed, resold, copied oradapted without eyeforpharma prior written permission.© FC Business Intelligence Ltd ® 2011 2
  3. 3. Pharma Emerging Markets Report 2011-12 Foreword“The report from eyeforpharma on the BRICM markets is an excellent overview basedon interviews with country experts offering a quick snapshot of the current state ofthe five countries’ pharmaceutical markets, their growth opportunities and real lifecase studies.As the world becomes ever more connected and the pace of change ever morevertiginous, successful companies are those that are not afraid to acknowledge thatthey don’t know it all, and are continuously pursuing and experimenting with newknowledge to maximize growth. This report provides marketing and sales insights toincreasing the odds in succeeding in these fast growing emerging markets.”Pauline Ho, Consultant at AuPATH LLC and Former Vice-President, StrategicMarketing, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Pauline is an accomplished senior executive in pharmaceuticals with proven leadership in driving superior business results. Executive trailblazer, one of the first emerging market executives to run a global franchise VP for a multi-billion dollars product. Widely recognized for her passion to mentor and develop talent around the world. Born in the United States to Chinese parents, raised in Hong Kong and Brazil; educated in Brazil and US makingher an ideal global leader with emphasis in Asia-Pacific, Japan and Latin America. Retiredfrom Johnson & Johnson in 2010, after over 30 years of service, she continues active in herown business in management consulting, with focus on life and career management. 3
  4. 4. Pharma Emerging Markets Report 2011-12 AcknowledgementsThank you to all of the interviewees, peer reviewers and companies that contributed to thecreation of this report. Without their support this report would not have been made. Over 20in-depth interviews were held with companies that include Abbott Laboratories, GSK and Eli Lilly.Additionally a special thank you must be reserved for the following individuals who contributedquotations and expertise directly:Guillermo Arvizu Institutional Business Head at AstraZeneca.Olga Bogdanovich Sales and Operations Analytics Manager at JanssenAndre Bortoluci Vicente Market Access Group Manager at TakedaRafael Quintanilla Chong Director of Bayer’s Primary Care Business UnitDaniel Ghozzi UCB’s Managing Director for the Commonwealth of Independent States.Carlos Grzelak. Jr Sales and Marketing Director, Glenmark.Pauline Ho Consultant at AuPATH LLC and former Vice-President, Strategic Marketing, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, Johnson & Johnson.Alberto Jaimes National Sales Manager of Merck’s sales pharmacy force.Rajashree Sharma Partner, Corporate Law Group.Rogerio Sperb Insulin Marketing Manager at Sanofi-AventisBhavesh Vyas Regional Sales Manager, Merck.Dr Susan Wang Strategic Director, Ricerca Biosciences.Thank you to everyone who contributed to the research of this report, which includes the 688people who answered the eyeforpharma Emerging Markets Survey, the peer reviewers andeveryone who spoke to Piers French to ensure that this report reflected the needs of the Pharmacommunity.The appreciation and thanks of eyeforpharma are extended to Global Demographics HealthcareLtd for compiling data to be specifically included in this report. Global Demographics HealthcareLtd provides Health Industry and Disease Market forecasts to 2031, for over 70 markets, 32states and 50 cities of India plus 31 Provinces and 2178 cities of China. They build proprietarymodels to forecast different aspects of the health industry, through combining health andepidemiology parameters with demographic and socioeconomic factors. These forecasts, rangingfrom epidemiology (disease or health condition), affordable market, price sensitivity to healthcareexpenditure, macroeconomics and wellness, assist clients to master their market and optimizedifferent stages of their business planning, whether new product entry, pricing, health economics, 4
