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Open for Business


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This is a presentation that I gave at the Spatial@gov conference in Canberra in November, 2012.

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Open for Business

  1. 1. GAIA RESOURCES Open for Business Piers Higgs Gaia ResourcesPresented at Spatial@gov Conference, Canberra, 22nd November, 2012
  2. 2. OPEN FOR BUSINESSSome context• You have to deliver the right solution to your client• There are no technological issues, it’s about people, politics and power• The spatial industry is at a critical stage, other industries are beating us at our own game• We need every advantage we can get to get back on the board
  4. 4. OPEN FOR BUSINESS Open Science Open Source Open Data
  5. 5. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Source Software Hardware Cola“open source is a philosophy, or pragmatic methodology that promotes free redistribution and access to an end products design and implementation details”
  6. 6. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Source
  7. 7. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Source• Quantum GIS started in 2002, currently version 1.80• Desktop GIS package with rich functionality• Gaia Resources has deployed it as a desktop GIS across several organisations and developed custom plugins
  8. 8. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Source• OpenLayers 2.0 was released 6 years ago, currently 2.1.2• Well managed, well documented and supported by a range of institutions• Used in many web sites, at Gaia Resources we use it in our own Biological Data Recording System
  9. 9. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Source• Biological Data Recording System started 2010• Initial funding from the Atlas of Living Australia, then open sourced• Continue development with commercial contracts
  10. 10. OPEN FOR BUSINESSWhat is the Open Data business Proposition? Open Source• It is a threat to existing “sell software” models• It is a “sell services” opportunity• Still need to have a business model – especially for management of the open source software
  11. 11. OPEN FOR BUSINESSWhat is our Open Source experience?• We use it and we produce it• Open source participation can be very rewarding for individuals, and leads to skills that can deliver the first point• Open source management isn’t the easiest thing to do…• What to do with data…?
  12. 12. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Data
  13. 13. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Data• It’s not a new thing… nor an isolated thing…
  14. 14. OPEN FOR BUSINESSWhat is the Open Data business Proposition? Open Data• It is a threat to existing “sell data” models• It is also potentially a “sell services” opportunity• Still need to have a business model – especially for maintenance
  15. 15. OPEN FOR BUSINESSWhat’s our Open Data experience?• Use open data, such as from the Atlas of Living Australia• Generate open data from various projects, including our own• But how do you share that data?
  16. 16. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Standards
  17. 17. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Geospatial Standards• We’ve likely all used OGC standards at some point without knowing about it…
  18. 18. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Biodiversity Standards• You’ve likely never used a TDWG standard…
  19. 19. OPEN FOR BUSINESSWhat’s the Open Standards business proposition?• Saving Money• Saving Time• Sharing Broadly• Mobilizing Quickly• Saving Lives and Assets• Meeting Mission Needs• You can do things you couldn’t do before…
  20. 20. OPEN FOR BUSINESSWhat’s our Open Standards experience? Web Services Mobile Apps BDRS Server ExportingBulk Data Loading
  21. 21. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Science…
  22. 22. OPEN FOR BUSINESSOpen Science…
  23. 23. OPEN FOR BUSINESSWhat’s our Open Science experience?• Fast development and deployment in a sprint format• Now working on developing low cost, generic platforms and sensors• Backing this with server based calibration• Not possible without open source, open data and open standards
  24. 24. OPEN FOR BUSINESS Open Science Open Source Open Data
  25. 25. OPEN FOR BUSINESSTake home these things…• Open source can deliver a competitive advantage both to solution providers and clients, it’s about services• Open data is both a threat to traditional models and an opportunity to move to new services based business models• Open standards make a lot of things possible that we can’t yet imagine• Open can make good business sense
  26. 26. OPEN FOR BUSINESSQuestions?• Ask away, or drop me a line… Piers Higgs piers_higgs on Skype and Twitter Mobile +61 411754006 Phone +61 8 92277309