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Planning communication: zero cruft, seven methodology steps


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Communication planning is like sex: everybody talks about it, but only a few can do it good.

This is my methodology, without cruft, straight to the point: 7 steps to follow to set up properly your communication.

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Planning communication: zero cruft, seven methodology steps

  1. 1. COMMUNICATIONPiero ZILIOzero cruft,seven methodology steps
  2. 2. GOALS2/11Piero ZILIO• Do you know them? Are they clear?• Can you translate them intocommunication goals?• Are they reachableand measurable?A communication plan supports your organizational goals and objectives:
  3. 3. AUDIENCE3/11Piero ZILIO• Did you locate them? Grouped?• What distinguishes them?• Are they linked toa goal?Each goal refers to a specific audience:
  4. 4. STRATEGIES4/11Piero ZILIO• Segment(eg. differentiated, focused,...)• Purpose(eg. persuasion, facilitation,...)• Contact (eg. direct, mediated,...)• Range (eg. wide, narrow,...)• Style (eg. educational, mixed, ...)Different goals and audiences require custom strategies according to:
  5. 5. CONTENTS5/11Piero ZILIO• Have you defined yoursemantic field?• Did you schedule thepublishing plan?Contents are (1) values and (2) information to be used in your message:
  6. 6. MEDIA6/11Piero ZILIODifferent goals, audiences, strategies and contents = different media:• Link media to content(eg. don’t talk about innovation with a phonogram)• Think within amedia-mix
  7. 7. ACTIONS7/11Piero ZILIOFor each chosen media:• Make a census of availableactions and tools• Select consistent actionsand tools (according to.01,.02,.03,.04,.05)• Schedule
  8. 8. EVALUATION8/11Piero ZILIO• Define evaluation goals relatedto communication ones• Use qualitative marksand quantitative ones• Never stop monitoringand adaptingSet up a flexible and modifiable communication plan:
  9. 9. DO NOT STARTcommunication planPICKING UP MEDIA9/11Piero ZILIO
  10. 10. ALWAYS STARTANALYZING DATA10/11Piero ZILIOcommunication plan
  11. 11. 11/11Piero ZILIOpierozilio@pierozilio.eu ZILIO