  5. 5. Pharma Emerging Markets Report 2011-12 ContentsAbout eyeforpharma 2 4 Russia 40Foreword 3 4.1 Market Overview 40Acknowledgements 4 4.2 Key Issues: 40Contents 5 4.2.1 Retraining and retaining reps 40Executive Summary 7 4.2.2 Russia’s localized imports 42Introduction & Methodology 12 4.2.3 Corruption and compliance 43Prospects for Growth 15 4.2.4 Digital opportunities 44Market Insights 5 India 46 1 Brazil 19 5.1 Market Overview 46 1.1 Market Overview 19 5.2 Key Issues: 48 1.2 Key Issues: 20 5.2.1 Intellectual property and branding 48 1.2.1 Generics 20 5.2.2 Advertising 49 1.2.2 Marketing 22 5.3 Case Studies: 50 1.2.3 Advertising 24 5.3.1 Wockhardt’s Ace-proxyvon 50 1.3 Case Studies: 24 Demographic Analysis 52 1.3.1 Sanofi Aventis’s Lantus 24 Global Industry Learnings 54 2 China 26 References 57 2.1 Market Overview 26 Appendices 58 2.2 Key Issues: 27 List of Abbreviations 62 2.2.1 Government regulation 27 Thank You 64 2.2.2 Intellectual property 28 2.3 Case studies 29 2.3.1 Bayer’s Nexavar 29 2.3.2 Huasun Group’s Licartin 31 2.3.3 Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Baraclude 32 3 Mexico 34 3.1 Market Overview 34 3.2 Key Issues: 34 3.2.1 Sales force versus generics 34 3.2.2 Securing physician support 35 3.2.3 Volume versus price 36 3.2.4 Multi-channel strategies 37 3.3 Case Studies: 37 3.3.1 Merck’s point of sales unit 37 3.3.2 Segmentation strategy 38 5
  6. 6. Pharma Emerging Markets Report 2011-12 Index of Graphs and TablesGraphs:Figure 1 Total healthcare expenditure in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico in 2006, 2011 and 2016 forecastsFigure 2 CAGR in total healthcare expenditure in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico between 2006-2011Figure 3 The percentage breakdown in population between BRICM nations in 2011Figure 4 Median age of the populations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico in 2001, 2011 and 2021 forecastsFigure 5 The growth in sales in the Brazilian generics market between 2008 and 2011Figure 6 Targeting the Brazilian pharmacy sectorFigure 7 Forecast of pharma imports into the Russian marketFigure 8: Change in percentage of BRICM population aged overFigure 9 GDP per capita in 2011 for BRICMTables:Table 1 Executive summary table: challenges and strategies present in Brazil, Russia, India, China and MexicoTable 2: Total healthcare expenditure in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico in 2006, 2011 and 2016 forecastsTable 3 Total Populations for BRICM in 2001, 2011 and forecasted population in 2021Table 4 Median age of the populations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico in 2001, 2011 and 2021 forecastsTable 5 Brazil’s key statisticsTable 6 Brazil’s total healthcare expenditureTable 7 Revenues per annum of major pharmacy chains in BrazilTable 8 China’s Key statisticsTable 9 China’s Total Healthcare expenditureTable 10 Revenues for Lictarin in China 2007-2009Table 11 Mexico’s Key statisticsTable 12 Mexico’s total healthcare expenditureTable 13 Russia’s key statisticsTable 14 Russia’s total healthcare expenditureTable 15 India’s key statisticsTable 16 India’s total healthcare expenditureTable 17 Total public/private healthcare expenditure in BRICM in 2011Table 18 Demographic changes in population over 39 year olds within BRICMTable 19 Demographic changes in population between 45-65 year olds within BRICMTable 20 Demographic changes in population aged over 64 within BRIC 6
  7. 7. Pharma Emerging Markets Report 2011-12 Thank youThank you for taking the time to read this pharma report on emerging markets. I hope youfound it useful and provide some of the information you need to meet the challenges thatemerging markets present.This report is intended as an overview of the Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Chinese andMexican markets, providing easily comparable information on the most dynamicpharmaceutical markets. For associated articles on this topic and others please visit theeyeforpharma website.Eyeforpharma and myself, are constantly looking to engage with pharma executives toprovide business critical information. If you would like to provide guidance on where weshould research, are interested in peer reviewing or being profiled in a pharma report thenI would enjoy talking to you further.In addition, I have created pharma reports that provide a thorough analysis of Key AccountManagement and eMarketing, for more information, please get in touch.This report is only the start of the emerging markets discussion and if you are interestedin talking further about this report, emerging markets or the needs of the pharmaceuticalmarket generally then please don’t hesitate to contact me.Piers FrenchBusiness Research ManagerEyeforpharmaE: 63