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Selected IBM Research projects around "Water"

To celebrate the water day I selected few IBM Research projects to show how "Water" intersects technology from multiple perspectives

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Selected IBM Research projects around "Water"

  1. 1. March 22, 2021 Water & Technology Innovative experiences of IBM Research Pietro Leo IBM Italy Chief Scientist and Research Strategist for Active Intelligence IBM Academy of Technology Leadership
  2. 2. • Your Dishes • Your Windows • Your Car • To Steam Clean Rugs • To Clean Your Clothes • To Iron Your Clothes • Or you can get rid of wrinkles in your clothes using a steamer. • Poach Salmon • Boil Pasta • Rinse Beans • Soak Beans • Cook Beans • Make Bean Sprouts • Steam Broccoli • Make Tofu • Thaw Frozen Food • You need water to bathe your horses. • You need water to bathe your dog. • You need water (and prayers) to bathe your cat. • To flush the toilet • To brush your teeth • To take a bath • To take a shower • To wash your hands • To wash your face • To wash your hair • To wash your feet • To shave your face • Fire Extinguishers • To keep by a campfire to prevent forest fire. • To cool down burns if someone gets too close to the fire. • To wash cuts so that they don’t get infected. • Water is used to lubricate the saw while cutting tiles • Water is used to cut rock … and many mores
  3. 3. 1. Manage our main Resource 2. Sensing & Analyzing Water 3. Water & Life 4. New Forms to capture the Water Value
  4. 4. 1. Manage our main Resource Technology is helping us to make more efficient and effective water management 2. Sensing & Analyzing Water Technology is expanding and amplifying our natural abilities to analyze water in real-time 3. Water & Life Every day we discover new roles of water to sustain the Life, technology is helping us to see water with fresh eyes 4. New Forms to capture the Water Value Technology is helping us to represent in new ways the value of water
  5. 5. 1. Manage our main Resource
  6. 6. IBM collaborated with SweetSense Inc. to build an IoT network of water flow sensors in northern Kenya to support the Kenya RAPID (Kenya Resilient Arid Lands Partnership for Integrated Development) program by The Millennium Water Alliance.
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  11. 11. 2. Sensing & Analyzing Water
  12. 12. Through their groundbreaking partnership, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IBM, and the FUND for Lake George have developed preliminary models of key natural processes within the watershed. As part of the first phase of the project, a network of 12 sensor platforms including vertical profilers and tributary monitoring stations are now being deployed around Lake George and its tributaries, providing an unprecedented amount of data for researchers.
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  15. 15. High concentrations of floating algae can turn lakes green and less attractive for recreation. As a measure of the abundance of floating algae, we measure the concentration of chlorophyll a. Chlorophyll a concentrations in the lake have increased by 32% over 37 years, but they remain very low compared to many other lakes in the region. Moreover, Lake George has never experienced a Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB).
  16. 16. 3. Water & Life
  17. 17. A team from IBM Research Europe located in Daresbury, UK, the University of Oxford, and the University of Barcelona have explored the reverse question: How is water itself restructured in the vicinity of biological surfaces? Network Topology in Water Nanoconfined between Phospholipid Membranes
  18. 18. Reporting today, in the peer-review journal ACS Nano, the group use computational simulation at the molecular scale and innovative analysis tools to reveal how water structure responds to confinement by lipid (cellular) membrane surfaces – one of the most fundamental of all biological interfaces. Water molecules are arranged in more ordered patterns and linked together by a peculiar network of bonds that extend at distances much larger than originally thought. The authors also identify the existence of an abrupt interface within the water layers separating so-called “bound” and “unbound” water both with structures which differ from normal liquid water. These results provide new insight into the role of water in biological processes as well as in the concept of “biological water”, and show that water structure is highly responsive to environment – particularly when confined by the soft interfaces found near biological membranes. The findings may have broader implications for developing nanoscale models of biological interactions and for understanding how alteration of the water structure and topology, for example, due to changes in extracellular ion concentrations, could affect diseases and signaling. kw30 New Roles of water at nanoscale in biological processes
  19. 19. 4. New Forms to capture the Water Value
  20. 20. The Freshwater Trust (TFT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to protect and restore freshwater ecosystems, is partnering with IBM Research and SweetSense Inc. , a provider of low-cost satellite connected sensors, to pilot technologies which can accurately monitor and track groundwater use in one of the largest and most at risk aquifers in North America. Additional research support will be provided by the University of Colorado Boulder. State of California Tackles Drought with IoT & Blockchain
  21. 21. A small town in California has sunk more than 2 feet in the past decade, and it could be part of a disturbing trend Nearly 40 areas in the Sacramento Valley where land has started to sink as farmers pump groundwater from the region's arid soil The over-pumping is an aftereffect of one of the worst droughts in California history. The sinking could have dangerous consequences for the area's infrastructure. Not only does it cause roads to crack and holes to form in the ground, but it can also damage underground pipes that move water between locations. Over-pumping groundwater can also trigger the release of arsenic, a toxic chemical that increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes when present in significant amounts. Trading Watering Rights on block chain Among peers Sensing watering pumps and sharing on cloud
  22. 22. IBM Research: A global research capability Australia China Almaden Haifa Zurich Africa Ireland Brazil Watson Austin India Tokyo 3000 Researchers 6 Nobel Laureates 25 Years of Patent Leadership 10 National Medals of Technology 5 National Medals of Science 3 Kavli Prizes 6 Turing Awards 69 NAE Members 123 IEEE Fellows 28 ACM Fellows 99 IBM Fellows Cambridge Singapore
  23. 23. Grazie! Pietro Leo IBM Italy Chief Scientist and Research Strategist for Active Intelligence IBM Academy of Technology Leadership